of Giles County

Some 19th Century death notices, marriage notices, and 1905-1906 court
records from the book, Genealogy in Giles County Tennessee
Newspapers 1859-1899, compiled by Elijah & Helen David Howard.

p. 154 Issue of June 1, 1899 - ELKTON - Mr. Dave Rochell and Miss Mattie Hastings were married at the bride's home near Aspen Hill Wednesday, May 24, at l o'clock.

p. 165 Issue of Thursday, October 11, 1877 - ASPEN HILL - Mr. Peter Hasting died at his residence on last Sunday night. (Researcher's Note: Peter G. Hastings (aka Hasten) was the son of Joseph Hastings and Sarah Ann "Sallie" Dunnavant.)

p. 206 - Issue of September 25, 1879 - Mr. Joseph Hastings, aged about 60 years, died of consumption at his residence 3-1/2 miles from Aspen Hill on Tuesday last. (Researcher's Note: Joseph Hastings was the posit son of James Hastings and Unknown. He married Sarah Ann "Sallie" Dunnavant, dau of Able Burton Dunnavant and Sarah Marriott Mitchell, on January 14, 1841 in Limestone Co., AL.)

p. 491 - Issue of Thursday, October 14, 1897 - For all wise purposes unknown to us has pleased divine providence to remove from among us our friend, Miss Rilla Hasting. This lovely girl fell asleep in Jesus, Sept. 15, 1897, of typhoid fever at her home near Lester's Station, aged 17 years, 9 months and 11 days. (Researcher's Note: This young lady's name has often times been misidentified as "Rita Hastings". She was the daughter of Joseph G. Hasting(s) and Angeline Poor. Riller's tombstone in the John J. Butler Cemetery, Giles Co., TN reads, "Riller N. Hastings". When she signed her name in a diary she wrote, "Riller."

Giles County Court File Fox 108
Non Resident Notice.
J.L. Hastings et al, Complaints, vs. N.J. Hastings et al, Defendants - In this cause it appearing to the satisfaction of the Clerk from affidavit to the bill that the defendant's H.J. Hastings, Willie Hastings, Elwood Hastings, John Steakly, Eula Steakly, Richard Palm and Tommie Palm are non residents of the State of Tennessee, so that the ordinary process of this court cannot be served on them. On motion it is therefore ordered that publication be made for four weeks in succession in the Giles county Record newspaper published in the town of Pulaski in said State, requiring the said defendants to be and appear on the first day of the October term of the County Court to be held at the court house in Pulaski on the first Monday in October next, and answer Complaint's bill or the same will be taken for confessed as to them and (blurred - illeligible) hearing ex-parte.
/s/ Dan L. Eslick, clerk.

Steele & Eslick; Attys Aug. 31, Sept. 7, 14, 21, 1905.

This case was styled: J.L. Hastings, J.G. Hastings, W.F. Hastings, C.W. Nelson and his wife Neely Nelson, J.W. Whitfield and his wife, Mary Whitfield, All of Giles County, complainants,
N.J. Hastings of the State of Texas, Willie Hastings, Elwood Hastings, John Steakly and his wife Eula Steakly, Richard Palm and his wife Tommie Palm, Citizens of the State of Alabama, Cleveland Hastings, Willie Hastings, Josie Hastings, all of Giles county, Tenn., and all three of whom are minors and without a regular guardian Ed. Kirkland, John James, Todd James, Leaton James, all of Giles County, Tenn, and the last named three of whom are minors and without regular guardian, Defendants.

In 1906 the court ordered the land sold and the proceeds divided among the heirs. (Researcher's Note, the copy I have of this document was found among the papers of a daughter of Alice V. Hastings Garrett. Alice was a daughter of Joseph Hastings and Angeline Poor.)

Submitted by Ruth Hasten Walsh
December 18, 2003.