Lousia Z. Hicks vs Thomas Smith et al

File Box H - 10 Case 3226

Lousia Z. Hicks vs Thomas Smith et al

Lousia Z. Hicks a citizen of Giles County showed to the Court that her father Henry Miller died many years ago after making and publishing his last Will. By the terms of his Will his real estate was to be kept together until his youngest child reached the age of 21 years.

Children of Henry Miller: Jacob R., Emily, Polly H., Sarah Ann, George H., Susan L., Nancy R., Harriet R., Lousia Z., and Charles C. Miller, widow Nancy (Simmons) Miller, Lousia Z. Miller being the youngest child.

On the 12th of January 1859 Louisa Z. Miller married Joseph N. Hicks. On September 19,1865, Louisa Z. and Joseph N. Hicks conveyed her share of her father's land to Samuel S. Rogers and James C. Cameron. Lousia Z. Hicks brothers and sisters joined her in this conveyance. On September 30, 1872 Joseph N. Hicks made and published his Noncupative Will. The brothers and sisters of Joserph N. Hicks were: Milton Hicks, Sarelda Smith wife of Thomas Smith, Nancy wife of Thomas McCanless, Catharine wife of James Welch,Elizabeth wife of Solomon Alston. This brother and sisters conveyed their interest in lands of Joseph N. Hicks to Louisa Z. Hicks.

Sarelda Hicks Smith died leaving her husband Thomas and the following children: Walter R., Minnie V., Joseph H., Thomas Solon, Myrtle N., Fenton and Mary R. Smith.

Nat Hays, J. A. Sumpter, J. H. Campbell, Samuel Childress and Herman Rosenau and Loveman and all other creditors of Joseph N. Hicks, Defendants for the purpose of settling estate of Hicks, Louisa Z. Hicks Administratrix of estate. Deed registered March 19, 1868 and marked Exhibit "A". J. R. Miller and others to Samuel Rogers. We Jacob R. Miller, John Rogers and wife Sarah A., Joseph C. Waller and wife Susan L., James M. Parker & wife Harriett Rebecca, Joseph N. Hicks & wife Louisa Z., Mary H. wife of James C. Cameron. Samuel Rogers married Nancy Miller.

Depositions by Samuel Cates, Henry Cates, James Vaughn Sr., John C. Dickey, Louisa Z. Hicks and Samuel Rogers. Land Survey for 98 + acres for Louisa Z. Hicks, another Land Survey for 70 + acres. These were surveyed by John C. Dickey, Surveyor.

Submitted by: Betty Joice Moore