Revolutionary War Pension Request
of David Hogan

This is the pension affidavit from Chancery Court Records, Tuesday, May 16, 1826. David Hogan, Soldier

Pension affidavit of David Hogan, made February 20, 1826. Will be seventy years old in June next and makes application under the acts of Congress of March 18, 1818 and May 1, 1820. (All these applications cite these two acts.) He enlisted for two years, thinks it was April 1776, in North Carolina in company of Captain Pentenax, commonly called Penter, in Col. Robertson's regiment, believes in North Carolina Line on Continental establishment. Was discharged after term of service, on Cat Island, South Carolina; was in no battles: had not since March 18, 1818, given away or disposed of any of his property so as to bring himself within the act of Congress. Owns no debts coming to him and except bed and beding owns one mare and colt $50: cattle very small, $28: twenty*five head of hogs mostly pigs, $12.60: one kettle, one pott, one skillet, all small and old, $5.00: one note on Stephen Shepard $120 and interest for six years, "but the debt is desperate and cannot be collected." Is a farmer by occupation but now by reason of age and infirmity is unable to pursue his vocation.

Wife Rebecca, aged about 59 years and son, Wiley, aged 14 years on May 27, 1816.

On page 138, Aug. 21, 1826, he files a supplementary affidavit setting out pretty much the same facts. Was seventy years in June last. Says he enlisted in April 1776. Lient. Alston was the recruiting officer. He enlisted in North Carolina. Was sent to South Carolina and served in the artillery commanded by Capt. Penenax in the regiment commanded by Col. Robertson of Roberts in the South Carolina line and in the Continental establishment, he thinks. Served till discharged June 1, 1777. Had made no earlier application "owing to his obscure situation in life and his ignorance of the provisions having been made for Revotionary soldiers." Sets out his property and family as before, wife Rebeca, aged about 59 years, very infirm and son Wiley, aged 14 years on May 27 last. Signs this affidavit with his mark. X

Addendum: David Hogan. Rev. War Pension.

From the Pension Roll of 1835 in Tn. from the Sec. of War Records from Rootsweb. David Hogan Giles County Private South Carolina Cont'l line

$96.00 Annual Allowance. $718.13 Amount Recieved October 9, 1826

Pension Started. Age 80.

Submitted by Marjorie Wilbanks