Inman Slave Given His Freedom

Giles County Chancery Files #19 File Box E-4 Case 1632 1859:

Elias, a person of color
(Free by next friend Quarles T. Mayfield vs Joseph C. Inman

Elias states that Joseph C. Inman and John C. Inman became the owner
of Elias under the last will and testament of Major Joseph Inman,

On September 13, 1855 John C. and Joseph C. Inman gave Elias his
freedom. This instrument was registered in the Registrar's office.
Joseph C. Inman then tried to get Elias back in his possession.
John C. Inman died in 1858, leaving a will. It was ruled Elias be
sent back to the Western coast of Africa. Thomas M. Jones and Calvin
Clack were Elia's attorneys. The case was taken to the Tennessee
Supreme Court in Nashville.

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