Lakes Kennedy Pension
War of 1812

Lakes Kennedy/Canaday Pension File

State of Illinois}
Pope County}

     The people of the state of Illinois to all to whom presence shall come.
Greetings -
     Whereas Lakes Canaday of the county of Pope and State of Illinois died
intestate as it is said on or about the 2nd day of June A.D. 1856 having at
the time of his decease personal property in the state which might have been
lost destroyed or diminished in values if speedy care was not taken of the
same to the end therefore that said property should be collected and
preserved for those who should appear to have any rights or interest therein.
Lucy B. Canaday the widow of the said deceased was on the 12 day of June 1856
duly appointed administratrix of said estate of said deceased who said on or
about the 11th day of May A.D. 1857 departed this life, leaving the said
estate intestate.
     We therefore hereby appoint Abraham Canaday administrator di bonis non
with full power and authority to secure and collect the property and debts of
said estate and to do and perform all those acts that now are and hereafter
may be required of him by law.
Witness John Raum Clerk of the County Court of said County and his Official
Seal at Golconda this 19th day of May A.D. 1857
							Mr. Raum Clerk

Sate of Illinois}
Pope County}

     Be it know that before me Joseph Glass a Justice of the Peace in and for
said County duly authorized by law to administer oaths personally appeared
Abraham Canada and made oath in due form of Law that he is the administrator
of the Estate of Lakes Canada deceased of said County and State the identical
person named in the original certificate in his possession, of which I
certify the following is a true copie.

						Department of the Interior
						Invalid Pension

I certify that in conformity with the law of the United States of the 24th
April 1816. Lakes Canada late a private in Capt. Gibson's Company of the 1st
Regt. Tenn. Md. Vols is ___ on the Pension list, Roll of the Pulaski Tenn
agency at the rate of eight dollars per month to commence on the seventh day
of December one thousand eighth hundred and forty eight given at the Depart
of the Interior this twenty third day of May one thousand eight hundred and
forty nine.

					Examined and countersigned
					J.L. Edwards Commissioner of Pension
					T. Ewing Secretary of the Interior

That the said Lakes Canada deceased did reside in the County of Pope and
State of Illinois at the time of his death and had resided in said county from
on or about year A.D. 1851 up to the time of his death which occurred the 2nd
day of June A.D. 1856 and that previous there to he resided in the State of
Tennessee in the county of Giles some fifteen miles from Pulaski, and that he
the said Abraham Canada is now and has been duly appointed by the County
Court of Pope County Illinois administrator of sake Lakes Canada deceased of
the truth of which statements I am fully satisfied.
     Sworn to and subscribed this fourth day of February A.D. 1859.
     Before me Joseph Glass J.P.
Witness John Foote
              John M. Raum

Submitted by Julie Coley