William and Eleanor Martin Notes

WILLIAM AND ELEANOR MARTIN (Hoping to find a relationship)

I decided to place this information on William Martin here because of the probable connection of William Martin to the daughter of Ira B. Martin. It is possible there is a connection of William Martin to John Martin. This is not proof of ancestry of Julia A. C. Martin, although I am strongly inclined to believe Julia is the daughter of William. The only proof of the children below is the proximities. All information of any kind that I have obtained is given herein. If anyone has other information on any of these lines, I will appreciate hearing from them. MJM

William Martin, b ca 1788, NC, d ca Jan 1834, Giles Co., TN m ca 1808 Eleanor _____________, b ca 1790, NC, d June 1870, Giles Co., TN

1820 Giles Co., TN Federal Census

William Martin: 1M 26/44, 4F 0/9, 1F 10/15, 1F 26/44

(The female 10/15 may be a younger sister of William or Eleanor. MJM)


Deed William Martin to Samuel Elton for $87.50, 35 acres whereon said Elton now lives, part of 150 acres deeded to Martin by William Woods, on waters of Robertsons Fork, adjoining Archibald Crockett's corner, adj. Joel Lane, Thomas T. Armstrong, Martin Armstrongs NC grant boundary. Wit. Jordan Dodson & Moses Patterson. Signed with a seal. Giles Co., TN Deed Bk. E1821, p 312. (I was not able to find the deed where William bought the land from Wm. Woods. MJM)


The last will and testament of William Martin Deceased was produced in court and proven by the oaths of William Dearing and Moses Patterson the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. And thereupon John G. Braden and Samuel Davis the executors therein named appeared in court and were qualified and gave bond and security as the law directs. Giles County Court Minutes, p 57.


The executor of the last will and testament of William Martin deceased returned into court an account of the sales of the said estate which was ordered to be recorded. Giles Co. Court Minutes, Roll 46, p 127.

1830 Giles Co., TN Federal Census

Eleanor Martin: 1M 5/9, 1F 30/39, 3F 15/19, 1F 10/14, 1F 0/4

NOTE: In 1820 there is a female 10/15 unidentified. MJM


William Dearing appointed guardian of minor children of William Martin, Deceased. Ch: Polly, Malinda, Nancy, Jincy, Caroline, William Allen and Eleanor Martin. Giles Co., TN County Court Minutes, p 5. (This is most confusing - why would they wait 10 years to appoint guardian for the minor heirs of William Martin when one should have been appointed shortly after he died, unless he left all his property to his wife until a certain type of circumstance should arrive? I find no record of her having sold any property in the deed index. MJM)

1840 Giles Co., TN Federal Census, p 130

E. Martin: 1M 15/19, 1F 15/19, 1F 20/29, 1F 40/49

Simeon Cannon: 200.001-110.01

Thomas S. Beal: 100.001-101.012

These people are living door-to-door. I presume the wife had 2 of her older sisters in the HH. MJM)

DODSON/CANNON CEMETERY (North of Lynnville - see Giles Co. Cemetery Records)

W. A. Martin 8/23/1820 - 9/22/1848

William Martin Cannon 7/18/1835 - 3/8/1872

Mary Cannon 12/6/1837 - Sunken could not read


It appearing to the satisfaction of the court that William A. Martin a citizen of Giles County hath departed this life intestate at his usual residence in said county and William C. Daugherty and WILLIAM P. BROWN having applied to this court for letters of administration upon the estate of said deceased, and they having given bond and security and been sworn as the law directs, it is therefore ordered that such letters be granted and issued to them accordingly. Giles County Court Minutes, p 186.


William P. Brown and Will C. Daugherty, Adm'rs. of William A. Martin, Deceased, returned inventory and account sales of deceased, which was ordered to be recorded. Giles County Court Minutes, p 220.


W. C. Daugherty and W. P. Brown adm. of W. A. Martin, deceased returned an inventory and account of sales of the estate of said deceased, which were ordered to be recorded. Giles County Court minutes, p 229.

1850 Giles Co., TN Federal Census, 15th CD, p 853-427, hh 292

Elen Martin 60 NC $1,000 (m/o Julia A. C. Martin Brown?)

Malinda F. 36 TN

N. T. D. Beal 34 TN

John M. Beal 13 TN

Pamelia J. Beal 11 TN

1850 Giles Co., TN Federal Census, 15th CD, p 857-429, hh 321

Simeon Cannon 46 GA Farmer $1500

1 Mary R. 40 TN (Polly?)

Eliza J. 17 TN

William M. (Martin?) 15 TN (Named for William Martin?)

Mary C. 12 TN

Amos R. 10 TN

Simeon H. 7 TN

ELEN 4 TN (Named for Eleanor Martin?)

1850 Giles Co., TN Federal Census, 15th CD, p 857-429, hh 324

Howard Cannon 76 NC Farmer $700

Lucretia 60 GA

William 24 TN Farmer (Same cemetery as William Allen Martin)

3 Sarah J. 27 TN (Jincy?)

Portia J. 3 TN

Simeon 1 TN

1860 Giles Co., TN Federal Census, 15th CD, p 17-9, hh 100

Wm. R. Cannon 34 TN Farmer $5,500/$5,000

3 Sarah J. 37 TN

Isabella P. 12 TN

Simeon A. 10 TN

John R. 8 TN

Thomas A. 6 TN

Wm. F. 2 TN

1860 Giles Co., TN Federal Census, 15th CD, p 17-9, hh 105

John M. Beall 23 TN Farmer $1500/$600

6 Nancy T. 46 TN (his mother)

Permelia J. (f) 20 TN (his sister)

1860 Giles Co., TN Federal Census, p 7/4, HH 37

George S. Knox 34 TN

5 Elizabeth C. 35 TN

Ann J. 6 TN

Joseph W. 2 TN

Ellenor Martin 70 NC

Malinda F. (or T.) 46 TN

Jackson Beal 19 TN

1870 Giles Co., TN Federal Census, 16th CD, p 22/305, HH 155

George S. Knox 45 TN Farmer $4,000/$1,000

5 Elizabeth E. 46 TN

Jane 16 TN marries or dies before 1880

Louisa 14 TN

William 12 TN (Named for Elizabeth's father or brother?)

Samuel 9 TN

Robert 5 TN

Ellen Martin 79 NC (written on microfilm "Died June 1870)

Malinda Martin 56 TN Keeping house /$300

1870 Giles Co., TN Federal Census, 15th CD, HH 342

Simeon Cannon 67 GA (1 - Polly has died)

Mary 32 TN

Ellen 24 TN

1880 Giles Co., TN Federal Census, 15th CD, p 4-283B, HH 36-37

George S. Knox 54 TN NC NC Farmer

5 Elizabeth E. 55 TN NC NC

Louisa E. 24 TN TN TN

Joseph W. 22 TN TN TN

Samuel A. 17 TN TN TN

Robert J. 15 TN TN TN

George E. 7 TN TN TN

1. Polly (Mary) Martin, b 1810 TN, m ca 1830 Giles Co., TN Simeon Cannon, b ca 1804, GA

2. Julia A. Caroline Martin, b 12/4/1812, TN, d 12/5/1894, Farmers Branch,, Dallas Co., TX, bur Webbs Chapel Com., Dallas, TX m 1/7/1840, Giles Co., TN mar. William Perry Brown, b 10/2/1814, NC

3. Jincy (Jane) Martin, b ca 1813 TN m ca 1846, Giles Co., TN, William R. Cannon, b ca 1816 TN

4. Malinda Martin, b ca 1814, TN - Unmarried through 1870

5. Elizabeth Eleanor Martin, b ca 1815 TN m ca 1852, Giles Co., TN George S. Knox, b ca 1816 TN

6. Nancy T. D. Martin, b ca 1816 TN m ca 1835, Giles Co., TN Thomas S. Beall?, d ca 1841?, TN

7. William Allen Martin, b 8/23/1820 TN, d 9/22/1848, Giles Co.,TN, bur Cannon/Dodson Cemetery

Submitted by Janell McCann (Deceased 1 Jul 2007)