Joe B. McCaul vs. Joe Beatty & als

File Box VIII, Filed June 6, 1893
Joe B. McCaul vs. Joe Beatty & als Complainant JOE B. McCAUL of Waxahachie, Texas, stated to the Court that sometime prior to January 1, 1880 he married ELIZABETH V. BEATTY. One child was born this union but died previous to its mother. On or about January 1, 1880 Complainant became the purchaser of a business house and lot situated in the 15th District in the town of Lynneville, Tennessee. December 9, 1882 he became the purchaser of a residence and lot in the town of Lynnville, Tennessee. Both business and residence was purchased in the name of his wife, ELIZABETH V. in Fee Simple. The Deeds were registered in Deed Book "MM," page 326 and Deed Book "OO," page 286. ELIZABETH V. McCAUL died, intestate, leaving her surviving husband JOE B. McCAUL and her two brothers D. C. and E. T. BEATTY. D. C. BEATTY died leaving his widow ANNA T. and children: MATTIE D., JOE R. BEATTY and FANNIE wife of A. L. ADAMS, JOE and HARRY who were minors all residents of Hill County, Texas. JOE B. McCAUL purchased the interest of E. J. BEATTY in the lots. He also purchased the interest of MRS ANNA T. BEATTY and her children except the minors. HARRY and JOE BEATTY became of age and this Cause was resolved and JOE B. McCAUL became the owner of all the lots in the town of Lynnville, Tennessee.

Submitted by: Betty Joice Moore