Rebeccah Meadows is appointed Guardian

TSLA, Minutes of the County Court, Giles County, Vol "Mar 1816 - Mar 1817", pages 182 and 183, undated, but from December Term 1816 which started 2 December 1816:

Rebeccah Meadows is appointed Guardian to Talitha Meadows, Patsey Meadows and Lileston Meadows, Minor Orphans of Lileston Meadows deceased she having given bond and security according to the law.

On the petition of Rebeccah Meadows widow of the late Lileston Meadows deceased setting forth that she hath not received her distributive share of the Estate of her deceased husband and that he left her Three children (and it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that the administrators of the said Lileston Meadows deceased had notice of this motion) and praying that a Jury may be appointed to Lay off to her her distributive share of the Estate of said Lileston Meadows deceased. It is therefore Ordered that a writ issue to the sheriff of this County commanding him to summon twelve free holders connected with the parties neither by affinity or consanguinity who upon who upon oath (which oath the sheriff is authorized to administer) shall lay off and allot to said Receccah Meadows one fourth part of the personal Estate of the said Lileston Meadows, deceased and put her in possession of the same and that the sheriff and jury make return of their proceedings to the next term of this court.

Submitted by: Steve Carson