Notes on Patterson, Phelps/Phillips, Shields, Ussery, Williams

Notes on
Patterson, Phelps/Phillips, Shields, Ussery, Williams

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Tabitha PATTERSON granted letters of adm. of Moses PATTERSON, dec'd. John G. BRADEN, Elisha WHITE & George MALONE appointed commissioners to allot to Tabitha PATTERSON widow of Moses PATTERSON a years provisions. GI Cty. Ct. Min., p. 157



Deed to Presley W. PHELPS from George BOWERS, both of GI Cty., TN, for $559 for Lots 13 & 14 in Upper Elkton. Wit. M. J. BURKS, P. B. WILSON. D.B. N, p. 214.


Thomas PHILIPS to Isaac MITCHELL & Others. Be it remembered that at the March term of the Chancery Ct. at Pulaski To wit on Wednesday the seventh day of March 11838 the following decree was made in this cause. To wit This cause coming on to be heard this day by consent of parties upon the bill, it is agreed by the parties Complainant and defendants that the following decree be entered. To wit, It is ordered adjudged and decreed by the Ct. that all right title and interest which the defendants have in and to the tract of land of 24 1/4 A mentioned in Exhibit No. 1 as the heirs or devisees of James JONES be divested out of them and vested on the complainant .... the following is Exhibit No. 1 refered in the decree, to wit: Deed 1818-4-7, James JONES to Thomas PHILIPS for $24.25 JONES shall in fee simple a tract of land , beginning at PHILIPS NE corner 24 1/4 A. Wit. Wm. PUMELT and James AUSTIN. Made at GI Cty., registered Nov term 1831. GI Cty., TN D.B. N, p. 399.


Elizabeth A. PHILIPS to Matilda OSBURN. For natural love and affection which I bear for my grand-daughter Matilda OSBURN and her husband Benjamin OSBURN a negro boy Henry about 7 years old and another boy named Dabney about 4 years old and a girl named Caroline about 3 years old... Wit. Moses HOGE and John OSBURN. GI Cty., TN D.B. N, p. 407.


Neil L. SMITH to P. W. PHELPS $300, 60 A in Dist. 9. Wit. Wm. D. EWING, Saml. M. EWING & A. D. CONALY. GI Cty., TN D.B. Q, p. 363.


The clerk of the ct. reported settlement with Presley W. PHELPS Administratior of Samuel W. EAGAN, dec�d., which was approved and ordered to be recorded.


The clerk of the ct. reported settlement made by him with Presly W. PHELPS, Guardian of Maria H. VANCE, which was confirmed by the ct. and ordered to be recorded. GI Cty. Ct. Min., p. 422.


Ordered that Presley W. PHELPS be appointed gdn. of Nancy P. E., Sarah Ann, Susan M., Wade L. and Martha F. HARGROVE, minor orphans of James J. HARGROVE dec�d., whereupon he gave bond and security as the law directs. GI Cty. Ct. Min., p. 442.

1854 Deeds, GI Cty., TN

P. W. PHELPS to L. A. WESTMORELAND, Bk. X1854, p. 74, 644 A.

G. F. PHELPS & others to W. F. BENSON, Bk. X1854, p. 207, Lot 23.

G. F. PHELPS to Mayor of Elkton, Bk. X1854, p. 306, 6 lots.

G. F. PHELPS & others to G. P. EZELL, Y1855, p. 190, 1 lot.

P. W. PHELPS & others to Jacob MILLER, Bk. Y 1855, p. 555, 7 lots.

P. W. PHELPS to L. MENEFEE, Bk. Y1855, p. 624, Lot 38.


Joseph R. DILLON, Adm. of Presley W. PHELPS suggested insolvency of est. Adm. made publiction to all creditors to file claims against estate within 6 months.


See A Brief Sketch of the Settlement and Early History of GI Cty. Tennessee by James McCallum 1876


John MONTGOMERY and Samuel SHIELDS, for $150 land on Robertsons Fork, part of Richard HIGHTOWER survey, 50 A. s/John MONTGOMERY (seal). WIT Saml. MONTGOMERY & John GILLEYLIN. GI Cty., TN D.B. A, p. 250.


St. of Tn. Grant to George SHIELDS and Alexander BARRON, Warrant No. 2218, dated 13 Apr 1790 to Joel LEWIS by St. of N.C., occupant claim dated 6 Apr 1810, No. 210, granted to George SHIELDS and Alexander BARRON, assignees of Joel LEWIS, 250 A, in 2nd Dist., adj. Martin ARMSTRONG'S line, Surveyed 3 Aug 1808 by N. G. PINSON, D.S. Signed by Willie BLOUNT. GI Cty., TN D.B. B, p. 7.

DATE? St. of TN grant to Samuel SHIELDS for 116 A, Warrant No. 37l issued to John DICKSON, land on Big Creek of Richland Creek, crosses Big Creek. GI Cty., TN D.B. B, p. 8.

DATE? St. of TN to Samuel SHIELDS for 140 A on Big Creek , Cert. No. 203. GI Cty., TN D.B. B, p. 10.


James MONTGOMERY to Samuel SHIELDS, for 200 A, for $154.87 1/2, on Big Creek, beginning on SE corner of occupany claim of Richard STEWART. Wit: Samuel MONTGOMERY and John GILLIGLIN. GI Cty., TN D.B. B, p. 98.

DATE? George SHIELDS and Alexander BARRON, Sr. to Alexander BARRON, Jr. for 105A, $100 paid in hand land on Big Creek. Wit. Robert STEPHENSON and John BARRON. GI Cty., TN D.B. B, p. 110.


George SHIELDS and Alexander BARRON, Sr., both of GI Cty., TN to Alexander BARRON, Sr. made 4 June 1814, for $100.00, 105 A on a fork of Big Creek. Wit. Robert STEPHENSON & John BARRON. GI Cty., TN D.B. B, p. 110.


John CHILDRESS to Samuel SHIELDS for 84 1/3 A, CHILDRESS of DV Cty., TN. Wit. Thomas and Richard S. STEWART. GI Cty., TN D.B. B, p. 205.


Samuels SHIELDS to John CHILDRESS for 168 2/3 A on Big Creek, CHILDRESS of DV Cty., TN., made 21 Sep. 1814, for a deed of conveyance to SHIELDS for 84 1/3 A, Adj Richard S. STEWART�S NE corner, SE corner of James MONTGOMERY, John WOOD, Samuel SHIELDS. Wit: Thomas STEWART & Richard S. STEWART. GI Cty., TN D.B. B, p. 206.


Alexander BARRON to James DAVIS, both of GI Cty., TN For $500, 105 A in GI Cty., 2nd Dist., on fork of Big Creek, branch of Richland Creek, granted 1810 to George SHIELDS and Alexander BARRON, Sr. Wit. John C. WALKER & James LEITCH.


Jacob COCHRAN of Maury Cty., TN to Leander SHIELDS for 12 A of land in consideration of SHIELDS showing him some vacant land, 12 A on Robertsons Fork, from NE corner of Leander SHIELDS 58 A survey. Wit: John MONTGOMERY & Samuel COCHRAN. GI Cty., TN D.B. H, p. 24.

1820 GI Cty.,TN Fed. Cen., p. 20

John MONTGOMERY 3113-12101-110600100001

James DAVIS 22001-11001-03

Samuel STEVENSON 2001-001-001

Alexander SHIELDS 0002-001-0002

George SHIELDS 320101-00101-03

Joseph BRADEN 310201-01101-04003210321




Leander SHIELDS 31001-2101-04


Samuel SHIELDS 021201-00001-03


Samuel MONTGOMERY 100010-31010-02

James MONTGOMERY 200010-30010-01


Robert CROCKETT to Samuel SHIELDS for 5 3/4 A on Robertsons Fork, for $24, on NW corner of survey in name of Richard S. STEWART, adj. John GILLILIN. Wit: Samuel MONTGOMERY, Leander M. SHIELDS, D. L. SHIELDS, Miller DOGGETT. GI Cty., TN D.B. H, p. 240.


Robert CROCKETT to Samuel SHIELDS for 12 1/4 A on Robertsons Fork, made 23 March 1822, adj NW corner of CROCKETTS land. Wit: Samuel MONTGOMERY, Leander M. SHIELDS, D. L. SHIELDS, Miller DOGGETT. GI Cty., TN D.B. H, p. 41.


George SHIELDS to Wade BARRETT, executor of will of Thomas BARRETT, dec�d., of state of North Carolina, Cty. of Anson, for sum of $490 paid in hand, for land on N side of Robertsons fork, adj. James DAVIS NE corner, N then W to Abel OLIVES corner crossing a fork of Robertsons Fork at 38 P in all 155 P, to James DAVIS' line, to beginning. George SHEILDS do warrant and defend said land from myself and heirs........s/George SHIELDS (seal) Wit. Wm. USSERY and Wm. M. SHIELDS. GI Cty., TN D.B. E, p. 452.


John GILLEYLIN of Monroe Cty., Miss. and Wm. M. SHIELDS of GI Cty., TN for $75 in hand paid, land on Robertsons Fork of Richland Creek, of Elk River ... adj. Samuel SHIELDS. s/John GILLEYLIN, Wit. Wm. JONES & Henry STEGALL. GI Cty., TN D.B. E, p. 454.


Agreement between Thomas STEWART and Samuel SHIELDS, together with award of arbitrators indifferently choosen by STEWART and SHIELDS: John DICKEY, Alexander MCDONALD, Jacob WILLIAMS, Richard MCGEE, Joseph BRADEN, to settle matter of controversy between said parties respecting the establishing of corner and lines between premises, made following proposition: Let the large green beech be the corner, running N with the line run by A. MCDONALD to the middle of the lane between James MONTGOMERY and Thomas STEWART and thence W to GILLS line which is said to be a crooked line, and N with said GILLES line on W side of a branch on N boundary of R. G. STUART original occupant survey. Made 26 Nov 1823. Agreement by Thomas STEWART and Samuel SHIELDS witnessed by P. H. BRADEN, John C. WALKER and John DICKEY. GI Cty., TN D.B. H. p. 266.


Samuel COCKRAN to Leander M. SHIELDS for 40 A on Robertsons Fork, made 13 Jul 1825. Wit: Hugh K. SHIELDS & John MONTGOMERY. Cty. Ct. Min., GI Cty., TN, p. 46.


This indenture made and entered into between Wm. BRADEN, Jr. of the Cty. of Gi. and state of Tennessee of the first part, and Catherine PUCKETT, of the second part. Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of $800, to him in hand paid the said Catherine PUCKETT hath granted, bargained and sold a certain tract or parcel of land, one hundred of which lies in the NE corner of the tract of land owned by the heirs of Joseph BRADEN the other twenty five lying joining said land, the condition of this bond is such that so soon as William BRADEN executes his deed for said land this Bond of $800 is to be void and of no afect (sic). s/William BRADEN (seal). Sealed and subscribed to in the presents of: attest: P. H. BRADEN, Joseph P. BRADEN. Cty. Ct. Min., GI Cty., TN.

1830 GI Cty.,TN Fed. Cen.

p. 145: L. M. SHEALD 300.011.1-111.200.1

p. 146: H. W. THOMPSON 200.111-100.1

p. 148: Alex THOMPSON 121.101.01-101.101

p. 152: Bob? THOMPSON 110.000.1-112.101

p. 158: Wm. M. SHIELDS 000.031-300.020.001

p. 176: David THOMPSON 102.101.001-010.1

Thomas B. THOMPSON 200.001-120.01

p. 200: Tabithy PATTERSON 000.2-022.001

J. G. BRADEN 220.001-110.01

Ellender BRADEN 100.01-000.000.001


p. 201: Robert DAVIS 110.01-100.01

Felix BRADON 000.1-000.1

Jane BARNET 000.1-001.110.01

John J. MONTGOMERY 100.01-000.1

Wade BARNET 100.01-120.001

John MONTGOMERY 001.110.01-002.000.01

1830 MU Cty., TN Fed. Cen.

p. 326: James SHIELDS 001.001.001-000.021

327: William SHIELDS 120.001-100.001


John BRADEN 202.300.01-023.011


George B. HARRIS


John M. KING 220.001-111.01

329: Alexander KING 220.000.1-210.001



Archibald CROCKETT to John MONTGOMERY, both of GI Cty., 25 A on Robertsons Fork, adj. Wade BARRETT'S entry, Leander SHIELDS, Jacob COCKRAN. Wit. None. Ref. GI Cty., TN D.B. H, p. 371.


Rolly P. RAINS of Franklin Cty., TN to E. J. SHIELDS & James W. COMBS, a negro girl named Moria, age 14 years for $200. Wit: F. GOFF and N. G. NYE. GI Cty., Deed I-J, p 236


Leander M. SHIELDS, Esq'r who was appointed at the last term of ct. to take a list of taxable property & P in Captain CROCKETT'S company for the year 1833 made return thereof which is ordered to be recorded. Ref. Cty. Ct. Min., GI Cty., TN, p. 45


A title bond from BRADEN to Catherine PUCKETT & the execution thereof proven Patrick H. BRADEN & Joseph P. BRADEN., the subscribing wit. thereto, & the same was thereupon ordered to be made out at full length upon the minutes where said bond made in the words & figures following, To wit:

"November the 16th 1826. This indenture made & entered into between Wm. BRADEN, Jr. of the Cty. of GI & state of Tennessee of the first part, & Catherine PUCKETT, of the second part. Witnesseth that for & in consideration of the sum of $800, to him in hand paid the said Catherine PUCKETT hath granted, bargained & sold a certain tract or parcel of land, one hundred of which lies in the NE corner of the track of land owned by the heirs of Joseph BRADEN the other twenty five lying joining said land, the condition of this bond is such that so soon as William BRADEN executes his deed for said land this Bond of $800 is to be void & of no afect. s/William BRADEN (seal). Sealed & subscribed to in the presents of: attest: P. H. BRADEN, Joseph P. BRADEN." Cty. Ct. Min., GI Cty.,TN, p. 297.


Ordered that Leander M. SHIELDS Esq'r be appointed to take a list of taxable property & polls in Captain CROCKETT'S company for the year 1834 & that he make return thereof to the next term of this ct.. Cty. Ct. Min., GI Cty., TN, p. 332


Ordered William M. SHIELDS, John C. WALKER & Leander M. SHIELDS be appointed commissioners to settle with William COCHRAN, adm. of Jacob COCKRAN, dec'd & that they make report to next term of ct.. p. 113.


Ordered that Benton R. WHITE, John C. WALKER & Archibald CROCKETT or any two of them be appointed commissioners to settle with William M. SHIELDS & Leander M. SHIELDS, adms. of the estate of William BRADEN., dec'd & make report to present term of ct.. P. 216.


The commissioners who were appointed to settle with William W. COCHRAN, Adm. of Jacob COCHRAN, dec�d., made return which is ordered to be recorded. p. 251.


Wm. M. SHIELDS to Matthew SPIVY, for $8 adj. John MONTGOMERY NE corner, Archibald CROCKETT�S N boundary, to line of Martin ARMSTRONGS' 5000 A tract then E with his line to a dogwood James COCHRAN'S SW corner, to a mulberry on Samuel SHIELDS S boundary 52 1/2 A more or less. s/W. M. SHIELDS (seal), Wit Hardin THORP & James M. SHIELDS. Ref. GI Cty., TN D.B. R, p. 401


Wm. M. SHIELDS to Henry SPIVY, adj Eli DODSON, south bank of Robertsons fork, 78 A. Wit. John N. SHIELDS & Hardin THARP. GI Cty., TN D.B. R, p. 415.


Elisha DAVIS to James SHIELDS, James SHIELDS of MU Cty., land has a border of the Elk Ridge the Cty. line between MU & Gi....Wit. L. M. SHIELDS & Wm. DUGGER. GI Cty., TN D.B. R, p. 342.


A deed of conveyance from Joseph P. BRADEN & Felix G. BRADEN to Jacob G. BRADEN for two hundred A of land was produced before me in my office & the execution theraeof proven by the oaths of John J. MONTGOMERY & John MONTGOMERY the subscribing witnesses thereto the 7th of May 183_. Cty. Ct. Min., GI Cty., TN, p. 460

1836 Samuel MARTIN owes debt to L. M. & E. J. SHIELDS. His property is sold to settle the estate of Wm. M. SHIELDS. Wit. Alexander MARTIN & James SHIELDS. (Elizabeth J. is daughter of Josiah JOHNSON, grandfather of Martha J. MADDEN.)

1836 L. M. & E. J. SHIELDS from Samuel MARTIN, T.D. GI Cty., TN D.B. M, p. 146.

1836-12-30 Ebenezer J. SHIELDS, Leander M. SHIELDS, adms. of William BRADEN, dec�d. of Cty. of Gi. & Patrick H. BRADEN of MU Cty., to Elijah CHAPMAN to settle debts owed estate of dec�d.. GI Cty., TN D.B. N, p. 43.


Leander M. SHIELDS died. Anna SHIELDS filed suit 3-6-1838 for her dower. March Term 1839 petition was heard, she is widow of Leander M. SHIELDS who left land on waters of Robinson Fork creek, bounded on S by Matthew SPIVY, on W by John MONTGOMERY and Wade BARRETT, on N by Achibald CROCKETT, and by heirs of William M. SHIELDS, dec�d., containing 245A more or less. Hugh K. SHIELDS, David N. THOMPSON and his wife Eliza, daughter of the said Leander M., James M. SHIELDS, Mary E. SHIELDS, Levisy A. SHIELDS, William B. SHIELDS, Isabella C. SHIELDS, Reanette N. SHIELDS, Samuel SHIELDS, Leander M. SHIELDS and Jackson L. SHIELDS are children and heirs of said Leander M. and that last 6 are minors. She asks for a gdn. ad litem be appointed for them, and that Hugh K. SHIELDS, David N. THOMPSON and wife Eliza, James M., Mary E. and Levisy A. and said gdn. be summoned to appear at the next Chancery Ct. to be held to resolve.

On 9-12-1838 Hugh K. SHIELDS, David N. THOMPSON and his wife Eliza, Levisy A. SHIELDS, Mary E. SHIELDS and James M. SHIELDS, gdn. ad litem of the minor heirs of James M. SHIELDS, all of GI Cty., to petition Anna, widow of Leander M. SHIELDS. They admitted they were heirs of Leander M.and James M. as gdn. also admit the right of the said Anna to obtain dower. 3-9-1839 commissioners allotted her dower, 83A, signed by S. E. TOMLINSON, J. C. WALKER, Nathan A. SMITH, John L. HENDERSON and Thomas GILL dated 1-12-1839. GI Cty., TN Chancery Ct. Min., Vol. 1, p. 81-82

1838 James SHIELDS will written. All property after debts are paid to 2 daus. Jane and Esther. Exrs sons William B. and John M. SHIELDS. Wit: Robert ORR, James M. SHIELDS, James L. DAVIDSON.

1840 GI Cty., TN Fed. Cen.

p. 126: J. N. SHIELDS 100.001-201.020.1

135: D. N. THOMPSON 211.001-100.001

J. M. SHIELDS 100.021-000.13

Hugh KING Hugh King 85

149: John SHIELDS 200.001-100.01

1840 MU Cty., TN Fed. Cen., p. 303 William B. SHIELDS 012.101-001.000.1


Andrew F. GOFF to E. J. SHIELDS, for $500 in hand paid, lot and improvements in Pulaski, No. 12. Wit Milton A. HAYNES, John C. WALKER. GI Cty., TN D.B. Q, p. 216.


Wade BARRETT to Jno. N. SHIELDS, land in Dist. 15, for $30 paid in hand, adj. Wm. TOMLIN. Wit: L. P. CALLAHAN & James REYNOLDS. GI Cty., TN D.B. Q, p. 188.


Washington WEBB to Ebenezer J. SHIELDS, for $500 in hand paid, Land on E prong of Lynn Creek, 92 A, beginning at James K. KERR'S NE corner, to Samuel T. WIER�S line, James H. KERR'S line., wit: D. M. LEATHERMAN & Jno. W. GOODE. GI Cty., TN D.B. Q, p. 200.


To James M. SHIELDS of Gi. and Thos. P. WORTHAM of MU Cty.$300 paid in hand on Robertsons Fork, being part of heirs of Hames LEITCH, dec�d., partition to James E. PAINE & his wife Nancy M. PAINE..24 A. Wit. D. N. THOMPSON and James WILSON. GI Cty., TN D.B. R, p. 178.


Wm. B. SHIELDS to George C. WILLIAMS. $42, land in Dist. 15 on Robertsons Fork, 14 A, adj. George B. HARRIS W line, Matthew GALLOWAY. Wit: Reese W. PORTER & Nathan A. SMITH. GI Cty., TN D.B. R, p. 62.


Wm. B. SHIELDS to James C. ESSELMAN, for $20, Land on top of the hill in SE line of said SHIELDS & Morgan FITZPATRICK, adj. John HENDERSON heirs, a piece of land sold by Wm. SHIELDS to Reese PORTER, 5 A.... s/Wm. B. SHIELDS (seal) no witnesses. GI Cty., TN D.B. R, p. 166.


John A. JACKSON, Sheriff to James M. SHIELDS. On 9 May 1839, E. J. SHIELDS surviving executor of Wm. M. SHIELDS, dec�d., recovered a judgment before John C. WALKER, Esq., a JP of GI Cty. a judgment against James GRIFFIS Jr. for $95.75 3/4....Land adjoins Tabner B. WALKER, in Dist. 15. Ebenezer J. SHIELDS for sum of $5. on 21st Apr 1840.....Land was old at auction when James M. SHIELDS bought said land. GI Cty., TN D.B. R, p. 66.


James M. SHIELDS to Tabner B. WALKER, for $75, land in Dist. 15, adj by Thomas GRIFFIS, Thomas GOODMAN, 40 A. s/James M. SHIELDS (seal), no Wit. GI Cty., TN D.B. R, p. 298


John MONTGOMERY to John C. EWING for $1550, land in Dist. 15 on both sides of Robertsons Fork, 186 1/4 A, adjoining David CROCKETT'S corner. Wit. James M. SHIELDS and James W. MONTGOMERY. Ref. GI Cty., TN D.B. R, p. 230.


John MONTGOMERY to John C. EWING, land in Dist. 15, 25 A, adj. NE corner of Wade BARRETT, Leander SHIELDS, John COCHRAN. Wit. James M. SHIELDS and James W. MONTGOMERY. Ref. GI Cty., TN Deed book R, p. 231.


E. J. SHIELDS of Memphis, Shelby Cty., TN to Ben CARTER, for $600 in hand paid for Lots 11 and 12 in town of Pulaski, which he bought of Sidney S. SCOTT who bought from A. F. GOFF. Presented to Cty. clerk of Shelby Cty., TN. GI Cty., TN D.B. R, p. 359.

1845 David N. THOMPSON will written: Wife Eliza all household & kitchen furniture, one side saddle. Exr. to sell remainder and pay debts, buy a small farm for wife Eliza and children then at her death to be equally divided among children. Exrs: Hugh W. THOMPSON, James M. SHIELDS. Wit: James S. HAYNIE, John L. MILLER, William B. SHIELDS. See Woodruff Files, Parker & White

1845 Harvey A. THOMPSON will written. Wife Mary E. SHIELDS m) 2nd 1858 James M. Johnson). Ch: James L. and Samuel D. THOMPSON (about 17 and 15 respectively in 1858). Exr. Hugh W. THOMPSON. Owned land adjoining H. K. SHIELDS, Wm. ROBERTSON & H. J. WALKER.

Land had been owned by father of wife Mary E. SHIELDS. Hugh K., Samuel H. and Wm. B. SHIELDS had verbal contract with dec�d.. Jackson L. SHIELDS bought from dec�d. and died 1 Aug 1864 at his residense intestate leaving brothers and sisters (1) James M., (2) Leander M. (3) Henrietta N. HENDERSON, (4) Mary E. JOHNSON and (5) Hugh K. SHIELDS now dec�d. (d 1866). Ref: Chanc. Ct. Loose Records. Woodruff Files H thru L, compiled by Elizabeth W. White.

Archibald CROCKETT MILLICAN, b. 11-4-1839, GI Cty., TN, d. 12-11-1917, Caldwell Cty., TX, bur. Luling Cem., mar. 12-28-1860, MR Cty., TN, Mary C. COCHRAN, by H. K. SHIELDS, M.G., d/o Levi & Elizabeth (BIVENS) COCHRAN, b. 6-7-1840, TN, d. 1910+, Caldwell Cty., TX, bur. Luling Cem. Archibald was named for the father of his mother, and was known as CROCKETT MILLICAN. Rev. Hugh K. SHIELDS raised the wife of John M. MILLICAN, next son of William M. MILLICAN. William M. Millican was nephew of Ann Millican MARTIN.

1851 Joseph JOHNSON died testate, names daughters Eliza JOHNSON, Hugh K. SHIELDS her gdn. (see 1850 census to impairment?), son-in-law Hugh K. SHIELDS, daughter Elizabeth SHIELDS, grand daughter Martha Jane MADDEN.


Ct. ordered that Eliza, widow of said David N. THOMPSON & her children sell said 73 A of land mentioned in petition to Hugh K. SHIELDS and invest proceeds in 2 small pieces of land purchased of James M. SHIELDS of 14 and 46 A, said dwelling house on 73 A got burnt down before she sold same to Hugh K. SHIELDS, that there was a suitable dwelling house for her and children on the land purchased of said James M. SHIELDS and that the widowhood of said Eliza terminated upon her intermarriage with said Eli G. BRADSHAW in Septr 1854 ....Ct. orders sale to Hugh H. SHIELDS and invest proceeds in land purchased of James M. SHIELDS. Fifth item of will of David N. THOMPSON directs the farm purchased by his executor for his widow and children terminate at end of widowhood of Eliza to be sold on credit of 12 months and equally divided between his children, Eliza to have a childs part. The 14 and 46 A to be sold at public auction. Transcript of decree dated 28 Nov 1855. GI Cty., TN D.B. BB, p. 57.

1857 Will of Joseph BRADEN written. HAYNES tract and upper end of my land known as Catherine PUCKETT place be sold and pay debts. After ch. to be made equal with my second wife's ch. by the property made to them by their grandfather Matthew JOHNSON. Divide remainder to all ch. Exr: John Wilson JOHNSON. Wit: L. M. SHIELDS & Joseph EAST.

1857 J. M. SHIELDS from W. N. HACKNEY, Lot. GI Cty., TN D.B. Z, p. ___.

Hugh SHIELDS was a Presbyterian Min. These THOMPSONS are ch. of Hugh's sister who had mar. David N. THOMPSON. Eliza Shields THOMPSON mar. 2nd a BRADSHAW of Maury Cty., TN. I mention this because a sister of William M. MILLICAN mar. William BRADSHAW and lived in Maury Cty., TN.


Citation granted to L. B. SHIELDS to obtain letters of adm. on est. of Saml. O. SHIELDS, dec'd Madison Cty., GA Probates

1865 Rev. Hugh K. SHIELDS, b. 12-10-1806, d. 9-13-1865, Pastor of Elk Ridge Mountain Church for 21 years. Buried in Elkridge Cem., GI Cty., TN.

1866 Hugh K. SHIELDS will written: File Box B-22, case 2433. W. P. BROWN, Adm. vs. Elzabeth SHIELDS & Others.

Hugh R. (sic) SHIELDS died 1866 intestate. Widow Elizabeth, two brothers James and Leander M., two sisters Harriett HENDERSON and Mary E. JOHNSON, and James T. CARTER, s/o dec�d. sister Catherine CARTER; Harvey Lawson THOMPSON, Margaret J. THOMPSON, Elizabeth THOMPSON, & Susan BRANDON ch. of dec�d. sister Eliza BRADSHAW. Hugh K. & Elizabeth had no ch.


John M. MILLICAN, Martha J. MILLICAN his wife and Elizabeth SHIELDS to Joseph COFFEY, for $500 38 97/160 A in CD 15, surveyed by J. M. BASS 1872, adj. John M. COKER. s/J. M. MILLICAN, M. J. MILLICAN, Elizabeth SHIELDS, wit. Shadrack KELLUM and J. M. COKER, Notary Public each of the women were examined separately and privately. GI Cty., TN D.B. LL, p. 467


Andrew ROBISON & wife Margaret of Prov. of NC to Hugh BARRY of Prov. of SC, 150A granted to William GLEGHORN 4-24-1762, conveyed by him to Andrew ROBISON 9-24-1761, by him to Andrew ROBISON on W. side S. fork Catawba at mouth of Duharts Creek. Wit. Richard BARRY, William SHIELDS, George ELLIT. Linc./Tryon NC Deeds


I have integrated the geneanlogical information in the above reference with my own research. A sister of my great-grandmother is the Sarah Jane MARTIN who mar. Mastin USSERY. A descendant of Mastin Ussery asked for my help on this family. She was not a researcher technically, yet she wanted to do a book on the Ussery Lineage. I do not know if she finished her project, not haveing heard any more from her for several years.

The USSERY Family at Robertson's Fork - From Information compiled by Mr. H. C. Gray, 1022 Mosby Road, Memphis, TN in MR Cty. Historical Quarterly, Summer 1976, Vol. 11, pp. 57-58

It appears all of the children of Peter USSERY left TN for MS except William, Hutchins and the dau. Nessera and Daniel G., children by his second wife.

Peter USSERY, s/o William USSERY, Jr. and Sarah BAYES, b. 5-8-1762, d. 12-28-1834, GI Cty., TN, bur Robertson's Fork Cem., MR Cty., TN (then GI Cty., TN), mar. 1) Milly JARVIS, d. 1804-1812, mar. 2) Lively (RUSHING) CHAIRS, widow of Samuel CHAIRS.

Peter USSERY is found in the 1790 census of Montgomery Cty., NC and in the 1820 census of GI Cty., TN.


The last time we find mention of Peter in NC is in Richmond Cty., where he was named as one of the executors of the will of Samuel CHAIRS on 24 Sept. 1801.


Deed William M. MARR to William MCCLURE, Sr., land adj. JONES & USSERY NE corner, John CALLIHAN'S NE corner. Wit. William JONES & Wm. DABNEY. Ref. GI Cty., TN D.B. B, p. ?


Richard HIGHTOWER of Williamson Cty., TN to John HUGHES of GI Cty., TN for $25., 15 A on Robertsons Fork of Richland Creek. Beginning at WALKER'S NE corner, to 10 Poles to Peter USSERY & Jacob BOGARD�S N corner. Wit. Stephen BILES & John C. WALKER. Ref. GI Cty., TN D.B. B


The last will and testament of Peter USSERY, dec�d., proceuced in ct. and execution thereof by oaths of William JONES & Anderson GRIIFFIS also a memorandum accompanyng said will proven by the witnesses and both ordered to be recorded. GI Cty., TN Cty. Ct. Min., p. 387.


William USSERY who is appointed executor fo the last will and testament of Peter USERY dec�d. was qualified and bond and security as the law directs.. GI Cty., TN Cty. Ct. Min., p. 387.


William USSERY, adm. of the estate of Peter USSERY dec�d. returned an nfentory of said estate which was ordered to be recorded. GI Cty., TN Cty. Ct. Min., p. 388.


Orderd that letters of adm. on that part or portion of the estate of Peter USSERY dec�d. not devised in his will and testament be granted to William USSERY whereupon he was qualified and gave bond and security as the law directs. GI Cty., TN Cty. Ct. Min., p. 388.


Ordered that John C. WALKER, Leander M. SHIELDS and William CALLAHAN be appointed commissioneers to allot to Lively USERY widow of Peter USSERY one years provisions out of his estate according to act of assembly and that they make return of said allotment to the next term of this ct.. GI Cty., TN Cty. Ct. Min.

The known children of Peter and Milly Jarvis were:

A. Richard USSERY (was over 26 years old in 1820) moved to MS before 1820 and died there before 28 July 1823, leaving four minor hcildren.

B. John USSERY, b. about 1791, NC, mar. Malinda MCKINNEY in TN, moved to MS before 1823.

C. Peter USSERY, b. about 1793, mar. May DEVORE, b. 2797, in 1818, moved to MS and died either in MS or LA.

D. William USSERY, b. ca 1794 NC, d. 8-16-187?, bur in Robertsons Cem. on Factory Creek, GI Cty., TN, mar. 1) Rebecca, b. ca 1802 NC, d. 1860+


See deed of Faithful USSERY from James MASSEY, 1834, a deed of gift. Suspect she is a MASSEY. They mar. ca 1830?

2. Lucinda BRADEN

3. Elinor GRIDER

4. Eliza Jane USSERY, w/o Ebenezer M. PERKINS

5. Robert T. USSERY

6. Eliza Michie USSERY, dec�d.

Ch: James W., Robert & John MICHIE - A note on David C. MICHIE to be divided among these 3

7. Mary Ann C. USSERY BROOKS mar. M. C. BROOKS

Ch. Laura E. BROOKS, Hester Jane BROOKS

8. Caladonia R. USSERY


10. Wm. P. H. USSERY. No heirs. Exr.: Benj. F. HOUSTON (Taken from will of William USSERY, GI Cty., TN.)

E. Mary Pauline USSERY, b. 1796 NC, mar. Joseph PERKINS in GI Cty., TN. Moved to Monroe Cty., MS before 1850

F. Hutchens USSERY, b. ca 1800, d. ca 3-1-1837, GI Cty., TN , mar. Frances RUSHING

1820 Perry Cty., TN Fed. Cen.:

p. 2 Burwell RUSHING 20001-001

Philip RUSHING 010101-01001

Richard RUSHING 000101-00001

p. 4 Hutchins URSERY 30011-001 Abner, Burrell, Mastin, Hutchins, a brother of Hutchens? & Francis.

1830 GI Cty., TN Fed. Cen.:

p. 202 Fany URSERY 0031-020001

Wm. RUSSING 10001-00001

Elizabeth URSERY 0002-00011001 (These 3 door to door)

Peter URSERY 000100001-00011001


Ordered that Francis USSERY be appointed gdn. of Mastin, James, Sarah and Judith USSERY, minors of Hudgins USSERY, dec�d., whereupon she gave bond and security as the law directs. GI Cty. Co. Min., p. 6.

1. Abner F. USSERY, b. ca 1815

2. Larkin R. (Rushing?) USSERY, b. ca 1817 (was of age 3-6-1838)

3. Mastin USSERY, b. ca 1819

4. James E. USSERY, b. ca 1821

5. Judith USSERY, b. ca 1823

6. Sarah USSERY (Sarah F. VICK?), b. ca 1825

1840 GI Cty., TN Fed. Cen., p. 136 F. USRY 00001-0000101 (Margaret would be 3 years old, she is not in the hh, suspect male is Mastin)

a. Abner F. USSERY, b. ca 1815, d. 8-10-1854, Guadalupe Cty., TX


Deed William SWINNEY to Abner F. USSERY for $500. both of GI Cty., 200 A: Beginning at an elm S. Hogs? NE corner. Wit. C. G. WILCOX and Ben CARTER. GI Cty., TN D.B. K, p. 342.


Deed Isaac SOUTHGATE of Lancaster, Massachusetts to Larkin R. USSERY and John J. MONTGOMERY, land on waters of Robertsons fork of Richland Creek, beginning at a line on E boundary of Robertson tract, 534 A more or less. Jurats from Worster Cty., Mass. GI Cty., D.B. N, p. 232.

1850 Fed. Cen., BOLIVAR Cty., MISS., p. 192, HH 59, taken 5 Nov 1850

Abner USSRY 35 Farmer $35,000 TN Brother of Mastin USSERY

Olive 17 OD

Bolivar is on Ms. River and has two Cty. Ct.houses. Both would have to be checked, Chancery Ct. has land records, which should include slaves bought and sold, as they were considered chattel. Written above his name was "Agent for Mastin". I suppose this means Mastin was the owner of the property, which could be land, slaves or both. I suspect working the deeds there should reveal the kind of property and should be in Mastin's name. Now I wonder if the reason "the gold was buried in his yard" was from slaves that two brothers were "running" was not in fact the property of Mastin and the reason the gold was buried in his yard. Quoted from conversation with Abner USSERY of Caldwell Cty., TX, a descendant and current owner of the USSERY property.


Abner USSERY, dec�d. 8-10-1854, Case No. 104, Mary Ann USSERY, minor, 27 Nov 1854, Case 110. Abner USSERY, dec�d. June 1854, Bk. D, p. 243, Probate Records, Guadalupe Cty., TX

Will dated 2 June 1854, Olive Elizabeth USSERY, Exr.

She mar. 2) 7-3-1855 W. D. V. MCLEAN, Guad. Cty., TX

He Names: Dau. Mary Ann USSERY, Son Frank USSERY, Son Washington Monroe USSERY

i. Mary Ann USSERY, mar. 8-12-1855 Guad. Cty., TX, p. 107, Jesse ABERNATHY

1850 GI Cty., Fed. Cen., p. 841, hh 208

Frances URSERY 50 NC $150 r/e

Mary A. 13 TN (b. 1837)

ii. Frank USSERY

iii. Washington Monroe USSERY

b. Larkin R. USSERY, b. ca 1817

1850 Jackson Cty., AR, p. 49, Bird TWP, HH 24

Henry COOK 36 Farmer NC

Rebecca 28 TN

Larkin USSERY 28 Farmer TN (b. ca 1823)


Deed Larkin R. USSERY to John J. MONTGOMERY for $680 152 A on Blue Creek, adj. JAMES W boundary, CARR'S line. Wit. W. L. MONTGOMERY & Mastin USSERY. GI Cty., TN D.B. O, p. 276.


Deed John J. MONTGOMERY to Larkin R. USSERY for $680., 152 A on Robertson Fork creek, adj. MONTGOMERY. Wit. W. L. MONTGOMERY & Mastin USSERY. GI Cty., TN D.B. O, p. 266.


Larkin R. USSERY to Mastin USSERY, for $700, 152 A on waters of Robertson Fork creek, adj, KERR'S S boundary, MONTGOMERY. GI Cty. D.B. O, 295.

1860 GI Cty., TN Fed. Cen., p. 29/15 , hh 189

Samuel A. OSBURN 25 TNTN Farmer /$900

Mary A. (USSERY?) 23 TN

Mary J. 1 TN

1870 GI Cty., TN Fed. Cen., p. 306, hh 161

Francis USSERY 80 (marked through with note died June 1870. NC)

1867-1-4 John M. FITZPATRICK mar. Mary A. OSBORN, by Wade BARRETT, M.G.

1870 GI Cty., TN Fed. Cen., p. 306, hh 234

John M. FITZPATRICK 25 TN $450

Mary A. OSBORN 21 TN (Osborne marked through)

Mary J. OSBORN 10 TN



Elizabeth J. FITZPATRICK 6/12 TN

1875-2-16 John J. WILKES to M. J. OSBORN, by H. J. SPIVY, M. G., GI Cty., TN

1880 GI Cty., TN Fed. Cen., p. 282B, hh 32


Mary A. 41 TN NC TN

Sarah A. 12 TN TN TN

Elizabeth J. 10 TN TN TN

John W. OSBORNE 19 TN TN TN Step son

c. Mastin USSERY, b. 10-24-1818, Perry Cty., TN, d. 9-6-1883, Caldwell Cty.,TX, bur USSERY Cem., Caldwell Cty., TX, mar. 7-16-1844, GI Cty., TN, Sarah Jane MARTIN, d/o John MARTIN and Elizabeth Ann MILLICAN, b. 10-8-1828, GA, d. 5-30-1910, Caldwell Cty., TX, bur USSERY Cem., Caldwell Cty.


Deed Mastin USSERY to Elisha R. DAVIS for $300, 76 A in C.D. 15, bounded by W. ARMER, Wm. PERRY, HARRIS. Wit. M. L. GALLOWAY & Hiram RACKLEN. GI Cty., TN D.B. R, p. 63.


Deed John A. JACKSON, Sheriff to Mastin USSERY for $5.00 for 40 A on waters of Roberson Fork of Richland Creek, adj. Mastin USSERY, Robert ARMER & A. B. CARTER, formerly property of D. D. JOHNSON, being sold for a judgment. GI Cty., TN D.B. R, p. 67.


Deed from Abraham B. CARTER to Mastin USSERY for $450., 46 1/2 A on waters of Robersons Fork of Richland Creek, adj. Hugh KERR'S so. boundary, D. D. JOHNSON'S NE corner. Wit. Gustavus ANGUS, James A. MARTIN, Henry BRAY & Dickerson FOLLIS. GI Cty., TN D.B. R, p. 73.


From newspaper "Daily Cosmopolitan", Brownsville, TX - Column titled "Daily News"

"A fellow named Sam BROWN who waned to marrie Gussie, Daughter of M. USSERY and who was unfavorably looked on by the old man, on the 7th went to his sweethearts house and in cold blood shot and killed her father." Published in "TIPS OF TEXAS" genealogical quarterly of Harlingen, TX, Vol. 3, No. 3, Nov. 1965, p. 25.

A descendant said the story was Sam BROWN asked for the hand of Gussie and was refused because she was too young, He came back to the USSERY home a 2nd time and again refused, whereupon he shot & killed Mastin on his front porch. They buried Mastin in the front yard of the home, which became the USSERY Cemetery. The graves of Mastin and Sarah Jane are the above-ground type about 2-3 feet high and filled in with asphalt when I saw it. Several USSERY family members are buried there.

This descendant also said sons and sons-in-laws formed a posse and caught the Sam Brown. They hanged him in the town of Luling and then dragged his body behind a horse through the town. Charges were brought against the posse memebers. Some of them went to California until the charges were dropped. The descendant said it was the last hanging in the Cty.


Cases 2036 and 2037: (Posse that hung killer of Mastin USSERY, Sr.)




James USSERY Peter FRY



State of TX, Caldwell Cty.: Be it remembered that on the 2nd dau of August 1886 there was begun and holden a regular term of the Cty. Ct. for said Cty. for civil criminal and probate business office. Presesent Hon. Leo ROGAN Cty. Judge presiding, A. F. FIELD, sheriff and W.C. CARPENTER, clerk when he following probate business was transacted to wit.

In matter of the application of Mrs. S. J. USSERY, asing to be appointed administratrix of the estate of her dec�d. husband Maston USSERY come the said Mrs. S. J. USSERY by her atty. and presented to the ct. said application for its consideration, and said application being duly considered by the ct. and it appearing to the satisfaction of the ct. that legal notice of the filing of said application had been given and that there was no objection urged against said appointment it is therefore ordered and adjudged by he Cty. that the said Mrs. S. J. USSERY be and she is hereby appointed administratrix of said estate and that letters of adm. issue to her upon her filing in this count a bond with good security in the sum of $1400 to be approved by this ct. and taking the oath of office as required by law. It is further ordered by the ct. that A. J. CONNOLLY, D. M. DAY & W. P. DUNLAP be and they arae hereby appointed appraisers of said estate to appraise the property of said estate.

(All other records pertaining to this filing not in the courthouse. There may be minute books that have the records.)

I. Frances Ann USSERY, b. 11-5-1845, GI Cty., TN, d. 8-2-1930, San Antonio, Bexar Cty., TX, bur Appling Cem., Caldwell Cty.,TX, mar. 1) 4-25-1866, Guadalupe Cty., TX, Francis Marion APPLING, b. 9-13-1828, d. 7-3-1869

(1) Colly Frank APPLING, b. 1868, TX, mar. Estelle, b. 1871

Frances Ann (USSERY) APPLING, mar. 2) 12-18-1871, Guadalupe Cty., TX, Robert William PIERCE, pts John King PIERCE & Sarah Oldham FINCH, b. 1-25-1827, Tuscaloosa, AL, d. 4-25-1909 - Probate File #1830 dated 5-17-1909

ii. John Mastin PIERCE

iii. Sarah Francis PIERCE

iv. Mary Roberta (May) PIERCE, b. 11-30-1880, Guadalupe Cty.,TX, d. 9-6-1967, Boerne, TX, mar. 9-19-1906, Guadlupe Cty., TX, Lee Andrew WILLIAMSON, b. 12-31-1879, Guadalupe Cty.,TX, d. 11-3-1896, Seguine, Guadalupe Cty., TX

(1) Mary Lee WILLIAMSON , b. 11-18-1912, mar. 3-6-1940, Seaman Pettit BOLLES, b. 6-23-1912, Wash., D.C.

(From lineage chart of Mrs.Mary Lee WILLIAMSON of Dallas, TX.)

v. Anna Louisa FINCH

c. James Welcome USSERY, b. Nov. 1848, GI Cty., TN, d. 1909, mar. 12-27-1873, Caldwell Cty., TX, Bk. B, p. 179, Annie W. HENSLAR, b. Nov 1853, Saline Cty., AR

i. Willie USSERY (dau), b. ca 1875,TX

ii. Peter USSERY, b. ca 1877, TX

iii. Abbie Isabell USSERY, b. 5-1880

iv. Burl USSERY, b. 1-1883, TX

v. Jesse USSERY, b. 5-1885, mar. Caldwell Cty., TX, Bk. N 131, #4796

Henrietta HOUSTON

vi. Addie USSERY, b. 7-1888, TX, mar. Bk. J, p. 75, Caldwell Cty., TX, J. C. OGLESBY

d. William Larkin USSERY, b. 3-1843, GI Cty., TN, d. ante 1860

A descendant said when the USSERY family came to TX they were at Indianola and several of the family died during an epidemic of some kind.

e. Sarah Elizabeth (Lizzie) USSERY, b. 2-25-1852, GI Cty., TN, d. 10-21-1892, Caldwell Cty., TX, bur Old Prairie Lea Cem. (she lies not far from her uncle John MARTIN), m, Bk. D, p. 175, Caldwell Cty., TX, Hugh Hoy HOUSTON

i. Martha (Mattie) HOUSTON

ii. Frances (Fannie) HOUSTON

iii. Abner HOUSTON

iv. William HOUSTON

v. James HOUSTON (William & James are twins)

vi. John HOUSTON

vii. Hugh HOUSTON

ix. Fred HOUSTON

x. Iantha HOUSTON (Fred and Iantha are twins)

f. Burl Rushing USSERY, b. 1854, TX, bur Highsmith Cem., mar. Ida SATTERWHITE

g. John H. USSERY, b. 8-18-1859, TX, d. 1-2-1912, bur USSERY Cem., Caldwell Cty., TX, mar. 2-17-1881, Caldwell Cty., TX, Bk. F, p. 211, Lucinda CROFT, b. 3-22-1861, d. 6-29-1932, bur USSERY Cem., Caldwell Cty., TX

I. Lucinda USSERY, b. 9-23-1883, d. 1-6-1967, bur USSERY Cem., mar.


(1) Effie Lee WRIGHT BRADY, b. 11-16-1924, d. 9-26-1964, bur Ussery Cem.

a. Robert Allen BRADY b. 11-29-1941, d. 11-30-1941, bur Ussery Cem.

ii. Mastin Burgess USSERY, b. 10-25-1888, d. 5-6-1954, bur Ussery Cem., mar. 1)ca 1908, Caldwell Cty., TX K240 Wellin KEY, b. 1893, TX, mar. 2) Willie Myrtle, b. 9-2-1891, d. 1-2-1962, bur Ussery Cem.

iii. Pinkie Inez USSERY, b. 1889, d. No entry, bur Ussery Cem., mar. Oscar KEY, b. 1887, d. 1958, bur USSERY Cem.

iv. Martin USSERY, b. 4-8-1894, d. 2-6-1897, bur Ussery Cem.

v. John Earl USSERY, b. 3-24-1896, d. 2-17-1897, bur Ussery Cem.

vi. Walter J. USSERY, b. 3-13-1898, d. 6-30-1960, bur USSERY Cem., mar. Goldie M., b. 7-9-1906, bur Ussery Cem.?, No entry on monument, same monument as Walter J.

vii. Lila USSERY, b. ca 1899

viii. Oran Braynon USSERY, b. 12-25-1902, d. none given, bur Ussery Cem.?

ix. Abner Clyde USSERY, b. 5-7-1907, d. 7-11-1967, bur Ussery Cem.

x. John H. USSERY, b. 7-22-1912, d. 4-11-1918, bur Ussery Cem.

h. Abner Martin USSERY, b. 3-3-1861, TX, d. 9-8-1928, Caldwell Cty., TX, bur Highsmith Cem., mar. Caldwell Cty., TX, Bk. L, p. 21, Bettie M. KETCHUM, b. 11-1863, TX, d. 1915


Ct. Case #1530, Caldwell Co, TX, Bk. G 105, A. M. USSERY of unsound mind.

I. Catherine (Kate, Kittie) USSERY, b. 1863, TX, d. 1915, mar. Caldwell Cty., Bk. F, p. 359, John L. CROFT (probably a bother of Chede CROFT)

(1) Gussie CROFT (2) Charlie CROFT (3) Kittie M. CROFT

j. Gussie C. USSERY, b. 1865, TX, d. 1952, mar. Caldwell Cty., TX, Bk. F, p. 525, Thomas Asa MOODY, b. 1868, d. 1931, 1 child

k. Martha (Mattie) USSERY, b. 1868, TX, mar. 1) Caldwell Cty., TX, Bk. F, 503, Chede CROFT, mar. 2) , T. J. WRIGHT

(1) Colula (2) Lillie Mae


(I have made 2 trips to the Caldwell/Guadalupe Cty. area and these notes were taken then.)

Marriages - Guadalupe Cty., TX


88 James M. USSERY & Mary HARMON 6-28-1854

104 Olive Elizabeth USSERY & W. D. V. MCLEAN 7-3-1855

107 Mary Ann USSERY & Jesse ABERNATHY 8-12-1855

109 Mrs. Sarah M. USSERY & J. F. MYERS Date left out

Marriages - Caldwell Cty., TX


G82 Sam USSERY & Melia NEW

J195 T. W. USRY & Vina L. VESTAL

K240 Maston USSERY & Wellin KEY #2876

L332 Bill USSERY & Leanor ELLISON #3074

Q332 Clarence USSERY & Maggie WHITLEY #7460

T200 Pheland USSERY & Florida BARNETT #1016

T436 Elmer USSERY & Edna KELLY #188


D33 Ailsey USSERY & Crockett LAMPKIN

D175 Elizabeth USSERY & Hugh HOUSTON




71 Abner USSERY, wife O. E. USSERY - Will Rec. 9-3-1854

121 James E. USSERY, Bk. B, p. 203, J. F. MEYERS, Adm. Bk. D., p. 243 1-26-1857

Mastin USSERY Gdn. of L. A. USSERY 5-26-1857

Bk. B, 196 Mastin USSERY - Guardianship revoked.


File No. 1469 Mastin USSERY, Bk. D, p. 428/J

1837 Frank USSERY, Unlawful pistol, Bk. F, p. 495 & F, 500

1858 James USSERY et al, Aggravated Assault, F508-11

" John USSERY - same

" M. USSERY - same

2036 John H. USSERY et al, A8, A100, A134/D

2037 James USSERY et al, same

" Ab USSERY et al, same

" John H. USSERY et al, same

2042 A. M. USSERY

2967 George USSERY

3972 Maston USSERY

3982 Maston USSERY

4067 Maston USSERY

5075 Oran USSERY et al - rape

5076 Oran USSERY et al - rape

4. James E. (Eli?) USSERY, b. ca 1821, d. 1855, Guadalupe Cty., TX

1844-5-28, MR Cty., TN Marriages: James E. USSERY & Caroline E. PIGG by Benj. F. HOUSTON, J.P.


James E. USSERY, dec�d. 9-23-1856, Case No. 211, 158 A in Highsmith Creek, Guadalupe Cty., TX - land sold to Mastin USSERY

1860 Fed. Cen., Guad. Cty., TX

Laura A. USSERY in HH of ABERNATHY'S Page 322, she is 15 years old.


Laura Ann USSERY mar. Wm. Washigton PEARCE, Gonzales Co, TX

5. Judith USSERY, b. ca 1823

6. Sarah USSERY, b. ca 1825

Sarah USARY mar. Andrew MCCLELLAN 2-24-1842, MR Cty., TN

Cemetery Records of MR Cty., TN, New Hope Cem., Cornersville

A. C. MCCLELLAND 1-10-1826 3-6-1864

I do not know if this is one of this family, but infomation given if it is useful to anyone. MJM


1816-10-12 List of property sold - Estate of Evens N. USSERY, Deceased, GI Cty., TN


Property listed:

Notes on J. W. BRADEN & J. KELTNER, James SANDS, R. Y. EMERSON, L. D. COLVETT, Joseph DOGGETT, (Daniel G. mar. a DOGGETT, probably William raised him and his sister after Peter died?), J. H. HICKMAN, Y. G. DAKNEN, J. YOKLEY, D. G. ALEXANDER, W. G. USSERY & W. USSERY, J. M. & B. WAGSTAFF, J. R. HORNE, H. D. YOKLEY & D. G. ALEXANDER, J. J. MORRIS, D. G. ALEXANDER, J. J. MORRIS, J. RITTENBERRY.

Property not to be sold: 200A of land and livestock, wagon, corn, fodder, wheat, rifle, revolver, saddle, cooking utensils, 2 beds & furn., 1 set chairs. Adm. Eleanor USSERY of Evan R. USSERY

G. Samuel USSERY, b. ca 1803, NC, burind in Vaughn's Cem., Lowndes Cty., MS

H. Robert USSERY, b. ca 1804, TN, was a minister of the Gospel, went to MS.

Peter USSERY , mar. 2) Lively CHAIRS (She was listed in Richmond Cty., NC 1810 census as a widow. They moved to GI Cty., where their children were born)

I. Nessera B. USSERY, b. 2-13-1813 mar. Benjamin F. HOUSTON, b. 10-7-1895, d. 11-10-1878, bur Houston Cem., MR Cty., TN

J. Daniel G. USSERY, b. 2-14-1814, m, Mary, b. 5-7-1819, d. 1-5-1897, bur Shanes Cem., near Campbells Station, GI Co, TN

I saw a Welcome USSERY in Henry Cty., TN who is probably a relative of these USSERY'S. There are several there and seem to stay a while.

Springfield (MO) Land Office Abstracts 1835-1846

(1839-40) Peter USSERY, Section 15, TWP 30, Range 19, 40 A

" Peter USSERY, Section 15, TWP 30, Range 19, 40 A

(1841-42) Peter UPERY (sic), Section 22, TWP 30, Range 19, 80 A


William J. A. BROWN, b. ca 1855, mar. 8-22-1875, GI Cty., TN, Lizora A. WILLIAMS, lic. 8-21-1875, sol., by A. M. EZELL, M.G., d. 1937, GI Cty., TN, Lizora Arkansas WILLIAMS, b. ca 1859, TN, parents b. TN TN. Lizora moved to Waxahachie, TX ca 1937

1. A. P. BROWN (m), b. ca 1857, GI Cty., TN, d. 1906 (see will), GI Cty., TN

2. M. E. (f) BROWN, b. ca 1879, GI Cty., TN


Microfilm Roll No. 64, Settlements 1898-1912

W. J. A. BROWN Adm. of estate of Ida L. DUGGAR, final settlement.

GI Cty., TN Microfilm Roll 66, Vol. C, p. 304, March Term GI Cty. Ct. 1906

I, A. P. BROWN, do make this as my last will and testament. At my death I give and bequeath to my father and mother W. J. A. BROWN and L. A. BROWN all my property real and personal of very kind and description. This Feby 17 1906.


Wit: J. F. YOUNG & J. W. BROWN Probated Mch 5, 1906, Dan L. ESLICK, Clerk


Ordered that Benjamin WILLIAMS be appointed gdn. of George L. WILLIAMS, Leander WILLIAMS, Ursula WILLIAMS, Marcella WILLIAMS, Lavinea WILLIAMS, and Martha WILLIAMS minor heirs of John WILLIAMS, dec�d., and thereupon he gave bond and security according to law. GI Cty. Ct. Min., Roll 47, p. 412


Ordered the orphan children of Nancy WILLIAMS ordered to ct. to be bound out. GI Cty. Ct. Min., Roll 47, p. 110.

1840 GI Cty., TN Fed. Cen., p. 113 - Nancy WILLIAMS 001.2-001.110.1

Submitted by Janell McCann (Deceased 1 Jul 2007)