William Peebles vs. Ed Kirkland


Giles County Court Records 
Page 62
File Box P-9  Case 4835
William Peebles & als vs. Ed Kirkland & als

Complainants would represent to the Court that Jefferson Caldwell
died, testate, in 1872 in Giles County. Jefferson Caldwell wrote his
Will in 1870 and left his property to his four daughters, namely:
Elizabeth Kirkland, Martha Black, Lucinda Hughey and Frances
Peebles. Jefferson Caldwell owned 112 acres of land in the 2nd
District and some personal property which had long since been
administered and was not in controversy.
1) Lucinda, wife of James Hughey died before her father leaving two
sons Thomas J. & James J. Hughey. The Hughey families lived in
2) Elizabeth married Jesse P. Kirkland, their children were: Martha
Whitley, a widow, Andrew J. Kirkland, Laura, wife of William Sparks,
Frances, wife of Lee King and Ed Kirkland, a grandson of Elizabeth
being the only child and heir of her son Bose Kirkland, deceased.
3) Frances, wife of William Peebles, were still living and their
children were: James Peebles, Viola, wife of Ben Harlin, Ora, wife
of Joe Woodland, Theo Peebles, Susie Peebles, and Thomas Peebles
all of whom were residents of the State of Texas.
4) Martha Black was deceased and left no issue surviving her. A. J.
Kirkland sold about 19 acres to Pete Neece and Alexander Higgins.
The land was sold in obedience of a Decree of Chancery Court on
September 16, 1893 at a public sale at the Courthouse door. R. L.
King purchased a part of the land and T. C. Campbell bought part.
Lot #1 was assigned to Elizabeth Kirkland, Lot #2 was assigned to
Thomas J. and James Isaac Hughey, Lot #3 was assigned to Frances

Submitted by: Judy Fox