Petition to
The General Assembly of Tennessee

31-1-1812 Petition of citizens of Giles? County to change locations of a proposed "trading town."

In 1811 an Act was passed granting the establishment of a town on the lands of William PRICE, near the confluence of Richland Creek and Elk River. Due to the sudden death of the father of the petitioner (William Price), who died intestate, the plan cannot be carried out; only two or three of the nine legal heirs live in Tennessee. In addition, the original site was marshy and sometimes under water; therefore, the petitioners ask that a town may be established on lands of Justin KEARNEY and John CHILDRESS on Elk River where the Main Post Road from Pulaski to Huntsville crosses Elk River at Manefees Ford, about four miles above Richland Creek; plats are included. Subscribers were: 16 Sep 1812 (12 pages)

Guston Kearny James Neill John Daugherty Richard Armstrong
J. Childress Robert HuneCutt George Sanders Jessee Craft
William Pennell John Perry Howsen Kenner Joseph Kelley
David Sims Capel Murray Wm Vance Thos Harwood
John Temple N. Fain Junr Isaac Adams John Q. Talbot
William Menefee Josiah Temple Thomas Williams Jno Hawkins
James Stark Alexander Hood D.L. Blue Bernard M. Patteson
Jacob Almon Samuel James Williams R. Cox Thos Bullmam
Isaac Lamb Abrham James James Paine Isaac Lamb
Larkin Evert Joshua Galyean Wm Stanford James Mcdanniel
Hezikiah Robinson Abnor Galyean Danl Molloy Moses Hambleton
Daniel MCollum Joshua Gallion Alexander Perry Thos Boid
Duncan Brown Wm William Watson John Stanford John Birdwell
Early Benson Michael Rork Thomas Stanford Jerimah Killingsworth
Thmas Bulman Philip Payne James Maddray John Lamb
Valentime Huff John Ar King Thomas Stanford jr William Lamb
Benjamine Benson William Paine Thomas Stanford John Manasco
Prew Benson Thos Payne Gabel Long Silas McGuier
Harvey Benson Joseph Payne James Stanford George H. Daugherty
Jessee Lamb Isham Atkins George Earnest James Long
Samuel Fain Isham Atkins [sic] George Stanford William Long
Sam Mitchell Isaac Atkins Jonathan Ruck John Williams
George Flint Wm Sawyers Thomas D. Maxwell George Williams
David Martin John Sanford John Shoemaker John Wadkins
Chas Manson Gorege Stanford William Maddry Elisha Farris
H. Hagen F. Harwell John Birmingham Hiram Farris
William Phillips G.H. Beards C. Friley Curneus Gatliff
John Paine Gabriel Bumpass Thos Fox John Dillion
John Nance/Vance Micajah Ezell James Friley Gabreil A. Daughe
Georg William Dudley Smith John Birdwell Jacob Winterbower
Benjn Long Abel Wilson Wm Birdwell Georg Winterbower
Isaac James William Webb John Halbert Alexr Laughlin
John Brown Nicholas Jackson Joel Halbert Wm Slone
ABner James Hinson McVay Jessey Halbert John Slone

Reprinted from ANSEARCHIN (Vol 31 No 1) Tennessee Genealogy Magazine
with their permission.