Peoples National Bank vs.
H. D. McCrory & als

File Box P - 6 Case 4148   Attachment Bill 1884
Peoples National Bank vs. H. D. McCrory & als

The Peoples National Bank, a body corporate under the laws of the United States and was engaged in doing business of banking under the laws vs. H. D. McCrory, late of Giles County, J. S. Childers & J. D. Pullen comprising the firm of J. S. Childers & Company, George Garrett, J. Polk English, J. S. & Ed Childers of the firm J. S. Childers & Brother, W. H. Abernathy & Company, R. A. Blow, William Tunget & Jesse McNeil. The Defendant McCrory was indebted to the Peoples National Bank for a considerable sum having over checked his account with the bank McCrory had removed from the State and was concealing himself so the ordinary process of law could not be served on him. Complaint represented that Defendant was the owner of some personal property in the 7th to District to wit: 15 head of sheep, a revolving harrow, 1 oat cutter, two bay horses, a one eyed sorrel horse, one 3 year old filly, one bay horse,one two year old brown mule, 14 head of cattle, one jersey bull, one mower & rake, one omnibus, three cream colored horses, one gray horse, and two sets of omnibus harness. All of which except the stock was in possession of J. Polk English was under control of the Sheriff. Also an interest in profits in a partnership between said McCrory, R. A. Blow & said English, but the vallue of which was unknown Complainant. Complainant further represented that the Defendant McCrory was the owner of an interest in a parcel of land lying in Gibson, County, Tennessee on the waters of the Obion River lying on both sides of the Mobile & Ohio Railroad about one mile of Kenton Station and known as the old McCrory Tract and contain ing about 200 acres.

Complainant asked the a Writ of Attachment be issued Attaching both real and personal property. An agreement was reached. R. A. Blow was allowed to keep the partnership property of Blow, McCrory & English and dispose of property to the best advantage and make settlement of partnership business and pay into Court surplus going to Drake McCrory.

Submitted by: Betty Joice Moore