The Pulaskian Yearbooks
1925 - 1927

From The Pulaskian, 1925:

P.H.S. Faculty:
Miss Annie Laurie Huff, Superintendent
Mr. John B. Crenshaw, Principal, Latin
Mr. James Mallory Carlisle, Mathematics
Miss Frances Johnson, Science
Miss Janet Cleveland, English and History
Mrs. W.F. English, French and English
Miss Clare O'Neal, Home Economics

Staff of Yearbook:
Margaret Edmundson, Editor-in-Chief
Mary Stephenson, Assistant Editor
Everett Carter, Business Manager
Elizabeth Long, Assistant Business Manager
Edward McCord, Literary Editor
Martha Dunnavant, Senior Class Editor
William May, Athletic Editor
Jewell Bennett, Society Editor
Billy Rackley, Joke Editor

Seniors (in the order of picture appearance):
Everette Carter, Class President; Margaret Edmundson, V.P; James Carter, Treasurer; Martha Dunnavant, Secretary; Robert Nance; Elizabeth Long; Edward McCord; Mary Stephenson; Billy Rackley; Eva Davis; Thomas Pittard; Jewell Bennett; Clarence Abernathy; Mildred Campbell; Edwin Driver; Margaret Whitfield

Sallie Will Erwin, Kathryn Malone, Aubrey Brown, Mauveline Woodward, Janine Smith, Lyman Cox, Josephine Patterson, Leona Silliman, Eunice Nelson, Margaret C. Kimbrough, Ellene Cheek, Brown Dunnavant, Ruth Maples, Elsie Dugger, John D. Fitzgerald, Margaret K. Kimbrough, Sallie Will Carter, Clyde Abernathy, Ladye Ruth White

The Pulaskian, 1927

Miss Huff
Mr. Crenshaw
Miss Abernathy
Miss Edmundson
Mr. Bradshaw
Mrs. Wade
Miss Johnson

Ellene Cheek, Editor-in-Chief
Steele McGrew, Business Manager
Jamie McCord, Art Editor
William May, Athletic Editor
Elsie Richardson, Assistant Editor
Joe Matt Rackley, Assistant Manager
Eleanor Callaham, Assistant Art Editor
Mathew Rayburn and Marvin Rainey, Joke Editors
Louise L. Abernathy, Society Editor
Mary E. Erwin, Subscription Editor
Dorothy Deane, Senior Class Editor
Marie Smith, Junior Class Editor
Frances Young, Soph.-Fresh. Editor

William May, Class President; Mathew Rayburn, VP; Steele "Mickey" McGrew, Secretary; Joe Matt Rackley; Ellene Cheek; Jamie McCord; Mary Elizabeth Erwin; Dorothy Deane; Janine Smith; Solon Abernathy; Louise Lee Abernathy; Elsie Richardson; Louise Young; Cora Hill Tyler; Martha Barber; Lewis Burns; Agatha Chapman; Olivene Winford; Mary Kimbrough; Mildred Nelson; Elsie Dugger; Edward Kimbrough; Rachel Breeden; Eleanor Callaham

Robert Collins, Class President; Jean Holt, V.P.; Marvin Rainey, Sec-Trea.; Marie Smith; Emily Arrowsmith; Ethel Winford; William Deane; Julia Abernathy; Mamie Phillips; Jerre Birdsong; Mary Will Carr; Katherine Nelson; Corinne Townsend; Clarence Butler; Thelma Pittard; Frances Williams; James Hoyt Chapman; Matilda Kimbrough; Susie Mae Whitfield; Stanley McCord; Lillie Carter; Sidney Roller; Edith Dugger; Thomas Whitfield

The Pulaskian, 1928

Miss Huff, English IV
Mr. Crenshaw, Latin
Mrs. Rambo, Home Economics
Miss Swearington, French and English
Mr. McCown, History and Physics
Mr. Weaver, Math
Miss Adams, English and History IV
Mrs. Overton, Music

Mary Will Carr, Editor-in-Chief
Stanley McCord, Assistant Editor-in-Chief
Marvin Rainey, Business Manager
Sidney Roller, Assistant Manager
Julia Abernathy, Sr. Editor
Laps McCord, Jr. Editor
Sue Horne, Soph-Fresh Editor
Robert Collins, Athletic Editor
Katherine Nelson, Assistant Athletic Editor
Percy Murphy, Joke Editor
Richard Collins, Art Editor
Martha Barber, Assistant Art Editor
Frances Young, Subscription Editor

Marvin Rainey, Class President; Marie Smith, VP; Jean Holt, Sec.; Stanley McCord; Lily Carter; Robert Collins; Martha Barber; Mary Will Carr; Corrine Townsend; Jerre Birdsong; Julia Abernathy; Susie Mae Whitfield; Thelma Pittard; Katherine Nelson; Sidney Roller; Edith Dugger; Frances Williams; Matilda Kimbrough; Emily Arrowsmith; Hoyt Chapman; Ethel Winford; Clarence Butler; Thomas Whitfield

Percy Murphy, Class President; John M. Harwood, VP; John T. Church, Sec-Trea; Parmenas Cox; Winona Dawes; Lewis Shindler; Thelma Cooper; Leon Hardy; Wilma Shindler; Clay Callaham; Mary Frances Gilbert; Bob Taylor Nelson; Bryant Smith; Laps McCord; Roy Prindle; Roy Brownlow; Forrest Thompson; Mark Eslick; Helen Alred; Edward Eslick; Ruth Birdsong; Ewart Hagan; Betty Butler; John E. Wilson; Virginia Smith; Henry Clay English; Johnnie Mae Harris; Elton Pickle; Elise Harris; Eugene Loyd; Ada Aymett; Edith Gilbert; Richard Collins; Frances Young; Paul Daly; Margaret Rayburn; Margaret Hayes; McClinton Davis; Lucille Malone; Edd Young; Mary Simpson; Richard Holt; Sarah Birdsong

Submitted by: Patricia May Touw