Veterans of the Revolutionary War

This article was taken from The Pulaski Citizen, February 20, 1902 edition.

To the Editor of the Citizen:

From an old government publication made in 1841, I learn that at that date there were twenty-four persons who were drawing pensions from the United States for revolutionary and military services. Their names and ages at that date are as follows:


Joseph Jones 82 years
Nathaniel Tatum 79 years
Henry Goodnight 79 years
John Jones 90 years
John Everly 74 years
John Ross 89 years
Thos. Williams 79 years
Benj. Cheatham 89 years
James Jinner 81 years
Aaron Grigsby 83 years
John Erwin 85 years
Richard Jones 77 years
Geo. Dodson 79 years
Hugh King 85 years
Elles Woods 87 years
John Bradley 104 years
Jim Higgins 89 years
John Watkins 83 years
Lester Morris 80 years
Bob Patterson 83 years
Sam'l. Baker 86 years
Lawson Hobson 86 years
Tom Hudson 78 years
Sam'l. Watson 79 years

It will be seen that at that date, 1841, each of these had arrived at an extra ordinary age, the youngest being, 74 and the oldest one hundred and four years of age.

According to the statesties (sic.) most of them lived in homes of their own. John Jones, however lived with Hizar Jones; John Everly with George Everly; John Ross with George Ross; Thomas Williams with Henry Williams; Aaron Grigsby with Amos Grigsby; Elles Wood with George Erwin; Lester Morris with T. A. Westmorland; Samuel Baker with Bob Chapman; Tom Hudson with John Sandusky; Sam Watson with Richard Suttle.

No doubt the descendants of many of these veterans are now living in Giles county and I furnish the list hoping that some of them may be interested in it.


Reprinted from and with the permission of the Giles County Historical Society Bulletin.