John Ross
Pension Payment Record

State of Tennessee Giles County Be it known that at a county court session held in forsaid county at the courthouse in the town of Pulaski on Monday the 30th day of March 1845 personally appeared in open court JOAB ROSS and ELEM S. ROSS and upon their oath have satisfactorily proven to said court that they were well acquainted with JOHN ROSS late a pensioner of the United States under the act of the 7th June, 1832 and that the said JOHN ROSS pensioner as aforesaid departed this life on the 3rd day of January 1845 leaving a widow, MARGARETT ROSS and the said JOAB ROSS and ELUM S. ROSS do further testify that the said pensioner aforesaid was the identical JOHN ROSS named in an original certificate found in his possession at the time of his death which was here shown to the court and of which the following is a true copy. WAR DEPARTMENT REVOLUTIONARY CLAIM I certify that in conformity with the law of the United States of the 7th June 1832 JOHN ROSS, of the State of Tennessee of West Tennessee Agency who was a private in the Army of the Revolution is entitled to receive fifty three dollars and thirty three cents per annum during his natural life commencing on the 4th day of March 1831 and payable semi-annually on the 4th day of March and 4th of September in every year. Given at the War office of the United States this 8th day of the year, March 1833. I L Edwards ___ Cass Commission of Pensions Secretary of War And the said JOAB ROSS and ELEM S. ROSS do further testify, that the said JOHN ROSS, deceased, was entitled to his pension as expressed in his certificate from the 4th day of September 1844 to the 3rd of January 1845, when he died, on account of services rendered the United Sates in the Revolutionary War and at the time of his death he resided in Giles County Tennessee and had resided there for the space of thirty years past and previous thence, he resided in Maury County Tennessee, all of which was satisfactory to the court. Sworn to and subscribed in open court the day and year first above mentioned. JOAB ROSS ELEM S. ROSS E.D. Jones, Clerk of the Court of Giles County Received of THOMAS MARTIN, Agent for paying pensions at Pulaski in the State of Tennessee, seventeen dollars and twenty six cents being the amount due her in right of her late husband, JOHN ROSS, from the 4th day of September 1844 to the 3rd day of January 1845, the time of his death, for which I have signed duplicate _____ April 19th 1845 $17.76 Test MARGARET (her mark) ROSS THOS K. GORDON State of Tennessee Giles County I Edward D. Jones, Clerk of the County court of said Giles County, which court is a court of record, do hereby certify that the forgoing affidavit or disposition was duly made subscribed and sworn to by JOAB ROSS and ELAM S. ROSS before the justices of said court, and that their signatures to the same are genuine. In testimony whereas I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal of office this 3rd day of March a.d. 1845 C.D. Jones, Clerk of the County Court of Giles County

Submitted by Pat and Ross Evans