J. B. Stacy, Adminstrator vs.Ursula Shell & Others

Giles County Chancery Court Woodruff File S, 1830-1900, Vol. 5, Pg.69

File Box S - 17 Case 2040

Complainant J. B. Stacy, Administrator of the estate of JOHN SHELL, deceased, stated that JOHN SHELL died, intestate, in the year 1860. He left surviving his widow Ursula and one daughter NINA B. who was born after the death of her father. JOHN SHELL was a partner in a Merchantile Business in Lawrenceburg, but business was insolvent. JOHN SHELL owned a house & lot in Pulaski being a portion of Large Lot #37 fronting on Washington Street. THOMAS J. CHOATE became the purchaser but transferred his bid to JAMES R. CROWE. JOHN SHELL was insolvent at the time of his death.

[Note:URSULA married JOHN SHELL about December 20,1859. URSULA was the daughter of Jehu & ElLIZABETH NEAL NAVE. URSULA married second WILLIAM H. WELLS. They are both buried in the NAVE Cemetery at Bunker Hill. WILLIAM HENRY WELLS was the son of RANSOM & MARY NEAL WELLS. WILLIAM H. WELLS & URSULA NAVE were first cousins, their mothers ELIZABETH & MARY were sister and daughters of CHARLES & JEMIMA DAVENPORT NEAL.WILLIAM H. & URSULA WELLS had children: MARY R.,WILLIAM THOMAS, ANNIE ELIZA,THEOPHILUS and PEARL

* Frank Tate states that Ursula did not marry into Ransom's family but was kin to his wife Mary Neal Wells. And that there were two William H. Wells one the son of Ransom and the other the son of Peyton Wells.

** I have not had a chance to check this out but hope to in the near future. So many times families used the same name over and over and brothers and sisters used the same names for their children that it is confusing.

Submitted by Betty Moore