Application to the Southern Cross by
S.B. Stephenson

This is a copy of Sylvester Brown Stephenson's application for the Southern Cross.

To the United Daughters of the Confederacy:

The undersigned,residing at Waxahachie,Texas who is an Ex- Confederate Soldier and a member of Camp No. 108 U.C.Ds, hereby, at your request, presents this Certificate of Eligibility for a Confederate Cross of Honor. He entered the service of the Confederate States on the ____ day of Nov 1861, as a private in Company 2 of the Ward's Artillery Regiment of _________________ volunteers, ______ C.S.A., and was at the time a resident of Madison County, Ala.

He was honorably discharged from said service by termination of the War and at time of surrender was with 28th Tenn Cav on the 12 day of May 1865, at which time he held the rank of _______________


S.B. Stephenson

Sylvester Brown Stephenson was at Camp Beulah near Mobile,Alabama, in 1863, and Macon, Georgia, in 1864. Ward's Artillery fought at Kennesaw Mountain against the Union forces under the command of William T. Sherman. The history of Ward's Artillery can be found at the Madison County GenWeb site.

Sylvester Brown Stephenson,born in 1837, was the son of Samuel and Mary Shields Stephenson of Giles County,TN. In 1850, He was living in Giles County, TN. In 1857, in Limestone County, Alabama, Sylvester married Mary B. Holt, daughter of Edmund and Nancy Holt of Giles County,TN. Sylvester Brown died in Waxahachie,Texas in 1908.

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Sunmitted by: Tom Stephenson