Soldier's Application for Pension

Wade H. Street application dated 28th February 1911.

In what County, State, and year were you born? Lincoln County, Tennessee, 1845.

When did you enlist and in what command? Oct 1864. Nixon Regiment Harlin George Co. B, General Forest Army.

In what battle or battles were you engaged, and if not wounded, state what disabilities did you receive, if any? All the battles of the Hood Campaign in Tenn. and out of Tenn., I received no wounds. From exposure I suffered very much from rheumatism for several years after the war.

What was the precise nature of your wound or disability, if any? No wound, disability as stated above.

Were you incapacitated for services by reason of said wound or disability? No.

Were you discharged from the army by reason of said wound or disability? No.

If discharged from the army, where were you and what did you do until the close of the war? I was never discharged.

What was the name of the surgeon who attended you? None.

How did you get out of the army, when and where? Paroled at close of the war, at Gainesville, Ala.

Were you ever in prision? If so, state what prision and when released? No.

Were you paroled? If so, when and where? May 8th 1865. At Gainesville, Ala.

Did you take the oath of allegiance to the United States Government? No.

If so, when and under what circumstances? I never took the oath.

Are you married, or have you been married? I am married.

If so, what is the size of your family living together? Three, myself, my wife and one boy 16 years old.

What are the respective ages of your wife and children living with you? My wife is sixty one, the boy is past fifteen.

To what sex do your children belong? Male

Are not some of your children able to support you? The boy does what he can, he is not stout and I am sending him to school all I can.

In what business are you now engaged, if any, and what do you earn? Farming, earn very little and consume all.

What estate have you in your own right, real and personal, and what is its value? I have no real estate. Some household effects, one hourse and one cow, and about a thousand dollars in notes.

What estate has your wife in her own right, real and personal, and what is its value? None

How have you derived support for yourself and family for the last five years? Made what we could on rented farm.

Do you use any intoxicants to any extent? No.

How long have you been an actual resident of the State of Tennessee? All my life.

Have you an attorney to look after this application? No.

Witness my hand this 28th day of February 1911

     W H Street

     C A Abernathy MD, Physician
     J B Baggerly
     W Sileole

Wade was born in Lincoln County, but joined the 20th Tn. Cav. in Giles, married in Giles after the war, raised six children in Giles, and died in Giles and is buried in Bradshaw / Centerpoint Cemetery in Giles.

Submitted by Tom King