Giles County Court

Tennessee State Penitentery - Giles County

Inmates of the Tennessee State Penitentiary 1831-1850
[Extractions from Giles County,Tennessee]

Last Name First Name Crime County Age
ANSON,Orin D. bigomy [sic] Giles 32
BARBEE,Beasley shooting Giles 20
BROCKWELL,Samuel J. fo[r]gery Giles 37
CHILDRESS, Priscilla larceny Giles 17
CHUMNEY, Young larceny Giles 27
CLEMENT, Willis pas[s]ing counterfeit Giles 30
DAVIS, Charles T. horse stealing Giles 20
ESTIS, William A. murder 1st degree Giles 26
FLETCHER, George malicious stabbing Giles 23
FOGG, Joseph G. fo[r]gery Giles 27
GILL, John assault with intent to kill Giles 42
LEE, James Stabbing & etc. [?] Giles 27
McNEESE, James assault to kill Giles 28
ONEY, James H. horse stealing Giles 23
ROGERS, George W.R. horse stealing Giles 32
SHERMAN, Charles stealing a slay [sic] Giles 26
SMITH, Stephen larceny Giles 23
TIPPER, James horse stealing Giles 21
TOOLEY, James malicious stabbing Giles 26
TURMAN, Larkin pettit larceny Giles 32
WEBB, William grand larceny Giles 19
WILLIAMS, Eliza bigamy Giles 36

Submitted by Minnie Hillis Reagor
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