Veterans of the War of 1812

The Veteran Soldiers of 1812
Pulaski Citizen, Thursday, April 20, 1871

Through the courtesy of Major NATHAN ADAMS, of this place, we have obtained a list of all the soldiers of the war of 1812 at present living in Giles county as well as the names and ages of the widows surviving those who have died. It should be interesting to the present generation to know the names of the heroes who battled with a foreign foe for the honor of the Republic in its better days. Below we give them.

Elias Rambo, aged over 100 years
Capt Thos. K. Gordon, 79
Wm. Maxwell, 76
Thos. F. McCandliss, 77
Jas. Madry, 86
Mitchell Hazlewood, 78
Jno. Warren, 75
Wm. Barker, 78
Jas, Johnston, 76
Sterling Jackson, 87
Anderson Hogan, 76
Jesse Clark, 78
James Kiddy, 77
Jas. White, 78
Arch Hiles, 77
Wm. Creasy, 77
Henry Kelly, 74
Jordon Dodson, 78
Henry Dugger, 74
Rev. Andrew Smith, 75
Jno. Hamlet, 76

The following ladies are relicts of soldiers who have died:

Elizabeth Kidwell, aged 90 years
Martha Hichmans, 79
Sarah Davis, 90
Elizabeth Richie, 90
Francis Chapman, 81
Susannah Button, 76
Elizabeth Estis, 77
Marcie Dodson, 80
Catherine Emerson, 81
Nancy Evans, 79.

Mrs. Elizabeth Kidwell, whose name occurs above, was the first lady ever married in Giles county. Thos. F. McCandliss is the only surviving member of Col. Tom Gordon's Company, and Chas. C. Abernathy is the only surviving member of Nathan Davis' Company. All of the parties mentioned in this list, with the exception of Chas. C. Abernathy are applicants for pensions.

Submitted by: Karen Negron

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