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Notes on Crabb/Grubbs/Kiddy/Moore and various other families of Middle TN counties, made by Brenda Barfield on May 13 1998 from books and film at W.C. Bradley Library in Columbus, GA.

2-volume set of books, TN Census 1870 Index lists name, age, county and page on census: I searched in particular for the names I am researching or that were mentioned in Giles Co TN Chancery Court records which are being added to the Giles Co Website by Dave Worsham. The first part is in alphabetical order and other things were thrown in.

______ Co, Pg. 468:


Nancy " 40 and 7 children, sorry I failed to write complete note. If anyone wants it, I can check again later. (searching James Hurd Crabb line - Serena CRABB WESSON/Blankenship family of Prentiss Co MS)

Francis M. CARTER, 36, Lawrence Co pg. 66

(searching for my ancestor of this name, son of Wm W. & Narcissa? CARTER, he was born abt 1848 Lauderdale Co AL (see Lauderdale Co AL census in 1860) who married Martha J. KIDDY in Lauderdale Co AL. He died bef 1880— I notice that Jasper KIDDY is on the same page of census and he is the grandfather of Martha J. KIDDY!!! I can’t wait to check this out further.

(insert) 1850-60-80 TN Mortality Schedule: Francis CARTER, 63, born NC, died Jan 1850, Lawrence Co TN – new book at my library.

1870 TN index continued

James CRAB, 28, Obion Co, pg. 115 (searching for James Crabb son of Ann Moore? CRABB?, grandson of Thomas Moore of Giles Co and of AR)

(insert) 1850-60-80 TN Mortality Schedule: Justice CRABB, 22, born TN, farmer, died Apr 1880, Benton Co, of reumatic/pneuralgia.

1870 TN index continued

Nancy CRABB, 70, Henderson Co pg. 132

Elizabeth CRABB, 47, Lawrence Co, pg. 22

Giles Co TN, pg 67, #97:

Fernando CRABB 45 W M farmer TN

Elizabeth " 41 W F TN

Thomas T. " 15 W M TN

William J. " 9 W M TN

Mary E. " 7 W F TN

Noah H. " 5 W M TN

Giles Co TN, pg 67, #107:

Henry CRABB 22 W M $237 TN

Caroline " 30 W F VA

Henry CRABB, 22, Bedford Co, pg. 442

Hilliard CRABB, 65, Bedford Co pg. 453

John CRABB, 34, Sumner Co pg. 715

John CRABB, 36, Giles Co, pg. 60

John CRABB, 46, Giles Co, pg 59

Joseph CRABB, 32, SH Co, pg. M332

L. CRABB, 60, Black, MT Co, pg. 220

Giles Co, pg 56, #211

William CRABB, 21 M W farmer born AL

Margaret E. ", 23 F W keep house SC

Margaret E. ", 1 F W TN

Baby " , 6/12 F W TN

Hardin Co, pg. 470, 20 Jun 1870:(my ancestor! Union Soldier, 1st AL CAV)

William CRABB 41 W M TN (they married in Lawrence Co Dec 1850)

Elizabeth " 41 W F TN (M. Elizabeth HORNE d: 1879 Prentiss Co MS)

James " 18 W M TN (Ellen Ledford’s ancestor, James MOORE CRABB)

Rutha " 17 W F TN(my 2gr grandmother, R. Artelia J. CRABB married

Joshua Callie Mancil 1876 Prentiss Co MS. In 1880 Prentiss Co census living next door to Wm P. CRABB and his second wife, Lucinda "Lil" LIVINGSTON. Wm P. and Lil CRABB moved to Yell Co AR and he died abt 1893)

Rusey " 16 W F MS (we are searching for William Crabb in 1860 MS?)

Mary " 14 W F MS

Nancy " 12 W F MS

Asberry " 10 W M MS

William " 8 W M MS

John " 6 W M MS

Joseph " 3 W M TN

Sarah " 1 W F TN

George " 4/12 W M TN

William Crabb, 43, Sumner Co pg. 834

William CRABB, 21 black, Montgomery Co, pg. 197



Greene Co TN, page 238:

Francis GRUBS 31 W M farm laborer $150 TN

Martha " 28 W F TN

Harlan? " 14 W M TN

Sarah " 12 W F TN

Mary " 11 W F TN

John " 10 W M TN

Suchery? " ? W F TN

Delpha C. " ? W F TN

(my family by marriage, brother of David GRUBBS who married my 3gr grandmother Rebecca Emaline RAMBA KIDDY in Giles Co TN 1869 they went to Limestone Co AL 1870 census. See below Greene Co TN 1850)

D. B. GRUBBS 59 Weakley Co pg. 70

Nicklas GRUBBS, 60, Giles Co pg. 420

Sterling GRUBBS, 37, Giles pg. 184

Giles Co pg 473: (see Giles Co Chancery Court Records

William GRUBBS, 45 W M born VA

Elen " , 40 W F VA (maiden name Abernathy)

No further notes taken

Not found in TN census - David GRUBBS, Limestone Co AL, pg. 125 (mine)

David GRUBBS – 1860 AL, Cherokee Co pg. 272

David GRUBBS – 1860 AL, Morgan Co pg. 464

David GRUBBS – 1850 TN, Greene Co pg.

William R. HARE, Henderson Co pg. 157

(searching for my ancestor Wm. Hare and wife Nancy, who had a son Christopher Columbus HARE abt 1833 Bedford TN, they moved Tishomingo/Prentiss Co MS, they had abt 7 dtrs too.)

Jasper KIDDY, 38, Lawrence Co pg. 66

T. H. KIDDY, 28, Wayne Co pg. 512

T.W.B. KIDDY, 31, Wayne Co pg. 516

Thomas KIDDY, 28, Wayne Co pg. 516

Lerby KIDES?, 60, Coffee Co pg. 66

My ancestors: Jasper Kiddy b: 1750s? Rockbridge Co VA, his son James KIDDY b: 1790s VA they were in Bedford Co TN 1812 –1830, then to Wayne Co TN. James is father of Carmack KIDDY, who is father of my Martha J. Kiddy CARTER VANZANT.

RE: Wayne Co TN Chancery Court Loose Records Bk J & K, Folder &, 29 pages, cause #61 (1870-79): names children and heirs of James KIDDY who died 29 Aug 1861, intestate: This is a property settlement suit later filed by the family. Children and heirsof James Kiddy, deceased:

(his widow was Elizabeth KIDDY, mother of all children):

  1. Paul W. B. KIDDY
  2. Martha J. KIDDY
  3. Mary A. KIDDY
  4. John W. KIDDY
  5. Elizabeth KIDDY
  6. Sarah, wife of George W. SMITH
  7. Mark/Mack (Carmack) KIDDY who departed this life in 1862 surviving him are: Rebecca KIDDY his widow, who since married David GRUBBS,

1. Amanda A. KIDDY (who married Alexander BROWN in AL,see Union,MS)

  1. Martha J. KIDDY (m. () Francis M. Carter AL (2)M.T. VANZANT MS)
  2. Paul J. KIDDY(Paul W. Bud KIDDY m. Amanda Ann Smith Giles Co TN)
  3. Molly KIDDY(listed as Mary Kiddy in 1870 Limestone Co AL Census), his heirs.

There was also some sort of legal case filed against Elizabeth Kiddy, widow of James, and Paul W. B. KIDDY, their son in Feb 1871, both were arrested and Elizabeth was over 60 years old. W. B. PARRISH, William SWEENEY and James H. BREWER agreed to a compromise and these three men paid the court costs including sheriff’s cost in the case.

Jasper Kiddy also had children: Catherine Kiddy m. Alexander YOUNG in VA, Betsey Kiddy m. Henry YOUNG in VA 1795, Lewis Kiddy b: 1794 (lived & buried Giles Co TN see & Limestone Co AL). I have a lot on these families. Will of Alexander Young filed in Montgomery Co VA, lists Catherine his widow and her brother Lewis KIDDY. See below: Old Land Records of Lauderdale Co AL.

Searching for Steven McIntire who married McNairy Co TN 1874, Mary Ann Susan KIDDY b: abt 1844, dtr of James & Elizabeth KIDDY.

G. S. McIntire, 41, Davidson Co, pg. 385

John T. " , 21, McNairy Co, pg. 218

William " , 46, McNairy Co, pg. 206

There were many – many more Moores, I just picked the likely looking ones to be children of Thomas Moore (mentioned in Giles Co TN Chancery Records ) James, Henry, and Samuel MOORE. No Henry Moore found.

Lawrence Co, pg. 30:

Blake M. Moore 27 TN

Margaret Moore 25 TN

Elizabeth M. Moore 4 TN

Parthenia Moore 1 TN

James Moore 65 NC

James Moore age 39 Wayne Co pg. 494

James Moore age 40, Lawrence Co pg. 25

Giles Co, pg. 75/330:

Samuel Moore 49 W M farmer $250 NC

Maria Moore 43 W F housewife TN

Francis Moore 17 W F TN

Mary Moore 15 F W TN

(this looks like the one we are looking for: Thomas Moore d: 1884? AR, children named in Will: James, Samuel, dtr Ann who had children named CRABB, and second? wife, Lucinda Moore, his widow per Giles Co Chancery Court records)

Giles Co #73 page 774:

Thomas MOORE 45 W M farmer $600 TN

Nancy " 41 W F TN

John " 22 W M TN

*Anna " 20 W F TN(this may be Ann Moore m. ___ CRABB?)

*James " 18 W M TN

Robert " 16 W M TN

Susan " 14 W F TN

Margaret " 12 W F TN

Thomas " 10 W M TN

*Samuel " 8 W M TN

Gaines " 6 W M TN

Margaret COUCH 35 W F TN

Mary Ann " 14 W F TN

Giles Co, pg. 415 (126-829)

Thomas Moore 32 W M TN

Nancey " W F TN

Alberto D. " W M TN

J. Henry Clay " 6 W M TN

Mary F. H. " 4 W F TN

Eliza J. McMill

Searching for George W. SMITH who married Sarah KIDDY b: abt 1830, dtr of James & Elizabeth KIDDY of Wayne Co TN.

Giles Co pg. 44, 26 July 1870:

George W. SMITH 31 W M farmer $1500/$600 TN

Mary C. " 27 W F AL

George A. " 6 W M TN

Mary J. " 4 W F TN

William F? " 2 W M TN

Martha E. " 3/12 W F TN

George W. SMITH, 20, Lawrence Co pg. 34

, 47, Marshall Co, pg 191

, 49, Campbell Co, pg 45

, 56, Davidson Co, pg. 3D-317

Lawrence Co TN Marriages, these were in a book, names which were familiar or caught my eye – some and also mentioned in the Chancery Court Records of Giles Co TN which notes I sent to Dave Worsham recently)

Book L:

Ann MOORE, Feb 3, 1825 m. John W. YATES, by Jacob Pennycuff, J.P.

Clarasey ROGERS, 1825, m. Elisha MELTON

William MOORE, 1825 m. Marinda THORNTON

Isaac RAINEY, Dec 21 1824, Elizabeth PRYER,surety R.I. HILL.

Louisa V. McCRACKEN, June 29 1830, William McKNIGHT, by Noah PARKER, M.G.

Book B:

from index: name listed as Dicey BRASHEARS no Bicey listed

From page 123, Bicey BRASHERS m. Feb 9 1835 Pete BRASJEARS, surety Basil BRASHEARS. This is a misprint, need to check records to see which spelling is correct.

Personal Note: Dicey Elizabeth Brashears (who we believe was dtr of Robert Brashears) married James Hurd CRABB in Lawrence Co TN. She was his first wife and is buried in Prentiss Co MS. (See History of Prentiss Co MS). Maybe Dicey was married before James?

Dicey BRASHIERS, Jan 7, 1847, James H. CRABB.

Edmond Kennemer, Edmond H., July 3 1848/Jul 17 1848 Mary A. STAPELTON.

Pg. 58.



1850 TN Census – Various:

(from Richard Prall’s 1997 CRABB Book, Wm. Stephen CRABB married Mary Elizabeth McCracken and this family later in Giles Co TN Chancery Records on McCRACKIN/EN)

Jackson Co pg. 884-443


Juliann " 25 TN

Sarah J. " 7 TN

Mary E. " 3 TN

Giles Co 1850, 871-936: this is probably the one in Crabb Book.


Rebecca " 40 TN

Luther W. " 20 TN

Mary E. " 17 TN

Martha L. " 14 TN

John C. " 10 TN

Harriett C. " 4 TN

Green Co TN, #1524:

Jacob WAITS 40 W M laborer TN

Rebecca " 38 W F TN (mother of David and Francis Grubbs?)

James " 11 W M TN

David GRUBBS 19 W M miller TN (m. Rebecca Kiddy 1869 Giles Co TN)

Francis M. " 15 W M TN

Giles Co TN pg 474,

David D. GRUBBS, 46, single

TN Confederate Widows:

Files # 07113, Sarah VANZANT, maiden name MOORE

Residence at time of filing: Franklin Co TN

Born 1843 in Franklin Co

Soldier’s Name and place of birth: Isaac VANZANT, Franklin Co

Year of Marriage: 1867, witnesses F.W. MOORE and Jacob VANZANT

Year and place of Soldier’s Death; Franklin C TN, no date listed.

1850-60-80 TN Mortality Schedule:

Issac Vanzant, 69, male, born NC, died Jan 1880, Franklin County, farmer, died of palsey.

(I am researching the descendants of William G. VANZANT, b: abt 1817 TN, married abt 1830 in Fayette Co AL 1850-60-70, had abt 10 children, wife’s name Elizabeth BAKER, they went to Prentiss MS in late 1870s. My ancestor Martha J. KIDDY CARTER married Martin Timothy VANZANT in Prentiss MS 1882. Martha J. Kiddy was dtr of Carmack KIDDY b; 1834 AL/TN died abt 1862 and Rebecca Emaline RAMBA? Who married David GRUBBS in Oct 1869 Giles co TN, they were in Limestone Co AL in 1870 census, with Rebecca and Carmack Kiddy’s four children). We have not yet determined the place of birth or parents of Wm G. Vanzant. He was an Indian War Veteran and a Civil War Veteran and his wife drew his pension.





Union Co MS, 26 Jun 1880: Ed 212, Dis 1, pg. 58, #535

BROWN, Alexander L. W M age 2_ farmer born TN parents TN TN

*" , Amanda W F wife 28 keep house TN TN TN

" , William W M son 5 TN TN TN

" , Sarah? W F dtr 3 TN TN TN

" , Muggins W F dtr 1 MS TN TN

*CARTER, Martha W F sis-in-law, 2_, widowed TN TN TN

" , Pinkery? W M 5, Tn TN TN (George)

" , Delilah W F , 3, TN TN TN (Mecca Dee)

* KIDDY, Mary W F sis-in-law, 15 TN TN TN

(* 3 dtrs of Carmack KIDDY and Rebecca Emaline ___ RAMBA KIDDY who later married David Grubbs 1869 Giles Co TN) Martha is widow of Francis M. Carter, they 2 gr grandparents of Brenda Barfield) My great grandmother’s name was Mecca Dee CARTER, who had a brother named George CARTER per family legend. Their ages fit and birth locations to be children of Francis M. Carter. Need to check out Lawrence Co 1870.

I think Mary KIDDY married McNairy Co TN, Steven McIntire.

Old Land Records of Lauderdale Co AL: abbreviations - -

Bureau of Land Mgt (BLM)

Military Land Warrant (MLW)

Lewis Kiddy and L.W. Kiddy, pages 77, 95, 95. I have more on this.

Pg. 16, (area 7W) Francis M. CARTER, 27 Aug 1879, #9484, cancelled R&R 1880, cancelled entries by BLM W ½ of SW ¼ 79.85 acres.

(Asahel AKERS #1682, 1825 - not sure why I wrote this note)

pg. 179, (area 11W) William W. CARTER, #29053, 15 Sep 1858.(father of Francis M. Carter)

W. Washington CARTER, #20053, Sep 1858

W. Washington CARTER, #15041, 1850

James KIDDY:

TWP 1South Range 8West Huntsville (AL) Meridian, part of section N ½ of NW ¼, Section 6, 80.0+ acres, U.S. Title to whom sold or granted; James KIDDY., date 18 Sep 1854, certificate or Warrant, #18693.

Jacob KEEDY, pg. 118,

TWP 2South, Range 9West, Military Act of 1850,

Wiley T. Hawkins, assignee, 8 Oct 1853, #80336, Bureau of Land Mgt (BLM) Mil Land Warrant (MLW) 80336 originally in the name of Jacob KEEDY.

Pg. 323, Commedore ROGERS, Certificate of Warrant #13765, 21 Jan 1848.

Pg. 17, Claiborne K. ROGERS, and/or R. ROGERS, #16839, 20 Sep 1852.

Pg. 31, Fountain ROGERS, #21398, 23 Nov 1854,

Pg. 29, Fountain ROGERS, #21394, 23 Nov 1854

Pg. 31, Fountain ROGERS, #23815, 14 Mar 1855, 40 acres.

William ROGERS, #46125

Wm ROGERS/Joseph CRABB family research (Lawrence Co TN/ Prentiss MS/ and Lauderdale Co AL)


1840 AL Census Index:

George Kity Dale Co AL pg 31

John Keedy, Jr. Walker Co AL 303

Elizabeth KEEDY Madison Co pg 156

Alabama Confederate Pension Index searched for KIDDY/KEEDY and similar names – none found.

Limestone Co AL Census, Athens P.O., #82/82:

GRUBBS, David 50 W M $100 day laborer born TN

" , Rebecca 37 W F keep house TN

KIDDY, Amanda 14 W F TN (m. Alexander BROWN)

" , Martha 12 W F TN (m.(1) Francis M. CARTER

" , Paul 10 W M b:TN(

" , Mary 6 W F (b: abt 1863) TN (also called Molly)

children of Carmack Kiddy who died in 1862 (this family from Lauderdale Co AL, most of the marriage records are there.

Paul W. "Bud" Kiddy b: abt 1830 AL/TN m. Union MS 29 Jun 1879 Narcissa STACK – they are buried in Union Co MS cemetery. Note: There were two men with this same name, the other one was his uncle Paul W. Bud KIDDY who married Amanda A. SMITH, son of James & Elizabeth KIDDY. The older Paul W. Bud KIDDY b: 1830s was a Confederate Soldier of TN.

Kennemer Research notes taken by Brenda R. Barfield at Chattanooga-Hamilton
Library, Chattanooga, TN May 30, 1998.

1860 Lawrence Co TN Census (states of birth not given in this book):

#62, page 413:
Preston Kennemur b: 1810 50 W M
Winnie " b: 1810 50 W F
Martha F. " b: 1841 W F
James N. " b: 1846 W M
*William F. " b: 1849 W M
Winnie L. " b: 1853 W F
#63, page 414:
W.P. Kennemur 41 W M
Elizabeth " 43 W F
Samuel " 18 W M
Amanda J. " 16 W F
James " 14 W M
Charity " 12 W F
Jacob " 10 W M
Edmund " 5 W M
#64, page 414
M. A. Kennemur 26 W female
Martha C. " 8 W F
Susan F. " 6 W F
Emily " 3 W F
Giles TN Will Abstracts: Preston Kennemore witnessed the Will of David HOGAN,1834.
Reference for Kennemer Family Research: The Kennemer Book, A Great American Family, by Woody Anderson Kelley, Taylor Publishing Co, Dallas, TX, published by Concept VIII, Inc., P. O. Box 5, Gurley, AL 35748
William Franklin Kennemur/Kennemer married Dania (Alie Danie) CRABB in Giles Co, TN, 3 Feb 1870.
Per Giles Co TN Chancery Records, Alie Dainey CRABB of TX in 1874, James, Nancy and Polly Crabb of TN were the children of Ann, deceased, daughter of Thomas MOORE who left Giles Co TN in 1869. Thomas Moore died in AR before 1880, leaving a widow Lucinda C MOORE. Some other children of Thomas MOORE were Henry, Samuel, Jane.
There was a Thomas Moore who married Lucinda BANE in DeKalb Co TN, per Mormon IGI. They had a daughter named Anna along with 6 or 7 more children. Could this be them? Can anyone help? Brenda Barfield

Submitted by Brenda Barfield