Letter to Mrs. Angie Hasting

Aspen Hill Tenn 12-17-98 (1898)
Mrs. Angie Hasting

Delrose, TN

Dear Sister,

The stewarts of the Aspen Hill M E Church met at my home a few nights ago and went over the membership and made assessment as near as ... escrow to meet our obligations for the coming year and decided the list and your name was assigned to me. The assignments of course is not compulsatory but each all of us has got to sacrafice some if .. get any benefit from it and if you fell like $5.00 is too much for you send what you fel like you can. I know you will cheerfully contriute something.

The stewartship not done there duty in the past by not writing to all the membrs; but this year I made a resolution to give evry member a chance to meet their vows all and those that I can not see in prson. I am writing when to come over and be with us at church some time we would all be glad to have you with us hoping you are well & wishing you a Merry Xmas & Happy New Yar.


W. D. Butler.

Transcribed as accurately as possibly by Ruth Hasten Walsh. This letter was found in the possession of James Hunt Butler, g-grandson of Angielene Poor Hastings, aka Angeline Poore Hastings. It should be noted that Angie's descendents state that Angie spelled her name thusly, "A-n-g-i-e-l-e-n-e P-o-o-r - with no "e" on the end of Poor.

Submitted by: Ruth Hasten Walsh