W. E. Austin Letter

The following letter is from William Edward Austin to Mary E. Nugent, written just a few weeks before their marriage.
Elkton Tenn July 8th 1853
My Dear Miss Mary

I send you some cards, I will bring you some more when I come over.

My little Dear I have nothing to write to you, you know my feelings towards you, you know that I love you. O! My Dear Mary, do not forget what you told me, do not deceive me, I shall not have time to write again before I come over, unless I should stay longer than I expect, if I should, I will write again, but I am afraid to write for fear some one might get the letter, you may expect me next Tuesday or Wednesday.

My Dearest Mary I cannot write any more, do not forget what you have promised. O! My Dear I do love you, you know I do.

Yours Devotedly,
W. E. Austin

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Submitted by: Cindy Horne Lambert