Journal of Henry Wade Barrett

(This journal was begun by Henry Wade Barrett, son of Dr. William Thomas Barrett and his first wife, Nancy Jane Beaty Barrett. Later additions were made by his son, Madison Luther Barrett and Madison�s son, Madison Leroy Barrett. It is now in the possession of Johnnie Barrett, Madison Leroy�s wife.)

Left Tenn. For Tex. Sep 17, 1877.
Went back to Tenn. Jul. 11, 1906.
Started back to Tex. landed home Aug. the 12, 1906 after being in Tex. nearly 29 yr.

John and Rosa Martin came to see us June the 27, 1912.
Jessie Martin & Daughter came June 29, 1912.
All left July 9, 1912.
(A copy of this obituary from a newspaper was glued in the front of the journal.)
BARRETT - Sister H. W. Barrett died at her home six miles south of Belton where she had lived many years, on June 15, 1921. She was born in Middle Tennessee in 1852, and was married to H. W. Barrett in 1875. Five children were born to this union, all of whom were at her bedside at the time of her death, with the exception of one, who died in infancy. She confessed faith in Christ early in life and lived a consecrated Christian to the end. She was a faithful wife, a loving mother, and a true friend to those who knew her. She was a dear friend and neighbor of mine and I loved her very much. She leaves a husband, two sons, two daughters, and fourteen grandchildren to mourn her death, and a host of friends who will miss her sweet face. Mrs. A. J. Trayler

I posted this obituary in this book Jan. 29, 1922 H. W. Barrett

William T. Barrett borned March 20th 1829
Nancy Jane Barrett borned April 3rd 1831
Louisa A. Barrett borned April 11th 1839
Mary C. Barrett borned April 25th 1849
Henry Wade Barrett borned Oct 9th, 1853 changed to Sep 13th 1853
Madison M. Barrett borned Aug 11th 1857
Sarah A. L. Barrett borned Oct 2nd 1866
Virginia E. T. Barrett borned July 9th 1870
William T. Barrett borned Oct 18th 1872
Mary Jane Barrett borned Sept 12th 1851
Thomas Donald Barrett borned Oct 28th 1875
Sallie Beatrice Barrett borned Dec the 10th 1878
William Henry Barrett borned Jan the 25 1881
Madison Luther Barrett borned Sept the 9, 1885 Died June 72
Loretta Irene Barrett borned Sep 5, 1889

BORNED [to Dr. William Thomas Barrett]
By Second wife [Louisa Ann McCollum Morrison Barrett]
  Sariah A. L. Barrett Oct 2, 1866
  Virginia E. J. Barrett July 9, 1870
  W. Thomas Barrett Oct 18, 1872

William T. Barrett married Nancy J. Beaty Nov 9, 1847
Afterward married (1865) Louisa A. Morrison Sept 27th

Henry W. Barrett married Mary J. Montgomery Jan 21st 1875
S. Beatrice Barrett to J. S. Riggan Sept 16, 1906
L. Irene Barrett to John W. Turner Sept 30, 1908
W. Henry Barrett to Blanche Hilliard Dec 30, 1909
M. Luther Barrett to Emily Tomlin April 17, 1910

Luther an Emily was unitey in marriage on the 17 day of April 1910
When Luther an Emily married 1910-17 of April was Easter Sunday. 50 years later was Easter Sunday again.
Dad was 24 years 7 mo 8 days old when he married in 17 day of April 1910
Mama was 19 years 4 mo old 22 days.

Nancy J. Barrett Died 27 yrs 4 mo Aug 1858
William T. Barrett Died June 30, 1872 43 yer 3 mo 18 day
Thomas Donald Barrett Died Oct the 5, 1876 Age 11 mo 7 days
Mary C. Millican Died July the 3, 1912 Age 63 years 2 mo 8 days
Mrs. M. J. Barrett died June 15, 1921 age 69 yrs 9 mo 3 days
&nbsxp; Mother died June 15, 1921 at one o�clock and was buried at 10 o�clock on the 16 at Salado Tex HWB

Beatrice 85 yrs 10 Dec 1963
Henry Wade Barrett Dec 23, 1940 time 8:30
Louisa A. Barrett Died Aug the 8, 1921
William Henry Barrett Died Aug 8, 1925
Mrs. Roy Cook death May 8, 1963
Beatrice Riggan died June 4, 1968
Irene Turner died 5-15-67
Luther Barrett Died June 1972 [Madison Luther Barrett]
M. Leroy Barrett 4-26-85 [Madison Leroy Barrett]

Emily Elberta [Tomlin] Barrett Born Nov 26, 1890 Died April 30, 1984

Submitted by: Carol Sue Gibbs