1859 Letter from Elizabeth Bearden
to Barbara Compton

"June 17, 1859

Dear sister and Brother

    I now take the privelige to let you know that we are all well at this time hoping that these lines when they reach you they will find you in the same blessing. I have been over to see mamma a day or two ago and they were all as well as common. Mama is a getting very helpless she is all mumed in one side. I cant hardly understand her somtimes what she says

    I will now tell you someting of our Children Eliphas he is a building fine houses at Union Court house he was up to see us in last month, he had the measles and when they left his bowels fevered and wanted to run off but he stayed till he got better and went home. David and Edwin is both down the Country overseeing about 30 miles they dont cum up more than once a year william he is hear Store keeping here at Glenns Springs and Alvin is living with Tommy Peak and the reast here at home Columbus he is free but has never left us, he is a weakly boy. We have had children 11. ten boys 1 girl I call her Barbara. the last was still Born. it wold now been 10 years old if it had lived, their is none of them married, we are a living here in a half a mile of old friensch meeting house on old grandfathers trails plac, father and mother got married when Mark bennett bought it only brought two hundred and fifty dollars when sold at his sale brought 11 hundred. We have three year to pay it in one payment is made. corn and cotton is a growing finely and the wheat crops are good about here.

    If you cold come back here you woul se great changes in things and in people they are most all gone they way of all the earth since you left and the rising generations have succeeded and some of them are nursing their babys we have white painted meeting houses with their lonesome grave yard arrayed in white marble stoned Elihu Smith and Richard Smith and Aaron Smith are all living here in sight of us. I must bring my letter to a close I could say many more things but I am out of practice I want you to let frankling see this letter and let him know he is not forgot the parted yet recollections call back days gone by. I wrote you a letter two or three years ago and never got no answer when this reaches dont forget to answer it uou must excuse my bad indicted letter as I am feeble mined and soon forgets and so no more. but remains your sincere sister untill Death.

Elizabeth Bearden

Barbara Crumpton P.S. Dear Aunt I Wish you to rite agane and direct your Letter to Smith Store P.O. Spartanburg Dist. Uncle S. Moore reseved your letter some 2 or 3 Weeks ago. and was glad to hear from you then.

No more but Yours Respectfully.
Glen Bearden

Submitted by: Richard Smith