Letter to A. M. Reeves

Letter to Atlas Montezoma Reeves b.1854 , from cousin Frances Sarah Eleanor Bowers b.19 March 1854. Written by adult relative. Her mother Mary Frances Carden b.2 Feb 1834 d.18 Oct 1854. Father Edward Dillon Bowers b.19 Dec 1827 d. 7 July 1872 . 1860 census Frances S E Bowers 6 years old, lived with her Grand parents George and Nancy Bowers both 58 at the time, in Elkton Tn.

July 9th 1855

Dear Cousin Mont

I received your letter several weeks ago and would have answered it before now but I have been too busy playing and learning to talk. You think that you can beat any chap in Tennessee doing smart things but you are mistaken. You may be the smartest boy in W. Tenn. but you can't hold a light to me. Every body says I am the prettiest & smartest child in the country. Your hair is very pretty. I reckon you feel mighty proud of your little sister. I want you to be sure to come see us when aunt Babe comes home. I have no little white children to play with, only when they come to see me. I wish your Pa & Ma would come up here to live so that I could go to see you oftner Cousin.

George & Willie come to see me about three weeks ago and stayed two weeks. We had a heap of fun riding in my wagon that Pa made for me. When I go to Grand Ma Phillips. I go in grand style. I work a pair of blacks in my wagon worth about twelve hundred dollars. Tell Aunt Babe Pa says he will write to her before long he is too busy thrashing wheat to write now. You must write again soon and let me know whether you love your little sister or not.

Nothing more from

Your cousin

Fannie S E Bowers

Mr. A M Reeves

Transcribed from original letter to Great grand father, A. M. Reeves.
By Emily Barlar Tribino
25 May, 2003

Submitted by: Emily Barlar Tribino.