1855 Letter to Nathan and Lucinda Curbo

The following letter was copied exactly and sent to Carol Byrom from a Mrs. Raslie Bassham who lived in Minor Hill,TN and was a descendant of Celia Curbo White. The document is displayed in the hope it "colors" in some family faces with the other names mentioned in the letter.

To Nathan and Lucinda Curbo, written in 1855 from Matilda Curbo Dyer, but never mailed.

10th September 1855
State of Tennesse Giles County

Dear Brother and Sister. these few lines to inform you. that ourselves and family are in reasonable health at present. and we hope when these lines reaches you. that they may find you enjoying all the common blessings of life. and now we in the first place in our address to you. we and James White and Celia wishes to know of you. if you have forgotten us. as we have never got any letter from you. to inform us of your prosperity or adversity. and we will further say to you. that father and mother nicholas and James white and family are all in tolerable health. except that mother has a felon* on one of her hands which afflicts her smartly at present. and we will inform you that Sister Rebecca Jackson has lately had a hard spell of sickness. and we will say to you that sister Rebecca married Nicholas Jackson about 4 years ago. he was a widower and has tolerable smart of property. about him. he is a very Industerous shifty old man and not in debt much his property is worth about six Thousand dollars. and we tell you that we have 4 children three daughters and one Son. Sister white has three children two sons and a daughter and you will please to tell Thomas and Willis that there cousin Middleton Kirbo married parthena white on the first day of april last. you will please to give Brother James Kirbo and Elizabeth our best respects and tell them we would be glad to see them. and we will say to you that we heard. by some letter sent by pleasant Ray that Brother James got into a fray and got wounded. we will say to you that we have been blessed large crops of wheat and corn and other grain. and fruits the present year. and when you get this letter you will please to write of middleton Kerbo and let him know what sort of crops are generally in your country. as our selves and James white. expects to move shortly to arkansas or Missouri you will tell him of the health of your generally and also what chances there will be to get provisions in your country at present as I expect to be out there shemwhere shorly. no more at present but remains
your affectionate Brother and sister

Nathan Kirbo & Lucinda & Wm D.Dyer Matilda Dyer
Mr Nathan Kirbo Rusk County Texas Henderson PO

*Editor's Note: Probably a boil.

Submitted by: Gerry Rollins
(San Angelo,TX)