1899 Letter to J. T. and M. A. White

This letter comes from Carol Byrom's research. I quote ...

"The following is taken from a letter written by Celia Curbo White Griggs to
her son, John T. White and his wife M.A. Clemens who must have been called Cate.

It is transcribed exactly as it was written using the same punctuations, spellings, etc."

April 1, 1899
Mers J T and M A White

Deare son

I seat myself to write you a few lines in ancer to your most welcom letter that came to hand a few days ago and found us all up not well but i hope this letter may fine you all well and doing well cate i hav some things plantd in the garden but not much it has ben so cold and wet that people could not plant any thing it is still cool cate we hav 9 hens setting we have got no chickens but we will have soon they has ben severl wejens tom coffman and linerd was both married and severl others cate the boys has ben moving all thrue march i thank they will hav to stop a while to make a crop john i want you to go and see nathan and tell him i am not stout but is up and at work all the time tell him to write to me so i will know here to write to cate i wish you and john and the children would all come out to see us we cnt well come out thire cinda is in such bad helth tell bill nickel folks to write to me i want to see you all very bad when you write tell me how your mother and nag is getting along so i must close for this time hoping to here from you soon

from Selie Grigs"

I don't know where Carol got this letter but it was written to Texas and probably Hill Co., because Nathan Curbo was living there in 1899. She says that Celia married a Griggs after James White died in 1889. Bill nickel is probably a Nicholas. The Cinda is Lucinda White Cook, daughter of James and Celia Curbo White. She died in August 1899 at age 33. I don't know who Tom Coffman and Lenard, 2 of the "several weddings" in Giles, are. George W. White, brother to John White, married a Martha Coffman.

This is my total speculation about the letter and I am hoping to hear from others who may know more. Enjoy ... gerry rollins

Submitted by: Gerry Rollins
(San Angelo,TX)