R. A. Doster Letter

(Written in pencil at top of letter): Tell momma to send me two pounds of butter by parcel post by next mail. R.A.D.

Dear Bro: I was sick yesterday with a cold and did not feel like going to Columbia but shall go next Sat. if I am able and I think that I am getting better. All the rest are well. Lurlin Beckus and little girl, and one of our nearest neighbors has pneumonia. Olive has gone now to see her.

Our old cow is still as dry as a bat. she doesn't seem to care whether we have any milk or not and don't believe she sares anything about a calf. If the hussy ever charnges her notion I will let you hear from me. Tell mamma to save me up some more butter and I will come after it next Sunday.

My school was very good last week for such a bad rainy time they don't seem to care what kind of weather just so that it's bad. I have a better attendance on bad days than when it is pretty.

What does papa think of Shields elections?

I am truly glad, I hope Lukes' back has been broken and that will never be able to crawl again. The thing Hooper had at his f ingers tips has gone beyond his reach. I am glad McKeller was not elected and I am glad old Crump never even got a consideration. I do not believe anything save an independent can stomach him anymore.

Old Tom is getting better slowly but the black mare (old Annie) was lame this morning. I believe the frog of her foot has been brusied or else she has sprained the ankle.

Did you sell old moses? I saw the miller and told him what pa said for me to.

Well I must close for I have just about finished up this paper.
Hope little "Bud" is better.
Write sometime
R. A. Doster

Researcher's Note: This letter was written by Robert Alexander Doster. He mention's his wife Olive [Vevian (Lyon) Doster]. This letter was to either William Z.A. Doster jr or James Jasper Doster. His reference to Pa and Mamma is, William Z.A. Doster and Elizabeth (Moore) Doster. See William Z.A. Doster's Will. Both William and Elizabeth Doster are buried in Giles Co.

The letter was not dated, however, Robert and Olive married in 1894 and he died in 1913. Their first child was born 1895 and since there is no mention of any of the children, I would guess it was between 1894-1895.

Submitted by:Jean Brosnan