J. H. Case Journal
of Civil War Service


John H. Case was born December the 5th, 1842, Giles County,  Tennessee  His parrents 
move from South Carolina one of them from Limestone County Alabama and the other one 
move from Newberry Desric (District) South Carolina in the  year of 1840 to Giles 
County Tennessee and marride in 1842.  Since that time the had resied (resided) thair 
unmolested till this War brake out.  When the father of John (Isaac Y. Case) join the 
Confederrate Army and went to Bowlinggreen Kentucky whare he remain till a few days 
befour the fall of Fort Dollison.  He came home on furlow and that save him from the 
turable calamity of being a prisoner, his rigment (regiment) remain seven months in 
prison.  When thair was agreement made to exchange them and he had to return to his 
rigment again and John return with his father.  

We started the 19th day of October 1862 on Sunday evening and travel 15 miles and next 
day went in to Pulassky and remain thair till twelve oclock when we started and went a 
mile beyond Cornasvill (Cornersville) and camp for the night.  We rose next morning 
and started for Wartrace.  We got thair about a half a hour by sun and taken the train 
for Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  We got thair a while after dark and went to camps and 
remain till next morning.  When I went to Town and return back again drill hour came 
it was a niew? thing so I borrow a gun and went to drill.  Well the next day I was 
sworn in for three year or during the war (duration).  Then I was chosen.  I draw a 
new uniforme.  I was all right then for a solger.  Well we drill for about two weeks.

Then orders come for us to cook two days rastions (rations) for march by twelve oclock.  
Now that was something new to me so we torn down our tents and got redy.  Ors (orders) 
came to us to fall into line.  We fell into line and march off all night, next day we 
reach Laverne Tennessee and camp thair for a ______.  Orders came for us to cook up 
rastions and be reddy to march at day light but we did not leave till twelve o clock.  
When we started and march all night and reach Nashville about day light next morning 
and threw out Sherman's shords (swords?) and march up in a mile and half of the city 
and threw shell in it a while then orders came to us to counter march.  We march back 
about four miles and  lay down and waited for the Yankees but they did not come, then 
orders came and we march back to Laverne and thair camp for _______? ___.  Then orders 
came for us to march again so we pack up and march back to Murfreesboro Tennessee whar 
we stayed till Christmas Day.  When we got orders to pack up two days rastions,  get 
on the  cars? to get to Wartrace Tennessee so we got down thair and camp for a month.  
We had not (been) thair more than four or five days when the Battle of Murfreesboro 
came off.  I was glad that I was not in it.  The armor were forty canon and some sevan? 
thousand? prisoners and kill a great many of them.  We fought off and on for a week 
and then had to retreat to Tullahoma Tennessee where it taken up winter quarters all 
the rest the winter but the 21st? of January we got orders to cook two days rastions 
and be ready to start to the boxes? by day light.  So we got on the train and went 
down to Tullahoma and went in to winter quarters for the winter.

We faird fine all the winter.  We get leave? from home along in the winter one of my 
messmates was taken sick and sent to Chatanoogy Tennessee to the hospital where he 
died making ________? till April the 23th when orders came for to cook two days 
rastion and be redy to march by day light.  I was on gard and was kept on gard two 
days and nights ____  one day night garding Headquartes and the next day and night 
garding exchange prisoner, to keep them in camp, on the account of small pox.  Then 
the balance of time we was living camp till Saturday when we taken down our tent and 
haul them to the depot which was about a mile and sent them off South to Chatanooga 
and we went to Fairfield? to our command thair. We campt for about three weeks.  When 
orders came to cook up two days rastions and be in to line by day light.  Daylight 
came and we fell into line and make to Beech Grove which is about four miles and thair 
we campt for a week.  Orders came so we went back to FairField again and thair we 
staid and thair we staid for a week.  When we got orders to cook up two days rastions 
and be redy to march in two hours.  We started at three oclock and halted at ten, 
rested till day light when we started again and march till eleven oclock.  When order 
came back to detail the liter barrier and get redy for the fight. Wee march in about 
a mile and half of ______ when orders came to hault this sent the cavalier (calvary) 
and brigade of infry (infantry?) forward to feeld (fend) off the enemy that skirmish 
with them a while and capturd one Yankee and their our parties counter march and went 
back to Beech Grove��

John Henderson Case was a member of 32nd Tennessee Infantry, Company H. (formerly Company K - Lt. John B. Brownlow, Commanding). John was severely wounded in foot in 1863 in the Battle of Chickamauga. Transcribed by Barbara Case Edmundson, great-granddaughter of John H. Case. Barbara's Note: I doubt that my great-grandfather had an opportunity for much (if any) formal education. I transcribed his journal as best I could and endeavored to leave his writings much as he had written them. J. H. did have a beautiful hand- writing and apparently was quite a storyteller in his days. I also have two ledgers that he used to keep his farming records. He even took time to make notes of unusual weather. I have a feeling he was a pleasure to sit and visit a "spell" with.

Submitted by: Barbara Case Edmundson