Letter to T. C. Richey from his Wife, 1864

This letter was written by Fannie E. C. Ledbetter Richey to her husband Thomas Richey in 1864 while he was off fighting for the Confederacy. Thomas served in Company K, 15th Texas Infantry under Speight. Fannie was living with his mother and father in Waco, TX. There is a wonderful commentary on her feelings concerning the Confederate cause, and also a "hint" of her illness (perhaps tuberculosis?). Fannie died not long after John Franklin, my great grandfather, was born, and is buried in, I believe, Georgetown, TX. Thomas re-married to Martha Wallace Stanford in 1871. Places where I could not
decipher the word or words in a sentence have a line or lines indicating

Janet Piccola

Mr. T. C. Richey  Waco November 27th 1864

My Dear Husband I came to town yesterday from Brother Frank's Molllie came with us, and Father and Mother went back in the hack. We stayed out there two weeks. I wrote to you three times while I was there and sent a letter and your gloves a few days ago by Mort(sp) Standifer. I had nothing of interest to write and I wrote you a pack of mischief. There is an old saying "it is a slow horse that is never gaily" I told Peggy Ann the reason I wrote so I got one of her _____ it was the ___'s fault. For two days after that I had the blues so I neither eat or slept. I was not entirely well though and my head pained me on account of too much blood in it; caused from cold. I have been afraid for a week I was agoing to have another spell of sickness my simptoms were so much like they were last fall. Cold has caused an inactive state of my liver and that is affectimg my lungs. I hope in a few days to be better. I never cough like I used to. My cough is only a dry hacking cough. I have just eat my dinner and feel well. Father has two of Major Isaac's agents boarding here and I hive you my opinion they are all a set of ____. Isaacs is a Jew. There is only one here now his name I Van Lingia (sp). The other man will be back. I think an Englishman. We had a debate at the dinner on forms of government. He holds that the English government is the best what ever existed. I say the government of the United States as it existed in it's early state before it's Congress became so corrupt and it's people so sinful, to be the best of all governments. He is the second man here I have heard say we would never have peace until we have a King and adapt England's form of government. I say our soldiers in the field are fighting for a free government and not to establish a monarch and a monarchial rule. If congress had not assured the right to elect a man to reign over not to govern the people, our soldiers would not now have been in the field away from home friends and comforts to endure fatigue, hardships and loose their lives.

I know our soldiers and their friends want peace but do not believe a true southern heart wants anything but our rights under our constitution as it now exists. I hear men bemoan Jeff Davis as being a bigot, a self interested man and I say they had rather live under a king. My blood boils in a minute. Can you believe me my dear? This is the cause my husband has espoused and is enduring hardships for. I can not be silent under such circumstances. Mag says I have no right to debate with Pap's borders I don't know as it ever was considered a crime for people to debate good humorly, which we did. If the North was stoped they could not find a worse set of enemies to our president in any place in it. The town is full of strangers , all agents for somebody or something. But you are not interested. I did not think it would take so much space in this ___nothing.

We are not well. Lida is nearly blind with sore eyes. I am afraid I am taking them too. The other children are getting well of _____ ___the family is well. Emily and the children are well. All Frank's family are ___today. Jack and Sam are here I don't know what to think of us not getting letters. Father's boarders are here yet. I wish I knew you had your gloves. Some are predicting you are on the way home, but I won't say howdy till I see you. I would to God it was so. I have written to you often of late. This last letter and received from you was written a month ago. Mrs. Granbery(sp) and myself are going to send you a shirt (sp). She made it. Father furnished the cloth and I am going to pay him. He has the shirt in his hands now. I know it will make you more comfortable. This is all the news Write often to me. Lida says howdy and kiss too. My best wishes and prayers I remain your wife. Fannie

Dear Husband  December 4

You see it has been a week since I commenced writing this, I could not hear from you I don't know where to direct now. I think you all must be on the march.

Dear Husband  December 5

I received your letters of the llth and 13th this morning. It has been a long time coming. I will answer it soon and let you know what I am doing. Frank is here today. I may make arrangements with him. Fannie.

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Submitted by: Janet Piccola