Letter addressed to William T Adams
Democrat Hill, Giles Co.

From Carrollton Greene County, IL

Sep 19, 1853

Wm T Adams, Dear Newell

I received you letter last Wednesday the 7th of this month and now hasten to answer it. My health is wery and has generally been so. John ALMEN's folks are well, Joseph ALLMAN that married Elira has gone to Texas.

am living with John, we live three miles East of Carrollton, the County seat of this County, on a small farm belonging to a lady by the name of _(can't read)_______. I have been making the crops.

You may send me the money of which I spoke and I empower you to receipt the same to me and this should show your right to do so, as a power of Attorney.

I want to come out this fall or winter and see you all if it is so that I can do so.

Susan has four children the youngest is a boy the other three are girls.

Elira, Joseph's wife, has five children, the oldest is a girl and married and got one child.

Ransom Wells

I am entitled to a land warrant for my service in the Creek war in the Regiment of Col. Steel. I want the names of the officers Captain and Colonel also the time I went out and time of discharge. I sent as a substitute for Caleb White in the Creek War. Please get the information and send me the facts. Yours

R Wells.

Submitted by: Martha Easter