Letter from Ransom H Wells

To: William Adams
Giles County

May 27, 1853

Dear nephew. I am thankful that health and strength will permit me to wright you a few lines. I am well at present and hope this few lines will find all enjoying the same blessing - I have written to you all twice and have not received an ansewer yet. I would be very glad to here from you all. I hope you will think a nuff of this letter to ansewer it. I would be very glad to get a letter from you--

Joseph Alman has moved to Texas - he went this spring and john Alman's folks is all well and I am living with them.

My father willed me ten dollars and I have never got it yet and if you will send it and the in trust too me you will oblige me very mutch. I want you all too wright too me and let me know how youall are a geting a long, tell me how man children you have got and if you have got are grone son or daughter. and how ____Nancy _____and her folk and brothas tommas' folds and what has be come of brother jack and where dose brother jessey live and where is sister susan a living now and mary an and how miss _______is geting a long and brother george and all of your brothers and sisters.

I would like to go out there this fall if I coute but I ges I cnat I think you might come out here and see us all. I believe you would like the country very mutch ther has been a hope of rain this spring and if keeps on ________-- believe that ther will be very mutch corn raised this year.

You must wright just as soon as you receive this leter. Susan Almon has fore children the oldest is

Martha ___ Alman
Emma E Alman
Frances E Alman
William Tallar Almon

give all of the friends of my love and be shore and keep a nuff of it yourself.

Soo no more at present
Soo remains you affecinet Uncle.

Ransom H Wells

Susan and john Almon sends there best respects to you all

Martha ______Almon my love to you all be shore and wright too us Martha an eliza Almons.

Couzen William there is a pece of my hare I recon you havent for got me. I was quit small when mother bright me from tennessee mother ses she wants to see you all very bad but never expects to see you agane. She wants you too be sore and wright too here and let her know how cozan mary and jane is if you please and all of the rest of the connection

Soo re manes you affectionnet
Cozen Martha _______Almon

Submitted by: Martha Easter