Rufus/Buckner/Amaziah/Abiathar Young
Of Giles, Maury, Hardin, Hardeman, and Shelby
Counties of the 19th Century

	Since the 1980s, there have been two lines of thought of who the
father of Amaziah Young was: Buckner Young of Giles Co Tennessee, or
Rufus K Young, born in Rhode Island, and who moved to Giles Co between
1813 and 1820. The argument for both cases is presented here.
	Both Amaziah Young and Abiathar Young had rare biblical names, and
when they were referred to as "A Young" in records, no one could be sure
if it was Amaziah, or Abiathar.
	"Abiathar Young" was alive in the 1900 census, in Shelby Co TN, in
the Collierville area; and was age 62, born in 1837. That census record
shows that his father was born in RI, and his mother born in SC. Rufus
Young was born in RI, in an area where there were older men named
Amaziah Young; Rufus Young's wife was Rebecca Young, born in Spartanburg
Co SC.
	Masonic Lodge insurance records show that Mr "A Young" died on 19
August 1879, and was affiliated with the Collierville Lodge; the
Collierville Lodge also stated that N M Young and A Young affiliated
with the Lodge on the same day, 1 April 1870, indicating that they both
transferred to that lodge at the same time, from some other lodge. And H
C Young was made a Master Mason on 5 August 1870. The actual Masonic
records came from Nashville, since the Collierville lodge burned down in
the early 1870s, and it has no written records until about 1890.
	The 1880 census of Shelby Co shows that there were unrelated Young
families living there in Districts 1, 3, 5,10 (Collierville), 14, and in
Memphis City, but none of them lived close to A R Young, nor was there
any indication that the other Young families were connected to A R Young
or to Amaziah Young. Also in that 1880 census was "A R Young" in
District 10 (Collierville area) and his wife "S A Young." A R was age
42, born about 1837 in TN, with a father born in SC and a mother born in
RI. Birth places for the parents were obviously switched in error by the
census taker. Next door was Mr "H C Young," age 38 and born about 1842
in TN, with his wife Ruth; H C gave his father's birth place as SC, and
his mother's as RI. There was no "N M Young" (named in the Masonic
records) to be found in Shelby Co in 1880.
	There was a Yellow Fever epidemic in the Memphis Area in the winter
of 1879-1880. Flora E East, in the late 1960s, said that her great-
grandfather Amaziah Young carried food from the Collierville farms to
Memphis in a buckboard wagon during the epidemic, and that perhaps he
died of Yellow Fever. Flora also said that Amaziah was a member of the
Masonic Order.
	In Shelby Co in 1870, in district 10 (Collierville area), was "A R
Young," age 32, and his wife "S A Young," age 25; both were born in TN.
Next door was Monroe Young, age 41 from TN and his wife Tirnpa (?), age
38 from KY. Perhaps Monroe was the N M Young mentioned in the Masonic
records. A few doors away was John Jarman and his wife Martha, who had a
son Leonidas, who married Angeline E Young, Amaziah Young's daughter, at
a later date.
	In Hardeman Co TN (the county midway between Hardin Co and Shelby Co)
in 1860 was R K Young, age 65 of NY, and his wife Rebecca, age 65 of NY,
and their children. The eldest child shown was named Bethen, age 22. This
son was obviously Abiathar, who was born in 1837. So we can be confident
that Abiathar was a son of Rufus and Rebecca. Another son of Rufus and
Rebecca was Henry, born about 1842. At this time, in Maury Co, was "A
Young" age 37, and his wife M E, age 37, with eight or nine children. It
would appear that this couple was married around 1842. They lived near
Williamsport. ... But at this point, there is no serious evidence that
Amaziah was a son of Rufus.
	Let's look at Buckner Young, brother of Rebecca who married Rufus. In
1860, the last census where Buckner is found, he is in Giles Co, in the
Bradshaw Creek area. He is  age 60, born in SC about 1800, and he has no
wife. Living with him are three young adults, and four young children
who could be Buckner's grandchildren. The eldest of the young adults is
Nancy E Farmer, age 24, and is perhaps a widowed daughter. The eldest
son is age 22.
	In 1850, Buckner was in Giles Co, age 50 and born in SC, with his
wife Frances, age 45 and born in NC. The children range in age from 21
down to 7. One of the daughters is Nancy E, age 17 (probably a correct
age). And in 1850 in Maury Co is Amaziah Young, age 27 and is a teacher;
his wife is Mary, age 26. Other professions Amaziah has had over the
years was a farmer and a stone fence maker. (Rufus Young went to a
teacher's college and taught afterwards.) Buckner's occupation was
always a farmer, and a bad businessman. And also in 1850, "R K Young,
age 57, was a teacher, born in RI; his wife was Rebecca, age 50, and
born in SC." They had, at that time, four children with them: Ann, age
20, Angeline, age 15, "Abrathan," age 12, and Henry, age 8. All children
of Buckner, Amaziah, and Rufus & Rebecca were born in TN.
	Now the 1840 census-"R K Young," age 40s, and his wife, age 30s, were
in Giles Co. Living with them were a daughter & son, ages 15-19, another
daughter & son ages 10-14, a daughter age 5-9, and a son under age 5.
Amaziah could have been the eldest boy, and the youngest boy fits the
age to be Abiathar. Son H C from later records in Shelby Co wasn't yet
born. Also in Giles Co in 1840 was the Buckner Young family; he was age
40s, with no wife, and a male also age 40s (could this be his wife?).
The children were three boys ages 15-19, a boy age 10-14, two daughters age
5-9, and a boy & girl under age 5. Since Amaziah would have been age 17
then, he could have been one of the elder teenage boys. Amaziah didn't
marry until about 1842.
	In 1830 in Giles Co (page 165) was "R K Young," age 30s, his wife age
20s, and a girl & two boys age 5-9, and a boy & girl age under 5.
Amaziah could be one of the elder boys, and Monroe was of the age to be
the youngest son, and Abiathar wasn't yet born. Buckner was also in
Giles Co in 1830 census (page 145), age 30s, with one son age under 5;
his wife was age 20s, and no daughters. And since  Amaziah was born in
1823, and would be age 7 in the 1830 census, then it doesn't appear that
Buckner was the father.
	Land deeds and mortgages often shed light on who family members are.
On 11 July 1839, in order to equally divide the values of slaves between
the seven heirs of Buckner's father John Young, who died 17 October
1838, Buckner's brother-in-law Rufus K Young sold his wife Rebecca
Young's shares of slaves to Buckner for $135 in cash. Witnesses at this
recorded sale were Amaziah Young and Joseph East. [This Joseph East was
married to Mildred Payne, and was a member of Roberson Fork Church where
Rufus Young's family were members.]
	Apparently Buckner and some of his siblings inherited their father's
land, and in the process, Planter's Bank of Tennessee wasn't paid for
the mortgage owed against the land since Buckner didn't have enough cash
to settle his share of the debt. So he sold some of his slaves to his
brother Spencer Young and other brothers in order to obtain enough cash
to pay his share of the land mortgage he inherited from his father. In
this land record, we learned the names of his brothers and brothers-in-
law. This, and similar transactions with close relatives, happened
between December 1839 and the summer of 1840. And in June 1841, Buckner
still isn't able to settle many debts he owed, so he sells more slaves
and farm equipment in order to satisfy his debts. The conclusions from
the deeds of the 1839 to 1841 years was that all of Buckner's brothers
and sisters were financially successful, but Buckner wasn't. The most
successful brother appeared to be Spencer Young.
	Miscellaneous items:  Buckner Young was on jury duty in August 1824.
Buckner sued someone in May 1826 for unpaid debts, and won. Buckner was
sued in August 1826 for not performing a service he was paid to do, and
lost. Buckner Young was appointed to be a constable in February 1827,
and in that same month he sold property. He was alive in October 1862
when he bought wheat at the estate sale of Archibald Smith Young, his
late brother. But Buckner had died be 22 April 1865. There were no heirs
mentioned by name in his estate records.
	Roberson Fork Church records: Rufus K Young, Amaziah Young were
members between July 1836, but removed from membership by August 1841.
And during these years, Harriet East (Harried K Young, daughter of Rufus
& Rebecca) and her husband "Rewben East" had moved to Waynesboro.
Perhaps Amaziah had been removed from the membership because he was by
then living in Maury Co to the north, where he married in 1842.
	By the 1870s, Amaziah had moved to the Collierville area of Shelby
Co, as did his brother Abiathar, Monroe, and H C Young. And about 1865
Abiathar's sister Harriet Young and her husband Reuben East and children had
moved to Hardin Co, where Harriet's daughter and son-in-law became the
Savannah Courier newspaper owners in September 1885, and from the
newspaper gossip and other info above, we have put together much of the
families in question. On 5 January 1888 the Courier reported that "Mrs.
R. East is visiting her brothers, A.R. and H.C. Young, near
Collierville, Tenn." On 2 February 1888 "Mrs. R. East who has been
visiting relatives at Collierville, returned home last Tuesday." on 16
August 1888 the Courier reported that "Mrs. Mary Young, mother of J.C.
Young of this place, left last week to make home with her daughter, Mrs.
Porter, of Columbia." Mrs Young was Mary Elizabeth Cherry, Amaziah's
widow. J.C. Young was Jeremiah Cherry Young, Amaziah's son. On 18 July
1889 the Courier ported that "Mrs. R. East left yesterday for
Collierville to visit her brothers A.R. and H.C Young." On 15 August
1889, "Mrs R. East, who has been visiting friends and relatives in
Collierville and Corinth, the past month, arrived home Monday." And on
30 January 1890, "Mrs. Angie East and Miss Nannie East have returned
from their visit to Collierville." There were other articles during the
1890 to 1896 years mentioning "J.T. Young" and "J.C. Young" living in
Savannah. These were the eldest two sons of Amaziah. On 3 September 1891
"Miss Nannie East is visiting relatives in Collierville." Nannie was a
granddaughter of Harriet K Young and Rufus East, so her relatives in
Collierville were her cousins and great aunts & uncles on her mother's
side. Nannie had returned by the 24th that month, because on that day
the Courier has reported that she was then in Wayne Co visiting
relatives. The Courier reported on 12 November 1896 that "Mrs. Young,
the mother of T.J. and Jerry Young, died last Saturday night."
	Therefore, from all the above evidence, I think we can definitely
say that Amaziah Young was a son of Rufus K Young and Rebecca Young.
If you want the biographies of Buckner and Rufus for other
information, contact John E Young.

Submitted by: John E Young