Last Will and Testament of
George Brownlow

I George Brownlow of the County of Giles and the state of Tennessee being of sound mind and memory but much diseased in the body and viewing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death do make and publish my last will and testament and do by these presently make, declair (sp), publish and confirm this my last will and testament in the following manner (to wit).

1st - I bequeath my body to the ground from which it came and my spirit to God who gave it hoping for a glorious immortality through the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ.

2nd - I will that my body be neatly buried according to the directions of my friends and the expenses to be paid out of my estate.

3rd - I will that all my property both real and personal to be sold as soon as practical after my death. The personal property on a twelve months credit, the land to be for cash enough in hand or in time to enable my executors to meet my debts punctually, and the ballance (sp) on one or two years credit with interest from date.

4th - I will that all my debts to be paid out of the means arising from debts due me or from the sale of my property as soon as my executor can do so, and after all my debts is paid I want my four youngest children that is with me and has not received anything from me, to be maid (sp) equal with the older ones, that is to say, to have a house worth one hundred dollars, saddle, bridle, and blankets, one cow and calf, one bed and furniture to be furnished in the above naimed (sp) articles or their value in money out of my estate to be paid over to them as they come of age and the remaining balance of my entire estate to be equally divided between all my children (to wit) John L. Brownlow, Mary P. Boss, Elizabeth A. Biles, George M. Brownlow, Susannah R. Brownlow, William W. J. Brownlow, James C. Brownlow, and Joseph B. F. Brownlow all to share and share alike.

5th - It is my will and wish for John L. Brownlow my oldest son to take my children and keep them together and to take gardianship (sp) of them to school, raise, and take care of them until they come of age.

6th - I appoint and request my brother James Brownlow to be my executor to this my will and settle up my business and to carry out this my will in every part thereof and do by these presents revoke any other will made or composed by me heretofore in testimony whereof I have set my hand and seal this 6th day of February in the year of our Lord 1855.


George Brownlow


John L. Brownlow
William W. Lee


Submitted by: Charles Gardner