Last Will and Testament of
John L. Brownlow

Will of John L. Brownlow
Probated Feb 4, 1892

I, John L. Brownlow, do make and publish this, my last will and testament, hereby revoking and making void all others by me at time made.

1st - I direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon after my death as possible, out of any money that I may be possessed of, or may first come into the hands of my executor.

2nd - That if my wife Emily J. Brownlow, should out live me then she shall have possession and remain on the tract of land on which I now live, and to keep the two youngest children with her, to be supported off the farm and to be educated as my older children have been, and when my two youngest children shall become twenty-two years of age, or go into business for themselves then each of them are to have a horse, bridle and saddle, cow and calf and feather bed and furniture, such things as my older children have had, I will that my wife have the whole use of the farm, stock, and tools necessary to run the farm, and including all buildings and machinery attached to the farm.

3rd - I have advanced to each of my children, James S. Brownlow, Celia Ann Barnes, Emily F. Cardin, George W. Brownlow, Maggie L. Tucker, and William Brownlow, three hundred dollars, and that my youngest son, John B. Brownlow shall have the sum of three hundred dollars, to be paid out of any surplus funds derived from the farm, that if there should be no such funds, then to be allowed out of the estate in the fund divisions.

4th - After the death of my wife, my executor shall sell my real estate and all personal property, my real estate to be sold on one and two years with interest from date, and that he is empowered to deed and convey the right and title to purchaser, and the proceeds of the sale of my real estate and personal property shall be equally divided among my heirs, after allowing my son John B. Brownlow three hundred dollars, mentioned in the preceeding item, and the heirs of my deceased daughter Celia Ann Barnes, shall be entitled to one share, in division.

5th - If my wife should remarry then my executor shall sell my real estate and personal property as directed in the forgoing article, and my wife shall share an equal interest in the proceeds of said property with my heirs.

6th - I hereby nominal and appoint James S. Brownlow, my executor, to execute and carry out the provision of this my will, and that he shall have full power to disengage the duties as executor as herein required, without giving hand and security, nor to make any report to any court whatsoever but shall keep an itemized account of all the business transacted by him, and that any of the heirs shall have the right to inspect said account, and if there should not be money enough to pay off my indebtedness then the said James S. Brownlow shall sell off some portion of the land at any point of lands that he may think best.

7th - That in the event the said James S. Brownlow should die, or any other cause should arise, so that he could not act as executor then George W. Brownlow shall act as my executor with the same powers and right as is here given to the said James S. Brownlow.

In witness whereof I do this day, to this my will, set my hand, this the 30th day of March 1886.

John L. Brownlow



Signed and published in our presence, and we have subscribed our names hereunto in the presence of testation this 30th day of March 1886.

J.M. Bass

J.M. Brooks


Submitted by: Charles Gardner