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Last Will and Testament
Of John Buchanan
and Susan Harwell Buchanan

I John Buckanan will for the purpose of paying all my Just debts that my land be 
sold by Maj West by the Administrator who shall be appointed would like that my two 
eldes sons should be appointed who shall take charge of the pearishable property 
and Negroes and distribute the same to the legatees with the exception of Mary 
F Bealor who is to be payed in mones in two years after the Administrator commences 
whose portion is to be settled upon her and her heirs
I like wise will that for the mentanance of my dear wife that she shall have an 
equal portion with any children 

Jas. H. Campbell  (Seal) 
James W Kimbrough (Seal) 
Ambrose Yarbrough (Seal) 
Note: No signature from John Buchanan on document and no dates indicated. 

 I Susan Buchanan do publish and make this my last Will and testament hereby 
 revokintg and making Void all otheres by me at any time made  
 First I Will  that my funeral expences be first paid out of any Moneys I may 
 die possessed  of or may first come into the hands of any Executor or 
 Second I Will that all my perishable property consisting of Horses, Mules, 
 Cattle and Hogs and my Household and Kitchen furniture with my farming 
 implements and possessions be Sold and all my Just debts paid  
 Third I Will that all the remainder of my property consisting of my Slaves 
 with the remainder of my effects after paying all of my Just debts be equally 
 divided between my only beloved Son Rufus F Buchanan and my only beloved 
 daughter Mary F Beeler forever to be Solely their property 
 Fourth and last that my Will may be carried out to the end as desired I 
 annominate and appoint my Son Rufus F Buchanan my Executor This the 23rd 
 day of August 1860 
Signed Sealed and acknow-   }                     her 
edged in our presence day    }             Susan X Buchanan  (Seal) 
and date Written                                          mark 
H B Logue   X 
Wm K McKnight X 

Submitted by Roger Harvell

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