Will of Harrison Burgess

Giles Co TN wills 1864-5

All personal property to be sold and to sons, Henry R and John $3, which is their share of the estate. Also Executor to pay Mary Parmer,Sarah Hardeman, Anderson Hardeman, Martha Hardeman, Ellen and Elizabeth Hardeman, children of my daughter, Marthe, now dead, the sum of $3 each which is their share. The balance of the money to be equally divided between 3 other children: Thomas, Brice L, and Eliza West, wife of W O West.

To Wm H and Willis H Burgess, two of my dead son, Berry's children, a tract of land in Marshall Co TN. and to the other son, John Burgess, a sum of $3.

Ex. Chesley W McMillion

Wit: John CC Gordon, John Gordon

probated 1865 in Giles Co TN.

Submitted by: Virginia Poarch