Last Will and Testament
of William Daly

WILL...written 1854: To my sons Thomas B., William and Josiah Daly and sons-in-
law William J. Kyle and James W. Bridgeforth all property they have received
of me.  To son Samuel L. Daly three slaves, John, Kining and a girl Elen.  To
grandson William R. Kyle twelve hundred dollars.  To grandson T. G. R. Daly
two slaves Sist and Harriett and twelve hundred dollars.  To six grand
children, John, David, William, Emerine, Lucy, and Annah Bridgeforth each one
thousand dollars as they become of age.  My land with balance of slaves to be
equally divided between four sons.
Executors: Thomas B. and William E. Daly
Witnesses: George F. Phelps, Thomas Phillips.
Giles County Court File Box VI


Gifts to children when they married *source document filed with state of
Tennessee in Thomas B. Daly's hand writing....Giles County Court House Old
Records Department.

Mary Ann Kyle, mother of Wm R Kyle shortly after her marriage
2 negro Andrew and Nancy both about grown1500.00
horse, saddle and bridle125.00
bed stead and furniture30.00
cow and calf 10.00
Thomas B., 2 negro about the time or shortly after he married (37 or 38)
man named Henry
and girl named Amanda
in 1846, 2 small negro girls507.00
Cash 93.00
bed and furniture 30.00
Horse, saddle, bridle 125.00
Cow and calf 10.00
Wm. E., 2 negroes, (shortly after he married)
Boy nearly grown named Charles,
girl named Martha
1846 cash600.00
horse saddle and bridle125.00
bed and furniture30.00
cow and calf10.00
Caroline Bridgeforth, shortly after she married (1838)
2 negroes boy named William, girl Charity1500.00
horse, saddle and bridle 125.00
bed and furniture 30.00
cow and calf 10.00
300 # pork sow 35.00
1846 negroe boy and girl 600.00
Josiah (39 or 40)
man named George, girl named Ann 1500.00
horse, saddle, bridle 125.00
bed and furniture 30.00
cow and calf 10.00
1866; negroes, man, woman,
2 small children infant
Richard (1838)
negro man named Scott
woman named Henrietta
horse, saddle, and bridle 125.00
bed and furniture30.00
cow and calf10.00
300 # pork10.00
Samuel (early in 53)
2 negro men 1800.00
girl 300.00
horse, saddle and bridle 125.00
bed and furniture 30.00
cow and calf 10.00
TOTAL IN GIFTS TO CHILDREN when they married $ 14,715.00 On another page everything land and slaves including what belonged to William at his death is divided and is as follows.....
Thomas B.,
Hunnicutt tract 183 acres
John Daly tract, 141 � acres
land 325 @ $20 per acre
Slaves: Peter, Frank, Gordon, Sampson,
Ned, Rosa, Shad
Amount paid to William E. for his share Minus $1570.00
Cash $106.25
Total $9203.75
Hometract, 324 � acres $6480.00
Slaves: Bob, Nathan, Amos, ? Moses,
Phillis, Celia, Hanna
Amount paid William E. for his share Minus $1570.00
Cash $131.25
Total $9203.75
Samuel L.
Abernathy tract 325 acres $6700.00
Slaves: Sam, Washington, Tom, woman
and three children
Cash $ 118.75
Amount paid William E. Minus $1780.00
Total $9213.75
William E.
Thomas paid 1570.00
Josiah paid 1570.00
Samuel paid 1780.00
Total Cash$4920.00
SLAVES: Moses, George, Edmund, Sam, Hayden, Isabel, Anna$4175.00

Submitted by Shirley Hargrove