Last Will and Testament
of William Zenus Augustus Doster

(William Doster was born August 31, 1841 in Yorkville, SC or Georgia.
After the Civil War he lived in Giles Co., TN until his death on April 4,
1915, near Campbellsville, TN.)

I W.Z.A Doster do make and publish this as my last will and testament
hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me at any time

1) I bequeath my body to the dust and my Soul to the God who give it.

2) I direct that funeral expenses together with all other just debits
that I may die owing be paid out of any money that I may die possessed
of or will of first money that may come into the hands of my

3) I bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth Doster the home place of 54
acres land upon which I now reside to be hers during her natural life
and to have all products of said farm to her own use and benefits I
also bequeath to her all my personal effects of every character except
a land note of twelve hundred and eighty six and 40/ dollars executed
to me by J.J. Doster and W.Z.A. Doster jr on 30th day of Jan 1915 and
in event that I should not leave as much as one hundred dollars in
cash at the time of my death after paying my indebitness then I direct
that my executor shall collect that amount or any part that there of
that may necessary to. To make up the amount of one hundred dollars
and pay the same over to her for her own use and benefit.

4) I bequeath to my children J.J. Doster, W.Z.A. Doster jr., Mrs.
Pearl Yokley, Mrs Mattie Follis and one share each to the legal heirs
of my deceased children R.A. Doster and Mrs Pricilla Blackburn the
proceeds of the above mentioned note or the reminder after the bequest
to my wife has been satisfied The same to be equally divided between
them except as follows. I have advanced to my deceased son R.A. Doster
and his heirs four hundred and fourty dollars. To my deceased daughter
Pricilla Blackburn one hundred and sixty dollars. To my daughter Pearl
Yokley one hundred and twenty six. To my daughter Mattie Follis fifty
dollars. To my son W.Z.A. Doster jr. one hundred and seventy five
dollars all of which I direct shall be accounted and shall be deducted
from their respective shares. but no interest is to be collected on
these accounts share enumerated

5) I direct that at the death of my wife the lands herein bequeathen
to her shall be sold by my Executors on whatever terms they may deem
best to all the heirs and hereby empower them to executed and
acknowledge deeds to same and also all the personal property that may
be left except the household furniture and goods shall be sold and the
proceeds of said sales of both real and personal property shall be
equally divided among my legal heirs above mentioned after all the
accounts against them have been satisfied.

6) I do hereby nominate and appoint J.J. Doster & W.Z.A. Doster jr as
my executor and request that they be permitted to qualify without

Witness my hand and seal this 30th day Jan 1915

 Wm Z. A. Doster

signed and delivered in our presence this 30th day of Jan 1915

J. C.(?) Hannah
W. R. ?

Contributed by Jean Brosnan