Will of Mary E. Gaines

Kno all men by these present greeting, that I Mary E Gaines, Being of sound mind and meary and being desirous to arrange my temoral business do make this my last will and testament there by revoking all others made by me. First I will that my funeral expences and all my first debts be paid out of my personal property--- to Mamie B Cole one black cow and calf. Also the bed sted mattress and feather bed and three pillows one blanket and quilts marked in her name. I give and bequeath to my sister Martha R Worsham all my personal and real estate except the above mentioned articles, to have and to hold and use for her sole use and benefit. To control as she may see proper, giving Mamie C Cole eight dollars a year for the five years out of the procedes of the land to by her shoes and clothing. Then at sister Martha R Worsham death, I want my real estate sold and the procedes equally divided between Robert H Cole, Mamie B Cole and the bodily heirs of my sister Martha R Worhsam. I further more give and bequeath Mamie B Cole my gold watch until Mamie is grone, this 8th day of March 1899.

Mary E Gaines
J R Dessell
Dilla Russell

I appoint Martha R Worsham my executro to carry out this my last will and testament.

Mary E Gaines.

Spelling and wording is exactly as appears in the will.

Submitted by Norma Rogers