Last Will and Testament
of Elizabeth Ann Hamblen

The will of George Bowers' mother, born 1801 in Elkton, Giles co. TN - Elizabeth Ann Hamblen. born 1771 Virginia, and died 12-28-1865 in Elkton, Giles Co. TN.

After the death of John Bowers in 1803 she remarried an Unknown Phillips.

Will written in 1850:
Elizabeth Ann Phillips

To my three great grandchildren Sarah Ann Austin, Mary Eleanor Austin and George Anna Austin, six negro slaves, viz; three boys Giles, Richard and Booker and three girls, Ann, Hester and Louisa to be kept together until youngest of children become of age. The negroes are never to be under control or management of William E. Austin the father of the children.

To my six grandchildren: Elizabeth Ann Austin, Sarah Miller Reeves wife of Atlas Jones Reeves, Eleanor P. Upshaw wife of James J. Upshaw, Edward D. Bowers, James A. Bowers and Indiana T. Bowers all the residue of my estate to be divided equally.

To son George Bowers and daughter Obediance Benson each five dollars. To my grandchildren: Presley W. Phelps, William H. Phelps, Alexander M. Phelps, George F. Phelps, Elenor Morell wife of Jacob Morell, Fredora Morell wife of Samuel Morell, Matilda Osborn wife of Benjamin Osborn each one dollar and to the children of my grand daughter Obediance Nave wife of Jacob Nave each one dollar.

Executors: James J. Upshaw, Atlas J. Reeves, Edward D. Bowers, James A. Bowers

Witness: James McCallum, Thomas Martin, Joseph C. Rhea.

Codicil: I have sold negro girl Louisa bequeathed to my great grandchildren and I give another negro girl Eliza in place of her.

Witnesses: James McCallum, Geoge Bowers, H. T. Hunnicutt, Thomas P. Brooks

Codicil: I have heretofore since date of will advanced the sum of seven hundred fifty dollars for benefit of Atlas J. Reeves and his wife Sarah M. Reeves and at the request of Sarah M. Reeves. She is to account for this in the division. All property given to Sarah M. Reeves is for her sole and seperate use from liabilities of her husband and at her death to be divided amoung her children.

Witnesses: W. T. McLaurine, W. B. Barfield

Submitted by: Pam Boan