Will of G. A. Hopkins
(February Term, Giles County Court, 1892)

I, G. A. Hopkins, of Giles County, Tennessee, do make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me at any time heretofore made.

1st - I direct that my debts and funeral expenses be paid as soon as possible after my death out of any money that may be on hand at my death or may first come onto the hands of my executrix.

2nd - I will and devise to my beloved wife, Elizabeth D. Hopkins, the tract of about 150 acres of and upon which I now reside, which lies on both sides of the Pulaski and Pisgah turnpike about three miles east of Pulaski, being the same purchased by me from the estate of Thomas J. Abernathy, deceased; to have and to hold to the said Elizabeth d. Hopkins for and during the term of her natural like and at her death to go to Alice Octavia Brown, upon the terms and conditions hereafter mentioned. I also will and devise to my beloved wife, Elizabeth D. Hopkins, a small tract of about 5 acres of land lying on Leatherwood Creek and on the Pisgah and Pulaski turnpike adjoining the lands of H. A. Roscugrant on the north and east and known as the Dickson place. This I devise to my wife for her life and at her death I will and devise said Dickson place to my two sons Wm. S. Hopkins and Stonewall Hopkins.I also will and bequeath to my wife, Elizabeth D. Hopkins, after the payment of my debts whatever personal property may remain in her hands of every nature and character whatever except the parlor furniture which I leave to my daughter Alice Octavia Brown.

3rd- I will and devise to Wm. S. Hopkins, Stonewall L. Hopkins, Annie Vashti Abernathy and Alice Octavia Brown the two following tracts of land acres and was bought by me from Willis Worley's estate, and adjoins the lands of A. C. Johns on the south and Worley on the north; the other tract contains about 3 acres and adjoins A. C. and H. D. Jons on the west and the Leatherman place on the south and east, and was purchased by me from H. C. and D. A. Johns.

4th- I will and bequeth to my son, Stonewall L. Hopkins a tract of 12 acres of land adjoining the land of my son, Wm. S. Hopkins, in District No. 8 on the waters of Leatherwood Creek, which I purchased from F. M. Worsham as evidenced by his deed to me registered in Giles County.

5th- I will and devise to my daughter Alice Octavia Brown and the children of her body the remainder interest in the 150 acre tract upon which I reside, a life interest in said tract being devised to my wife in item two of this will. If my said daughter should die without issue, or her issue should die before reaching the age of 21 years, it is my will that all of the real estate herein devised to her revert back to my other children or their descendants I devise nothing to my daughter, Letitia V. Keeling, because I have heretofore given her a full share of my property.

6th- I hereby appoint my wife, Elizabeth D. Hopkins, sole executrix of this my last will and testament and it is my will that she be not required to give any bonds.

(Signed ) G. A. Hopkins

Signed and acknowledged by G. A. Hopkins in our presence Feb. 24th, 1891

J. P. Abernathy
W. J. Abernathy

Probated Feb. 22, 1892

Dan L. Eslich, Clerk

(Recorded in Wills, Inventories & Settlements Book IBI, 1869-1896, pages 624-625, County Clerk's Office of Giles County, Tennessee, at Pulaski.)

Submitted by Nancy Wasness