Last Will and Testament
of Griffin Lewis King

                     Will of Griffin Lewis King

I desire all my property real and personal be kept together for use
and benefit of all my heirs.  I desire my youngest child Griffin Lewis
King shall have two hundred dollars more money than my other children
except my daughter Susan Ida King who shall receive one hundred fifty
dollars more than the remaining children.  I desire that as my children
go off to themselves to live they shall be made equal in property to
those children who have already left me.  If wife Ann Howard King die I
desire that all remainder of property be equally divided between all my

Witnesses: W F Benson, William Atkins.

File Box K -- Case 2630 James W. King and Others vs. Andrew King & Others Griffin L. King died in Giles County in December 1864, testate. He left surviving his widow Ann (Burrow) and nine children: Mary, Elizabeth, Indiana, Martha, Emily, Susan, Andrew, Lewis, and James W. King. James W. King was appointed Administrator of estate. Griffin L. King was owner of 167 1/2 acres of land in District 9, lying on Silver Creek, bounded by William Hardy, Bledsole & Abernathy. Mary married James Baugh, Elizabeth married Samuel Tucker, Indiana married Andrew J. Tucker, Martha married Lewis Birdsong, Emily married Benjamin F. Dunnavant, James married Mary B. Dunnavant.

Submitted by: Tom King