Will of J. Wilkes King

	August Term Giles County Court 1907

   J. Wilkes King Will

	I, J. Wilkes King, of Giles County, Tennessee, being of sound mind
	and disposing memory, do make and publish this as my last will and
	testiment, hereby revolking and making void all other will or wills 
	heretofore made by me.

    Item 1st: I direct my executor, hereinafter named, to pay all of my debts 
	and my funeral expenses as soon as practicable after my death, and
	out of the first money coming to his hands belonging to my estate.

    Item 2nd: I hereby give to my wife Mattie L. King my five year old mare,
	named "Ida" and this mare will not be sold with the other personal 
	property hereinafter directed sold.

    Item 3rd: I hereby give and devise to my wife Mattie L. King for and during 
	her natural life the tract of land on which I now live, situted in the
	9th civil district of Giles County, Tennessee, containing 169 acres, 
	and is knowned as "Home Place" and in the same tract of land I 
	purchased at the sale of my deceased father, Griffin L. King. 
	At the death of my said wife I direct my executor to sell said tract 
	of land on such terms as he deems best, and out of the proceeds of 
	sale he will pay first to my daughter Annie Zelma King the sum of
	Five Hundred Dollars then to Essie King, my daughter $300.00, then 
	to Thos Nigel King, my son $300.00, and after paying these special 
	bequests, the balance, if any, will be divided equally between my 
	children Wm Griffin King, Mrs Sallie A. Smith, Thos Nigel King, 
	Essie King, and Annie Zelma King.

    Item 4th: My lands are under Mortgage to the Union Central Life Insurance
	Company for about $800.00 and I want this debt paid as soon after my 
	death as possible. To this end I direct my Executor to see my personal 
	property, not herein specifically disposed of, together with the rents 
	and profits from my lands, converting all of same to cash, and he will 
	pay said mortgage debt first, so as to leave the lands unencombered, 
	and such personal property as he may not dispose of by 
	November 1, 1908, he will imediately sell same and I give him full 
	powers to sell either privately or publically, and for cash or on time, 
	leaving it all to my said executors sound judgement.

    Item 5th: I give and demise to my wife Mattie L. King all of my household 
	and kitchen furniture to be hers absolutely, and my Executor will not 
	sell the same.

    Item 6th: I own almost 300 acres of land other than my homeplace, refered 
	to in the 3rd item of this will. This land is situated in the 9th 
	Civil District of Giles County, Tennessee, lying adjacent to the lands 
	of Halloway, Watson, Bledsoe, Johnson, & Hardy where of my deeds of 
	record are here refered to. I desire my two sons cultivate this land 
	during the year 1908, and a sale of this 300 acres being all of my 
	lands other than the 169 acre homeplace be made by my Executor 
	during the fall of 1908, and such terms as he deems best, but so as 
	to give the purchaser possession January 1, 1909, and if it should 
	become necessary to use any of the proceeds of sale of said land for 
	the payment of my debts, he will use the same accordingly. And my 
	Executor will sell said land either as a whole of by subdivisions, 
	as he thinks best, and I give my Executor full power to execute all 
	necessary deeds to said lands perfecting little in the purchism. And 
	after paying all depts and costs of administration, any balance of 
	funds arising from sales personally meets profits of lands and the
	proceeds of said lands out of the same, my Executor will pay to 
	Wm Griffin King $300.00, to my daughter Sally A. Smith, wife of 
	E. F. Smith, $150.00, I have already given her $150.00. To Essie King, 
	my daughter,$100.00, and to my younger daughter Annie Zelma King,
	$150.00. And after paying these special bequests, all the rent and 
	residue of the funds he will pay equally to Wm Griffin King, 
	Mrs Sally Smith, Thos Nigel King, Essie King, Annie Zelma King, and 
	my wife Mattie L King. In case any beneficiary under this will should 
	die leaving issue surviving him or her, the issue of such deceased 
	beneficiary will take as the parent would have done if living.

    Item 7th: The properity herin given my daughters is given to them, and 
	each of them, as a sale and seperate estate free from the debts 
	contracts, control, liability, tenancy by the curtesy or marrital 
	rights of any husband they or either of them may ever have and with 
	full power of disposition in each of them as though she were a 
	feme sole.

    Item 8th: The provisions herein made for my wife Mattie L King are in 
	full of her rights to homestead and dower in my real estate, 
	exemptions years support and distributive share in my personal estate.

    Item 9th: I omitted to state that I own 7 acres of land situated in the 
	20th Civil District of Giles County. I direct my executor sell this 
	land and divide the proceeds as provided in item 6th of this will.

    Item 10th: Any and all other property of which I may die seized and 
	possessed and not herein disposed of, I direct my Executor sell same 
	and divide the proceeds as directed in item 6th of this will.

    Item 11th: My Executor will use his own judgement in making the sales 
	herein directed, and especially in selling live stock, selling from 
	time to time such live stock as may not be needed on the farm.

    Item 12th: I direct my Executor to pay for suitable grave stone and have 
	the same erected over my grave, and the graves of my family, four 
	members who have predeceased me. I hereby nominate, constitute 
	and appoint my brother Andrew L King, Executor of this my will, 
	with full power to carry out its provisions and I request him to 
	accept the testament.

	This July 2nd 1907               		J Wilkes King

	This paper writing was signed by the testator, who declared the same 
	to be his last will and testament and in his own right and presence 
	and at his request and in presence of each other, we signed the same
	as uttesting and subscribing witnesses,
	This July 2nd 1907.		Hugh Nillinson
				 	Frank Wilkinson
				 	E E Eslick

	Probated Aug 5th, 1907           	J W Flournoy, Clerk

Submitted by Tom King