Will & Census Records
of James McNeese


I, James McNeese, do make and publish this as my last will and testament hereby revoking all others by me at any time made. First, I direct that all my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon as possible out of any monies that I may die possessed of or may first come into the hands of my executor; Second, I give and bequeath to my wife Mary McNeese the land on which I now live or sixty acres or sixty acres of said tract of land, and called the old Tract for her lifetime. I also give her one Bay filly, one choice cow and calf, one sow and pigs, six head of sheep, two bee stands, one thousand pounds of pork, corn and fodder sufficient for one year. I wish my said wife to keep all my household and kitchen furniture her lifetime. Third, I give to my son Jacob McNeese for his portion of my estate a note that I paid for him given to William McKinney and due the 25th day of December 1820 for thirty dollars bearing date the 12th day of November 1819 which note I now hold. Fourth, I give to my daughter Nelly McMillion five dollars as her portion of my estate. Fifth, I give to my son Isaac A. for his portion of my estate the sixty acres of land left to my wife at her death and my saddle. Sixth, I wish the remainder of my estate of equally divided William McNeese, John McNeese, Nancy Hall's heirs, James McNeese, George W. McNeese, Andrew J. McNeese, Martha Burrows, Mary Sutton all to come in as equal shares. Except Nancy Hall her portion I wish given to her heirs. Lastly, I do hereby nominate and appoint Silas E. Abernathy my Executor. For witness whereof I do this my will set my hand and seal this 1st day of September 1840. Test Thomas M. Graves, J. A. Jackson. Signed his mark, James McNeese.

Note on cover: Say how much corn and fodder and what she ought to be alowed for a sow and pigs which she has not had and what price corn and fodder and was worth last Christmas. R. Jones


Agreement of the Heirs and Distributees of James McNeese, Deceased:

Whereas we the representatives and heirs of James McNeese, Deceased being known(?) for the purpose of an equal distribution of the land of the aforesaid deceased and finding upon agreement of all parties that there was about two hundred sixty eight acres of land liable to distribution in equal shares according to his last will and testament of the aforesaid James McNeese deceased. Third, being desirous to reduce the shares of the aforesaid land to each according to the aforesaid will which is now a matter of record. Have by agreement met and divided the land after the following manner (fourth) - For the distributees of the said McNeese - having divided the said land into eight equal portions there being as many heirs or legal distributees to the said land, and having drawn by tickets for our shares, have received and by these persons to acknowledge ourselves satisfied with the aforesaid distribution of said land.
Henry Burrow - one of the heirs and as such underwritten drew in conjunction with Nancy Hall, the tract of land known as the Akins tract containing about sixty acres more or less. James & Jackson McNeese drew the Ridge Tract containing about fifty acres valued at two hundred dollars. Washington McNeese drew the seventy five acre tract known as Sa?? valued at one hundred dollars. Foster Sutton drew the Hall Tract containing about thirty seven acres known as the Hall Tract valued at one hundred dollars. William McNeese and John McNeese drew the Spears Tracts containing forty four acres valued at three hundred dollars. We the underwritten heirs being generally desirous to ? to those who did not draw an avridge(?) share of land at valuation - the residue of said at valuation acknowledge our lands bounds for said surplus. The Akin track drawn by Henry Burrow and Nancy Hall ows a surplus of one hundred and one dollars - for the payment of which we acknowledge the aforesaid land bound. James and Jackson McNeese drew the Ridge tract containing fifty acres valued at two hundred dollars, there being a deficit of sixty six dollars for the payment of which we claim a lean, which is acknowledged by the heirs. Washington McNease drew the seventy five acre tract valued at one hundred dollars, of which share there is thirty three dollars coming from the estate - seventy five cents. Foster Sutton drew the Hall tract containing thirty seven acres valued at one hundred dollars, of which there is a deficit of thirty three dollars seventy five cents. William McNeese and John McNeese drew the Spears tract of forty five acres valued at three hundred dollars, on which there is a surplus of thirty two dollars and fifty cents for which we mutually acknowledge the land bound until the first day of January eighteen hundred and forth three, which we have here unto bound ourselves to ? in order to avoid further trouble and expense or litigation. Signed by mark: James McNeese, Wm McNeese, John McNeese, Jackson McNeese, G W McNeese, Nancy Hall
Nov 1st 1841, Test G Washington, David Maxwell



James McNeese 39 M Hatter $800 TN
Elizabeth 24 F TN
Mary 82 F F VA
Jaby L. 1 M TN
(Mary, age 82, is living with her son, James)

William Hall 45 M Farmer $700 NC
Nancy 50 F KY
Abraham 18 M TN
William 16 M TN
John 14 M TN
James 10 M TN
Anderson 9 M TN

William G. McNeese 23 M Farmer TN
Mary 23 F TN
John P. 7 M TN
Freelinghuysen 4 M TN
W. Taylor 2 M TN

W. W. McMillion 35 M Farmer $500 VA
Sophia 30 F TN
James L. 11 M TN
W.C. 9 M TN
M.J. 7 F TN

Isaac A. McNeese 35 M Farmer TN
Caroline 22 F TN
Richard 6 M TN
Emiline 2 F TN
Nancy 2/12 F TN

Gustavis A. Hopkins 31 M Constable-looks like he ran the Pauper House
Many names appear below his name including:
Elizabeth McNeese 48 F NC Pauper
Thomas 21 M TN Idiot & Pauper
Sarah F. 17 F TN Pauper
Mary A. E. 10 F TN Pauper
Willis W.? 6 M TN Pauper


Fauster F. Sutton 45 M Carpenter VA (married within
Mary 16 F (wife) TN the census yr)
Martha 18 F TN
Geo. 16 M Farmer TN
Mary 13 F TN
Wm. 10 M TN
Henry F. 8 M TN
(this is the widow of Mary McNeese and her children; he remarried another
Mary in 1850)

George McNece 37 M Farmer TN
Elisabeth 37 F NC?
Nancy 14 F TN
Mary 10 F TN
George 9 M TN
Sophronia 7 F TN
James 4 M TN
Sarah 1 F TN
Nancy Sutton 14 F TN (dau. Mary & Foster)
Mary Williamson 16 F TN


Jackson McNees 32 M Farmer TN
Elizabeth 32 F TN
Mary 7 F TN
Jesse 5 M TN
Eliza 3 F TN
Kenny 1 M TN


Nancy Hall 58 F Farming $1000/$200 KY
John 26 M Shoe Maker $0/$100 TN
Wm. 24 M Farmer $0/$400 TN
James 21 M Farmer TN
Isaac 19 M TN
Ann Perigin 14 F TN

Henry J. McNease 48 M Farmer $400/$600 TN
Elizabeth 34 F TN
John 11 M TN
Elvira 9 F TN
John W. 6 M TN
Thos. Mc. 3 M TN
James M. 1 M TN

A. J. McNease 40 M Farmer $0/$400 TN
Elizabeth 40 F TN
Mary J. 17 F TN
Jesse 15 M TN
Eliza A. 13 F TN
Henry H. 11 M TN
Nancy C. 8 F TN
Margaret E. 3 F TN

W. G. McNeace 39 M Farmer $0/$200 TN
Mary E. 39 F TN
John P. 17 M TN
F. H. 15 M TN
Wm. T.? 13 M TN
Parmelia 11 F TN
Alex 9 M TN
Harper A. 7 M TN
Franklin 5 M TN
Josiah 1 M TN

Wm. McMillion 43 M Farmer $0/$3000 TN
Sophronia 40 F TN
James 21 M TN
Chessly 18 M TN
Martha 16 F TN
Thos. 8 M TN
Gilmore 4 M TN
Whit Greecy 22 M Laborer TN

James M. Aymi. (Aymett?) 32 M Farmer $0/$3090 TN
Mary C. Aymil 27 F TN
James 4 M TN
James McNees 14 M TN

Elizabeth McNeece, 60, female, $200, NC
Thomas, 28, male, Com-Laborer, TN
Fanny, 22, female, TN
Elizabeth, 18, female, TN
Willis, 15, male, TN



William McNeese, 73, male, laborer, $150, NC
AC, 56, f, TN
WM, 18, m, laborer, tn
SC, 26, f, tn
SM, 15, m, tn
RA, 12, m, tn
CE, 8, m, tn
EW, 4, m, tn
LC, 1, f, tn



George McNeese 50 M Farmer TN
Elizabeth 50 F NC
N. 24 TN
M. 22 TN
George 20 TN
S.A. 18 TN
S.A. 12 TN
J. 8 TN
M. 6 TN
baby 2 mo. AR



William Hall 70 M/W Farmer $300/$0 VA
Masila 35 F/W Keep House TN

Wm. McNeese 47 M Work at Mill $0/$150 TN
Mary 43 F Keep House AL
Alexander 18 M Farm Laborer TN
Harper 17 M Farm Laborer TN
Frank 15 M Farm Laborer TN
Josiah 13 M Farm Laborer TN
Barney 11 M Farm Laborer TN
Edward 8 M TN
Virginia 7 F TN
Lan? 5 F TN
Samuel 4/12 M TN

Joseph McNeece 35 M Farmer TN
Susan 36 F Keep House TN
Joseph 2 M TN
Greeves, Nathanial 72 M Farmer $600/$400 NC
Green? 12 F/B Keep House

Jessa McNiece 24 M Farmer TN
Mary 25 F Keep House TN
George 2 M TN
Martha 7/12 F (b. in Oct.) TN
Sarah 3 F TN

Jack McNeice 51 M Farmer $0/$150 TN
Elizabeth 50 F Keep House TN
Mary 26 F at home TN
Eliza 22 F at home TN
Henry 21 M Farm laborer TN
Nacy 17 F at home TN
Margaret 13 F at home TN

Wm. McMillion 30 M Farmer $1000/$250 TN
Elizabeth 65 F Keep House VA

William Hall 34 M Farmer $0/$600 TN
Martha 22 F Keep House TN
Mary 4 F TN
Nancy 2 F TN

Nancy Hall 69 F Keep House $700/$250 KY
Ann Perigan 24 F Domestic Servant TN

Willis McNiece, 24, male, farm laborer, $100, TN (looks like middle initial
was either R or S?)
Martha I., 18, female, keep house, TN
Elizabeth, 60, female, OHIO
Francis, 32, female, idiott, TN


William McNish, 70, male, farm laborer, NC
Annie, 64, f, keeps house, tn
Sarah J. Northern?, 38, f, at home, tn
Edward W. McNish, 14, m, farm laborer, tn
Joseph W., 4, m, tn (last name unsure?)
Mary E. Northern, 3, f, tn



Mary McNeece 27 F Keep house TN
George 25 M Farmer $500/$250 TN
Sophronia 23 F TN
Sarah 21 F TN
Rice 19 M TN
Margret 17 F TN
John 15 M TN
Babe 12 F TN
(these are children of George McNeese & Elizabeth)


Willis McNease 34 M hus. Labors on farm TN TN TN
Martha J. 27 F wife Keeping house TN TN TN
Littie 3 F dau. TN TN TN
Willis N. 8/12 M son b. in Sep. TN TN TN
Marler, Bettie 34 F sis-in-law/dom servant TN TN NC

W. G. McNeece 55 M hus. Farmer TN TN TN
M.A. 52 F wife Keep house AL Unk TN
Barney 18 M son works on farm TN TN AL
Eddy 16 M son works on farm TN TN AL
C.J.? 14 F dau. keeps house TN TN AL
M.L. 12 F dau. keeps house TN TN AL
Samuel 11 M son works on farm TN TN AL
Beulah 4 F dau TN TN AL
W.F. 4 M gr.son TN TN AL
Ada 3 F gr.dau. TN TN TN
C.J. 6 F gr.dau TN TN AL
Alexander 26 M son TN TN AL

A. G. McNeece 61 M hus. Not able to work/Rheumatius
Elizabeth 62 F wife keep house TN Unk (KY)
Nancy C. 27 F dau. keep house TN TN TN
M.E. 22 F dau. work on farm TN TN TN
J. H. Martin 5 M gr.son TN TN TN
M.F. Martin 5 F gr.dau TN TN TN
Infant Unnamed 9/30 F gr.dau (b. in May) TN TN TN

Joseph McNeece 46 M hus. Farmer TN TN TN
S.C. 47 F wife keep house TN NC TN
Leonidas 12 M son farm laborer TN TN TN
Clark 9 M son TN TN TN
A. H. 5 F dau. TN TN TN
Nathaniel 2 M son TN TN TN

James McNeese 70 M hus works on farm TN KY KY
Elizabeth 57 F wife keep house TN VA VA

J.L. McNeese 30 M hus works on farm TN TN TN
Martha 26 F wife Keep house GA SC SC
Elizabeth 6 F dau. TN TN GA
Jim W. 4 M son TN TN GA
Lily 1 F dau. TN TN GA

Jesse McNeese 34 M hus. Farmer TN TN TN
Mary 35 F wife keep house TN TN TN
Sarah 15 F dau at home TN TN TN
George 12 M son TN TN TN
Martha 10 F dau. TN TN TN
Andrew 8 M son TN TN TN
James 5 M son TN TN TN
Thomas 1/12 M son TN TN TN


7th Civil District
Joe McNeese Jul 1847 52 TN TN TN m. 9 yrs.
Ellen wife Mar 1877 23 TN TN TN m. 9 yrs.
Joe son Apr 1887 13 TN TN TN
Irvine son Nov 1893 6 TN TN TN
Noble son Nov 1894 5 TN TN TN
(Ellen is the mother of 8 children; 4 still living)

Lee McNeese Aug 1867 32 TN TN TN m. 9 yrs.
Gertrude wife Feb 1866 34 TN TN TN
Elza son Oct 1891 8 TN TN TN
(Gertrude is the mother of one child - still living.)

Mary McNeece May 1845 55 TN TN TN
Feab son Apr 1880 20 TN TN TN

9th Civil District
Allen McNeece Jun 1868 31 TN TN TN Farmer
Ida wife Jan 1870 28 TN TN TN
Jennie dau Oct 1888 11 TN TN TN
Colley son Aug 1890 9 TN TN TN
Mabern dau May 1895 5 TN TN TN
William son Dec 1897 3 TN TN TN
Betl dau Oct 1898 2 TN TN TN

Andrew McNeese Nov 1871 29 TN TN TN Farmer
Jennie wife Jul 1876 23 TN TN TN
Kelley son Feb 1897 3 TN TN TN
Mary dau Apr 1899 1 TN TN TN

Jim McNeece Nov 1875 25 TN TN TN
Estelle R? wife May 1878 22 TN TN TN

11th Civil District
Freland H. McNeese Feb 1844 56 TN TN TN m. 19 yrs.
Fannie wife Dec 1865 34 TN TN TN m. 19 yrs.
Mealy dau Apr 1876 26 TN TN TN
John L. son Sep 1882 17 TN TN TN
Martha J. dau Mar 1883 16 TN TN TN
Grenville son Mar 1886 14 TN TN TN
Arthur son Nov 1887 12 TN TN TN
Lizzie May dau Dec 1889 10 TN TN TN
Iney dau Jan 1898 2 TN TN TN
Adalade gr. dau Dec 1899 6/12 TN TN TN
(Fannie is the mother of 8 children; 6 still living)

Samuel McNeece Feb 1870 30 TN TN TN m. 6 yrs.
Bulla wife Apr 1877 23 TN TN TN m. 6 yrs.
Maryetta dau Jan 1896 4 TN TN TN
Aljeha ? dau Aug 1897 2 TN TN TN
Ethel dau Dec 1899 6/12 TN TN TN
(Bulla is the mother of 3 living children)

William McNeece Oct 1878 21 TN TN TN m. 3 yrs.
Nancey wife Jun 1873 26 TN TN TN m. 3 yrs.
Ethel dau Apr 1898 2 TN TN TN
(Nancey is the mother of one living child)

William G. McNeece Dec 1823 77 TN TN TN m. 59 yrs.
Mary A. wife Oct 1827 72 AL AL TN m. 59 yrs.
Parsons, Clarence gr.son Aug 1888 11 TN TN TN
(Mary is the mother of 15 children; 10 still living)

Willis McNeece Dec 1841 58 TN m. 33 yrs.
Martha wife Aug 1851 48 TN m. 33 yrs.
Jesse dau Apr 1886 14 TN
Marler, Betty si.law Nov 1846 53 TN
(Martha is the mother of 15 children; 4 still living)

12th Civil District
Elexander McNeece Jun 1847 52 TN TN TN m. 19 yrs.
Eliza wife Aug 1864 35 AL AL GA m. 19 yrs.
Lena dau Nov 1882 17 TN TN AL
Edwin son Dec 1883 16 TN TN AL
William son March 1886 14 TN TN AL
Con. son Apr 1890 10 TN TN AL
Mary dau Nov 1892 7 TN TN AL
Leon son Sep 1897 2 TN TN AL
Robinson, Charlie C. Bo. May 1847 53 AL VA AL
(Eliza is the mother of 9 children; 6 still living)

16th Civil District
Henry McNess Apr 1849 51 TN TN TN m. 28 yrs.
Marthy J. wife Jan 1856 44 TN TN TN m. 28 yrs.
Willie son Jan 1875 25 TN TN TN
Ward son Oct 1876 23 TN TN TN
Ella dau Feb 1882 18 TN TN TN
Wiley M. son Jun 1885 14 TN TN TN
Leona dau Jun 1889 10 TN TN TN
Dudley J. son Dec 1894 5 TN TN TN
(Marthy is the mother of 11 children; 7 are still living)

22nd Civil District
Lou Ellen McNeece May 1880 20 TN
living with her uncle, Harvy Powers

Other McNeese's that I took from the soundex:

Bradley Co, TN 10th District
William R. McNees Jul 1841 58 TN
Elizabeth wife Apr 1837 63 TN

Wayne Co, TN 3rd District
Barney McNeice Oct 1863 36 TN
Fannie wife Apr 1864 36 TN
Clarence son Aug 1886 13 TN
Ethel dau Mar 1891 9 TN
Barney son Apr 1894 5 TN

Maury Co, TN 11th District
Cecil McNeece Jul 1879 20 TN
Etta wife Mar 1883 17 TN

Maury Co, TN 12th District
Bill McNease May 1877 23 TN
Boarder with George Grubbs


Dist 8
McNeece, Allen, 41, tn,tn,tn, m. 17 years
Ida, wife , 39, Al,al,al, mother of 11 children, 9 living, m. 17 years
Mabel, dau, 14, tn,tn,al
William, son, 13, tn,tn,al
Bennett, son, 10, tn,tn,al
Floyd, son , 9,
Pearl, dau 8
Katie May, dau, 5
Maude Lee, dau, 3
Irene, dau, 1 2/12

McNeece, Carl, head , 19, tn,tn,al, farmer on home farm, m. 3 years
Vera, wife, 21, tn,tn,al, 1 child living, m. 3 years
Elbert, son, 6/12, tn,tn,al

McNeese, F.L., head, 29, tn, tn, tn, no job listed, m. 7 years
Carrie, wife, 32, tn, tn, tn, 2 children living
Mayme Lue, dau 5, tn,tn,tn
William Luther, son, 11/12
Hodges, W.H., father-in law

McNeece, J.M., head , 34, tn,tn,tn, carpenter, m. 10 years
Estella, wife, 31, tn,tn,tn,
Agnes, dau., 5, tn,tn,tn
Lee, son, 6,
Evie, dau, 3

16th dist
McNeice, Alex, age 58, m 38 yrs, tn, tn, tn farmer
Mary E., 40 , m 38 yrs, al,al,ga, farmer-----(40-38!sic)
Conrad, 18,tn,tn,al laborer
Mary E., 16,tx,tn,al-------(Texas!)
Leoni, F,12, tn,tn,al
Pearl G., 7, tn,tn,al

Dist 16
Howell, John has dau and granddaughter living with him
McNeece, Eva., 20 divorced, not employed
Bulah M. 3
eva could be the ex-wife of Wiley McNeese

McNeece, Henry C. head 61, tn,tn,tn, retail merchant, general store
Martha, wife, 54, tn,tn,tn, 11 kids, 7 living, m. 37 years
Dudley , son 15

McNeece, Ward, head, 33,tn,tn,tn, farmer, m. 3 years
Bessie A., wife, 26, tn,tn,tn, 2 kids, living
Burrow, son, 2, tn,tn,tn
Bessie M., girl, 0/12

McNeece, William H., head, 35, tn,tn,tn, farmer, m. 4 years
Mittie M., wife, 22, tn,tn,tn,
Selma U?, dau., 2
living next household:
McNeece, Wiley, head, 24, divorced, farmer, tn, tn, tn
Gowan, Sallie, wife, 22, single, tn,tn,tn
This census doesn't say if Wiley has children, but is rather confusing because
of him stating divorced and Sallie stating wife/single. It appears that this is Wiley's second wife.

Dist 5
McNeese, Nathaniel, head, 32, tn,tn,tn, laborer,
Verna, wife, 22, tn,tn,tn, 1 child, living, m. 5 years
Raymon, son, 4

McNeese, Joe, head, 74, widower, tn,tn,tn, no job listed
Annie, dau, 35, widow, tn,tn,tn

Dist 23
Stevenson, John L. head
McNeese, Susie, Sister-in-law, 36, widow, one child living
McNeese, Lonie, niece, (Susie's dau) 7

Dist 10
McNeese,Sam, head, 40, tn,tn,tn, Mgr stock Farm, m. 16 yrs
Beulah, wife, 34, tn,tn,tn, 9 children, 4 living. m 16 yrs.
Mary Ellen, dau., 14
Altha B. dau. 12
Hazel B., dau 4
Leila, dau, 10/12

McNeese,Will , head, 29, tn,tn,tn, laborer, m. 1 year
Rosie, wife, 18, tn,tn,tn, no children
Ethel, dau, 12, tn,tn,tn
Laura, dau, 9,
Johnson, Willie, sister-in-law, 20, divorced, 2 living children

Dist 12
McNeese, Will, head, 27, farmer, m. o yrs.
Lizzie, wife, 22, m. o yrs
Rutledge, Alex, servant, black, 70, widower


15 dist
McNeece, George W. or N., head, 29, tn,tn,tn, farm laborer, m. 6 yrs
Mertle A. , wife, 27, tn,tn,tn, 3 living children m. 6 years
Marion T., son, 5
Linnie P., dau, 3
Malcomb P., son, 1 1/12

6 dist
McNeese, William C., head, 29, tn, us,us, Farmer, m. 10 yrs
Mary E., wife, 27, tn,tn,tn, 6 kids 5 living
Bessie H., dau 9
Ruby E. dau, 8,
Ina C., dau. 4
William A.., son, 2 7/12
Sallie C., 10/12
Annie, dau, 35, widower




Bud McNeece, 22, tn
Velma, wife, 18, tn
Ben R., bro, 24, tn

Carl McNeece, 29, tn
Tera, wife, 32, tn
Elbert, son, 10, tn
Floyd, son, 7, tn
Ruby, dau, 5 1/12, tn
Millie, dau, 2 10/12, tn
Arlean, dau, 3/12, tn

Clat McNeese, 47, tn
enumerated with Walter Marks as bro-in-law

Con McNeece, 28, tn
Vera S., wife, 24, tn
Malcomb, son, 6, tn
Dorris, dau, 5, tn
Frank, uncle, 64, tn

Emit McNeece, 66, tn
Martha, 54, wife, tn
Leo, 20, son, tn
Pearl, 16, dau, tn

GA McNeese, 52, tn
Ida, wife, 48, tn
Ben J., son, 21, tn
Floyd, son, 19, tn
Pearl, dau, 17, tn
Maude, dau, 13, tn
Irene, dau, 11, tn
John Allen, son, 9, tn
Moe, son, 5 1/12, tn

Henry McNeece, 70, tn
Martha, wife, 63, tn
Wiley, son, 34, tn
Dudley, son, 26, tn
Lochie, dau-in-law, 26, tn
Ella, g-dau, 5, tn
Ruth, g-dau, 4, tn
Harvey, g-son, 10/12, tn

James McNeese, 44, tn
Estella, wife, 41, tn
Agnes, dau, 19, tn
Lee, son, 16, tn
Evie, dau, 13, tn

Louise McNeece, 8, tn
enumerated with Martha Gowan as granddaughter

Mary McNeese, 2/12, tn
enumerated with W. L. Tinnon as granddaughter; also listed Myrtle, 22,

Ward McNeece, 43, tn
Bessie, 37, wife, tn
Burrow, 11, son, tn
Dessie, 9, dau, tn
Dean, 7, son, tn
Clyde, 4, son, tn
Edith, 2, dau, tn

Will McNeece, 45, tn
Nettie, 30, tn
Selma, 12, tn
Woodrow, 6, tn
(I forgot to list the relationships or they were not indicated)

Willis H. McNeese, 74, tn
enumerated with Geo. W. Randolph as father-in-law

Willis N. McNeese, 39, tn
Rosie, 28, wife, tn
Martha T., 9, dau, tn
Annie D., 5, dau, tn
Bulah A., ?, dau, tn
James W., 7/12, son, tn


Collier McNeice, 40, tn
Etta, wife, 37, tn
Ana, dau, 14, tn
Arther, son, 12, tn
Sally, dau, 10, tn
Hall, son, 8, tn
Edward, son, 6, tn
Frances, dau, 3, tn
Dortha, dau, 2/12, tn

Sam McNiece, 50, tn (Carpenter living in Columbia, TN)
Bulah, wife, 47, tn
Hazel, dau, 15, tn
Lula, dau, 10, tn
Tennie, d, 8, tn
Ruthie, dau, 5, tn

LAWRENCE COUNTY (Lawrenceburg) TN 1920

Nathaniel McNeese, 42, tn
Verna L., wife, 32, tn
Raymond, 14, tn
Mary C., 8, tn

Wm. T. McNeese, 71, Alabama
Carrie, dau, 13, tn
Rosa, dau, 10, tn
Mabe, dau, 7, tn


Annie McNeese, 43, tn
Jesse R. McNeese, dau, 14, tn
Taylor, Gertrude E., N?, 29, tn

SOME McNeese's buried in Giles County.


Katie May, dau of George Allen McNeese & Ida Bell Phillips, b. 6 Jun 1904, d. 5 Nov 1907
Margaret Gayla McNeese, 1939-1940
Mary Frances McNeese, 11 May 1845 - 25 Feb 1905 (wife of Jesse McNeese)
Jesse McNeese, 29 Jul 1845 - 3 Nov 1897 (son of Andrew Jackson)
Infant son of George Allen and Ida Bell McNeese b&d 17 Aug 1913
Willie Alice Hood, 1st wife of George Allen McNeese, 21 Sep 1870 - 22 Jun 1891


Floyd C. McNeese, 3 Dec 1900 - 12 Jun 1972 (George Allen's son; Jesse's grandson)
Irene McNeese, 29 Sep 1914 -
Joe McNeese, 21 Nov 1914 -
Edna McNeese, 6 Feb 1916 -
Malcolm McNeese, 4 Oct 1924 - 13 Mar 1943
Lee McNeese, 23 Sep 1903 - 3 Jan 1978
Ruth (Garrett) McNeese, 8 Oct 1908 - 4 Nov 1983 (wife of Lee)
G. A. McNeese , 5 Jun 1868 - 11 Apr 1931, (Jesse's son)
Ida Bell (Phillips) McNeese, 18 Jan 1871- 17 Feb 1927 (2nd wife of G.A.)
William A. McNeese (see Bud 1920 census), 16 Dec 1896 - 27 Aug 1951 (G.A.'s son)
Velma A. (Broadway) McNeese, 11 Nov 1901 - 5 Oct 1981 (William A.'s wife)
Howard McNeese, 1920 - 1984
Susie Martin Neese, 1873 - 1965
Lorene Neese, 1903 - 1957
Carl Wynn McNeese, 1890 - 1969 (G.A.'s son)
Lera Rachel (Austin) McNeese, 1888 - 1970 (Carl's wife)
Estelle (Dunnavant) McNeese, 1878 - 1947 (James M.'s wife)
James M. McNeese, 1875 - 1949 (Jesse's son)
Evie McNeese, 1906 - 1958 (James & Estelle's dau)
(It looks like these McNeese's are all descended from Jesse, particularly his
sons, G.A. & Jesse)


Dessie Lee McNeese Brumit, 25 Apr 1910 (James Ward's dau, Henry's granddau)
William Henry Brumit, 2 Feb 1904 - 2 Jun 1965 (Dessie's husband)
Charles Henry McNeese, ? Mar 1922 - 10 Jul 1977
Elizabeth W. (Mary Elizabeth Woodard) McNeese, 12 Oct 1920 (Charles Henry's wife)


Leon McNeese, 14 Sep 1897 - 13 Aug 1976 (Alexander's son, Wm. G.'s grandson)
Lona Ree (Thorne) McNeese, 8 Jan 1908 (Alexander's wife)
Winford Leon McNeese, 16 Jun 1930 - 26 Apr 1976
Ophelia E. McNees, 9 Jan 1932
Alex McNeese, 10 Jun 1853 - 26 Jan 1945 (Wm. G's son, John's grandson)
W. N. (Willis) McNeese, 1 Oct 1879 - 17 Apr 1950 (Willis' son, John's grandson)
Rosie Bell McNeese, 22 Oct 1891 - 20 Jul 1962 (W.N.'s wife)
E.M. McNeese, 20 Oct 1891 - 15 Aug 1949
R. L. McNeese, 1867 - 1941
Alice Gertrude (Reese), wife of J. L. (Lee) McNeese, 14 Feb 1868 - 9 Apr 1911
Clat McNeese, 1870 - 1951
Annie Marks McNeese, 1876 - 1951 (Clat's wife)


Maggie Leona, dau of Henry G.(?) & Martha Jane McNeese, 17 Jun 1889 - 20 Jan 1908
Ella, wife of J.W. Norvell, dau of H.C. & M.J. McNeese, 23 Feb 1881 - 27 Jul 1905
Sallie Lee Gowen, wife of Wiley McNeese, 4 Feb 1888 - 5 Feb 1919
Tiney Deane McNeese, dau of D.J. (Dudley) McNeese, 15 Sep 1933 - 18 Oct 1934
Walter Wallace McNeese, son of DJ (Dudley) & LP McNeese, 2 Mar 1917 - 22 Sep 1919
Sallie McNeese Pierce, 8 Apr 1873 - 26 Dec 1946
Carel Pierce, 7 May 1873 - 10 Jan 1917 (Sallie's husband)
Herman C. Pierce, 27 Jul 1905 - 12 mar 1974
James Ward McNeece, 9 Oct 1876 - 21 Apr 1962 (Henry's son, Andrew Jackson's
Bessie Ann (Burrow) McNeese, 30 Aug 1988 (1888??) - 9 Oct 1930 (James Ward's wife)
Clyde W. McNeece, 22 Jan 1915 - 4 Jun 1929 (James & Bessie's son)

Submitted by Bridgette Cohen, Collierville, TN