Will of Joseph Nance

Last will of Joseph Nance Deceased
Recorded E.D. Jones Clerk

I Joseph Nance do make and publish this my last will revoking all other will by me at any other time made

1st I direct that my funeral expenses and all my other debts be paid as soon after my death as possible out of any money, that I die possessed of or may first come into the hands of my executors.
Secondly. I will and direct that all of my personal and real estate be left in the hands and under the control of my wife Elliner, in as good and ample manner as if under my own controll, during her natural life or widowhood
Third, I will and hereby direct that as my miner heirs shall arrive at age they shall receive, their equal share . as the law directs in such case, which upon their marriage shall be equal to the amount recieved by my son William & James, and my daughter Mary,
Fourth In case of the death or marriage of my wife my whole estate both real and personal shall be divided as directed by law
Fifth It is my will, and I hereby direct that the amount of property, I have given to my daughter Mary, or may hereafter come into her hands, of my estate. shall rest in her in as good an ample manner as if she was not married, the title of said property shall be in her during her natural life and after her death, shall belong to the heirs of her body
Sixth I will and direct, that my son William be and is hereby appointed assistant executor to my wife Ellinor
H. B Warren
W._. Hayes
_._. King
This _____ _______ __1847

Submitted by Diane Lund