Will of William Neal

Will written 1865

To wife Harriet Neal all property during her natural life and then to be divided among all my children. Those of my children which never have had a horse, saddle or bridle, bed & furniture from my estate.

Executor: Harriet Neal, John R. Neal,son.
Witness:W. R. Howard, J. N. Harwell, Calloway H. Tiddwell.

Probated 1865

Submitted by Betty Moore

Will of William S. Neal

Noncupative* Will written 1843;

Jeremiah Barnes and John Powers state the Will was made in their presence in the last sickness in his house.
His desire was that wife Mary Neal have all property that I leave at my decease.
Note: On another small paper were these names; William T. Neal, Martha Ann Neal, Mary Neal, John C. Neal.

*Editor's Note: A will which was made orally (often on the person's deathbed) to others in the room and was written down by someone else for the testator to sign. Sometimes, the testator was so ill that he could not sign it, and that would often trigger law suits among the children, saying that their father was not mentally capable, etc., etc. Those who were in the room would have to testify as to the mental state of the deceased when he dictated the will, etc. There were -and are - many states which do not recognize the validity of any nuncupative will.

Submitted by Betty Moore