Will of Jeremiah Parker

To wife Milly Parker and Lila Parker the land they now live on also my mare, colt and filly, horse bridle, saddle, two of the best cows and calves, ten head of best hogs to fatten for this fall 1840 and ten of my best shoats for next fall, two of the choice of my sows and pigs and all household and kitchen furniture except one bed and furniture to granddaughter Mary Brown when she needs it, twenty dollars if she helps her aunt take care of her grandmother. If Lilah Parker married I give her my young filly, horse bridle, saddle, two choice cows and calves, two sows and pigs, six killing hogs, ten shoats, two beds of her choice, one cupboard bureau, all kitchen furniture, folding table, one small table, sugar chest and one hundred dollars. All the rest of the property to be sold and equally divided between my children: Zachariah Parker, Polly McConnel, Lilah Parker, John Parker, _____ Brown, her part to be divided between her five children: Lindy Cameron, Lealy Gaines, John Brown, Peggy Brown, and Mary G. Brown. The Executors were Zachariah and John Parker.

Contributed by Pat Hillhouse Motes