Will of John Nelson Patteson

The Will of John Nelson Patteson
Giles County, Tennessee
Written 25 Sept. 1880
Probated 1886

I, J. Nelson Patteson, of the county of Giles and state of Tennessee, knowing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death and desiring to make a different disposition of my property from that which would be made of the same by the law, do make the following as my last will and testament.

Item 1st - It is my wish and will that my body be interred in the burial ground of the Patteson family, which is located on a tract of land near Pulaski, which formerly belonged to my ancestors and was given to me by my grandfather and where my father and many members of my family lie buried.

Item 2nd - I desire all of my just debts be paid out of such property as my executor many deem best to the interest of my family.

Item 3rd - It is my wish and desire that if my beloved wife should survive me, that she should remain with my children in the house and operate the farm where we now reside and ____ of the rents and ____ ___of the farm ___ decent support ____ ______ her natural life she shall also have the use of household and kitchen furniture and other personal property of which I may die possessed as far as the same may be necessary for her comfort and support.

Item 4th - I bequeath and devise to my three daughters Ella, Sallie and Althea all of my property, real and personal, in the county of Giles subject to the support and maintainance of their mother as above provided, but there is to be no sale or division of said property until my youngest daughter shall arrive at twenty one years of age or shall marry.

Item 5th - It is further more my wish and desire and I so will and direct that if my sons or any of them wish to remain with my family and assist in taking care of them and providing for their support and maintainance, that they shall have an equal share of the products of the farm and the rents and property there from the estate until their youngest sister is twenty one years of age or marry.

Item 6th - I devise to my sons all of my real estate in the state of Texas which my brother may recover in any suit or suits which may be instituted for the same, or which have already been recovered until their interest shall be equal in value to the property I have devised and bequeathed to their sisters by the 4th item of this will and the remainder equally divided among all my children by my first wife and my present wife.

Lastly I hereby nominate and appoint Charles P. Jones my executor.

In testimony whereof I hereunto subscribe my name and affix my seal and cause the same to be witnessed in my presence. This 25th Sept. 1880.

J. Nelson Patteson

Witnessed by T. M. Jones
Thos. W. Jones

Submitted by Brian P. Bivona